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Op-Ed: UK seizure of Iranian tanker Grace 1 arguably illegal

On Thursday July 4 Gibraltar police and customs agents with the help of a detachment of British Royal Marines boarded and impounded the Iranian-owned supertanker Grace 1 in the straits of Gibraltar allegedly at the request of the United States.

Lucas Adams to exit NBC's 'Days of Our Lives' as Tripp Dalton

Emmy-nominated actor Lucas Adams will be parting ways with the hit NBC soap opera "Days of Our Lives" at the end of next month.

New York lawmakers reject data privacy act in surprise turn

New York - The New York Privacy Act’s failure to pass the New York Legislature took many commentators by surprise. Had it passed, the bill would have introduced a regulatory framework that mirrored the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Daan Creyghton opens up about 'Hunter Street' on Nickelodeon Special

Dutch actor Daan Creyghton chatted with Digital Journal about "Hunter Street" on Nickelodeon, which is returning for its third season. He also spoke about the impact of streaming and technology on the entertainment scene.

Drug kingpin 'El Chapo' appeals life sentence

New York - Fallen Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, once one of the world's most powerful and notorious criminals, has appealed his life sentence, court documents published on Monday showed.

Op-Ed: Russia and China vs America — Not looking good

New York City - The latest meeting of Presidents Putin and Xi ha highlighted a changing international landscape in which America is losing its influence in many ways. Where's this mess going? A lot of people would like to know.

Review: O-Town terrific on 'Over' performance on 'Good Morning America' Special

On July 22, the multi-platinum pop group O-Town performed their new single "Over" on "Strahan and Sara" on "Good Morning America."

Hyperloop 2020 challenge to use curved vacuum tunnel, says Musk

The 2020 Space X student engineering challenge Hyperloop, where prototype vehicles charge through a tunnel network, will take place in a six mile curved vacuum tunnel, according to Elon Musk. This presents a bigger, and more exciting, challenge.

Microsoft announces it will invest $1 billion in OpenAI

Microsoft today announced that it would invest $1 billion in OpenAI, the San Francisco-based AI research firm co-founded by CTO Greg Brockman, chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, Elon Musk, and others.

Sustainability News: Eco-friendly packaging, solar-powered trains

Across the globe, corporations, businesses and city leaders are working to create a sustainable and circular economy in reaction to the climate crisis. This week, we will focus on compostable six-pack rings and a solar-powered railway.

Trump praises Pakistan's role in 'progress' on Afghan peace

Washington - President Donald Trump on Monday hailed Pakistan's help in advancing peace talks in Afghanistan, in a marked shift in tone as the United States seeks an accord with the Taliban to end almost 18 years of war.

Tiffany to perform at Mulcahy's as part of 'Pieces of Me' tour

Wantagh - On October 20, former teen queen Tiffany will be performing at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall in Wantagh on Long Island.

Review: City of Sound releases stunning 'Silent Empire II' EP Special

On July 18, the band City of Sound, fronted by Jordan Wright, released their brand new EP "Silent Empire II" independently.

Homeowners still haven't signed agreements with Trans Mountain

Ottawa - After 68 months of contested hearings, an appellate court setback, a government takeover, and two federal cabinet approvals, an extra step will prolong the Canadian regulatory ordeal of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.

Neuralink pushes on with developing a brain-computer interface

Following trials on animals, Elon Musk’s experiments with brain-machine interfaces via his Neuralink company are now ready for human trials. This will be exploratory work to treat medical conditions. Not every commentator thinks this is a good idea.

French submarine lost in 1968 found at last in Mediterranean

Marseille - A French submarine that went missing in the western Mediterranean in 1968 has been found, officials said Monday, ending a 51-year wait for families of the crew who continue to seek answers to the naval disaster.

Trump attacks Mueller ahead of testimony on Russia probe

Washington - President Donald Trump attacked Robert Mueller on Monday, even as he insisted he would not watch the special counsel's potentially damaging Congressional testimony this week about the two-year Russia investigation.

Democrats, White House near deal to raise debt ceiling

Washington - US Democrats have nearly reached a deal with the Trump administration to raise the debt ceiling, allowing the government to borrow more money and avoid a disastrous default, sources close to the negotiations said Monday.

Italy drafts 'no-mobile-phone phobia' law

Rome - Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) has drafted a law aimed at preventing and treating the rising phenomenon of addiction to mobile phones and computers, particularly among the young.

Astronomers decode Milky Way's violent birth

Paris - The Milky Way gobbled up a galaxy one quarter of its mass 10 billion years ago in a "violent collision" that didn't fully settle for eons, astronomers said in new research published Monday.
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