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As 'caliphate' ends where is its leader Baghdadi?

Baghdad - The world's most wanted man who has so far eluded capture, Islamic State group chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has seen his "caliphate" crumble and its last shred of territory in Syria evaporate on Saturday.

Baghouz, where the last black flag came down

- It once flew over a chunk of the Middle East larger than Britain but on Saturday the Islamic State group's sinister black banner lay crumpled in the dust of its final bastion.

Man develops brain infection after using cotton ear swabs

London - A new warning has been raised about the use of cotton ear swabs (or 'earbuds'), used to clean out ears and dislodge earwax, after a man developed an infection after using ear buds. A portion of cotton became dislodged in the ear.

Review: Stevie Nicks music is alive and well at Mulcahy's with Gypsy Special

Wantagh - On March 22, the tribute band Gypsy performed at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall in Wantagh on Long Island, which celebrates the music of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac.

AI makes ophthalmologists more effective at detecting eye disease

Research from Google demonstrates how artificial intelligence can make ophthalmologists more effective. The study indicates that together, artificial intelligence and physicians can improve eye care.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk gives students in Flint, Mich computers

Flint - Students and teachers at Doyle-Rider Elementary in Flint, Michigan got a surprise on Friday — a visit from Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

Tyrannosaurus rex found in Canada is world's biggest

Montr - The towering Tyrannosaurus rex discovered in western Canada in 1991 is the world's biggest, a team of paleontologists said Friday, following a decades-long process of reconstructing its skeleton.

Dubai projects NZ PM's image on iconic skyscraper

Dubai - Dubai has projected the image of New Zealand premier Jacinda Ardern onto its iconic Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper, in thanks for her response to last week's mosque shootings.

How to train a robot to feed you dinner

Washington - A new robot has been developed to assist people with eating. The robot can pass food to people who are ill, injured or elderly, or otherwise require support. The robot has an algorithm that guides to selecting the required food item.

Review: Patti Smith honors Van Morrison at Carnegie Hall in New York Special

New York - On March 21, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Patti Smith performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City, as part of an all-star tribute to Van Morrison.

Review: ‘Us’ scares audiences with a piercing reflection Special

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ is even more frightening than his last outing as he delivers a genuine horror movie filled with suspense and monsters.

Review: Dale Ann Bradley releases magical album 'The Hard Way'

On March 22, bluegrass queen Dale Ann Bradley released her highly-anticipated album, "The Hard Way," which was certainly worth the wait.

How public sector digital transformation can succeed

Governments around the world have been embarking on the digital transformation of their services, both internally and with the forward facing services offered to their citizens. A new report selects three success factors for these projects.

Syria Kurds urge Damascus to choose dialogue: commander

The top military commander in Syria's autonomous Kurdish region urged Damascus on Saturday to choose the path of dialogue after his forces sealed a key victory over the Islamic State group.

Accepting Golan annexation, Trump risks new precedents

Washington - US President Donald Trump is again breaking diplomatic norms in backing Israel's capture of the Golan Heights, with experts warning that he risks justifying expansionism by other countries.

Syria Kurd autonomy under threat after IS 'caliphate' falls

Beirut - Now the Islamic State group's "caliphate" has fallen, the hard-won limited autonomy of Syria's Kurds will be left in peril if their key US ally goes ahead with its announced pullout.

Iain S. Thomas discusses new book, technology, advice for authors Special

Best-selling author Iain S. Thomas chatted with Digital Journal about his highly anticipated book "Every Word You Cannot Say."

Boeing delays test flight of Starliner crew capsule to August

Cape Canaveral - The bad news for Boeing has dripped out in a constant stream, day by day. Now, it is reported that Boeing has pushed back the first test flight of its CST-100 Starliner crew capsule until August.

Mueller report could still damn Trump — or be a big 'nothing-burger'

Washington - Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded his Russia meddling investigation Friday without recommending any new charges, but President Donald Trump, who faced obstruction and collusion allegations, could still be implicated in serious, even impeachable ...

Review: BBMak mesmerizes on 'Out of My Heart' acoustic rendition Special

Acclaimed British pop group BBMak performed their smash hit single "Out of My Heart" for 8 Track Tapes. They will be touring this spring.
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