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Microfibers from clothes contaminating marine environment

Studies in Canada show that microfibers used in garments such as yoga pants have become a huge threat to aquatic life. Microfibers made up 95 percent of the plastic pollution in waterways as compared to microbeads which constituted only 5 percent.

Iraqi snipers target Mosul jihadists using human shields

Mossoul - Iraq has deployed snipers to target jihadists using civilians as human shields in Mosul, as it investigates air strikes that reportedly killed large numbers of residents in the city, the military said Sunday.

Op-Ed: New tactics to be used in Mosul battle as civilians killed soar

Mosul - Military officials say that Iraqi forces supported by US special forces and air attacks were set to deploy new tactics after their advance into old Mosul was slowed.

Iran to appeal seizure of 9/11 compensation money

Tehran - Iran's central bank said Sunday it will appeal Luxembourg's decision to freeze $1.6 billion of its assets, which the US is claiming as compensation for victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Pentagon enjoying greater leeway under Trump

Washington - The Pentagon under President Donald Trump is enjoying greater freedom to run its wars the way it wants -- and not constantly seek White House approval on important decisions.

One killed, 14 wounded in Ohio nightclub shooting

Washington - One person was killed and 14 others wounded early Sunday in a shooting involving at least two attackers at a packed nightclub in Cincinnati, Ohio, police reported.

Rebel supporters flood Yemen streets on conflict anniversary

Sanaa - Hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Yemen's rebel-held capital Sunday in a show of support for the insurgents, two years after a Gulf coalition intervened against the rebels.

The world may be facing a shortage of 'technology minerals'

Led by the University of Delaware's Saleem Ali, an international team of researchers is warning that greater global political and scientific cooperation will be required to secure resources needed in the future.

After neo-Nazi youth, Swede teaches the value of tolerance

Kristinehamn - Kimmie Ahlen was once seduced by the violent underpinnings of National Socialist ideology, but today, alarmed by the spread of populism, he has a new mission -- teaching tolerance to young Swedes.

Few foreigners in eastern Germany but xenophobia is rife

Frankfurt Am Main - A social worker in the drab eastern German city of Frankfurt an der Oder admits she feels isolated at work whenever talk turns to the country's record influx of refugees.

Girl allegedly raped on Facebook Live now threatened and harassed

Chicago - Chicago police confirmed a 15-year-old girl whose alleged gang rape was streamed on Facebook Live is now in a “safe space.” The girl’s mother said since the incident her daughter and the family have been harassed and threatened at home and online.

Bulgaria election: the main players

Sofia - Bulgaria's parliamentary election on Sunday is tipped to be a close race between the Socialists, seen as closer to Russia, and the centre-right. A new grouping of nationalist "patriots" is forecast to come third.

Op-Ed: U.S. general claims Russians are interfering in Libya

Marine General Thomas Waldhauser, the head of US forces in Africa claimed that there was an undeniable link between Russia and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan National Army associated with the House of Representatives government.

US air strike in Afghanistan killed senior Qaeda leader

Washington - A US drone strike in eastern Afghanistan on March 19 killed the senior Al-Qaeda military commander Qari Yasin, who has been linked to numerous attacks in his native Pakistan, the US military confirmed on Saturday.

Tears and laughter for Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher

Los Angeles - Friends, family and hundreds of wellwishers gathered in the Hollywood Hills on Saturday to celebrate the lives of beloved celebrity mother and daughter Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

In Iraq's Mosul, a school becomes a field hospital

Mosul - Fifteen-year-old Mohammed enthusiastically helps the staff of a makeshift hospital set up in the bullet-scarred school in west Mosul where he himself studied before jihadists seized Iraq's second city.

Russia spurns French claim IS bastion Raqa 'surrounded'

Moscow - Russia's army on Saturday dismissed a French claim that Raqa, the Islamic State's stronghold in Syria, was surrounded by troops who were poised to storm it, saying it had "no relation to reality.

Opposition leader arrested as Russians defy protest bans

Moscow - Thousands of Russians demonstrated across the country Sunday to protest at corruption, defying bans on rallies which were called by prominent Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny -- who was arrested along with scores of others.

Le Pen plan to jettison euro spooks French business

Paris - The euro -- and her fervent wish to withdraw from it -- is a central theme of every stump speech by French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, topping her list of 144 election pledges.

Uber grounds self-driving cars after accident

Washington - Uber has grounded its fleet of self-driving cars pending an investigation into the crash of an Uber autonomous vehicle in Arizona, a spokesperson for the car-hailing service said Sunday.
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