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Road to Europe gets harder for Europe-bound migrants

From the increasingly fraught trek through the Sahara to violence in Libya, asylum seekers rescued this week in the Mediterranean say the obstacles to reaching Europe are getting bigger.

Google creates AI algorithm that removes watermarks from photos

Google has created an AI algorithm that's capable of removing watermarks from images with almost flawless accuracy. The discovery could allow cybercriminals to steal stock photographs and professional images. Google provided advice to combat the issue.

Cool pavements for 'smart cities' — Do they really work?

Urban planners considering ways of reducing urban heat are looking at "cool pavements" to replace asphalt because it's black and absorbs heat. While this may be true, a new study suggests these pavements require more energy and carbon to manufacture.

Over half of Windows 7 PCs have no antivirus installed

Microsoft's latest security report contains several interesting statistics on Windows antivirus usage. Over half of all PCs running Windows 7 have no antivirus software installed or have it turned off. The situation's not much better on newer versions.

Bones, silver found in 18th-century Dutch wreck off UK

London - Maritime archaeologists said Friday they have begun excavating the wreck of a Dutch ship that sank off the English coast in 1740, recovering leather shoes, silver and the bones of its lost crew.

Catalans shout 'not afraid' after minute's silence over attacks

Barcelona - A crowd in Barcelona's main square defiantly shouted "not afraid" Friday following a minute's silence attended by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and King Felipe VI, held for the victims of a double vehicle attack.

Vivid accounts of Spain attacks from five witnesses

Paris - Following are some vivid accounts by witnesses of the deadly attacks using vehicles that took place Thursday evening in Barcelona and in the early hours of Friday in the seaside resort town of Cambrils, and the aftermath:- Barcelona attack -- "All of a...

S.Africa blocks release of anti-apartheid hero Hani's killer

Johanesburg - South Africa's top court on Friday blocked the release from jail of Polish immigrant Janusz Walus who shot dead anti-apartheid hero Chris Hani in 1993.

Top American general says attack on Japan same as on US

Toukyo - The United States' most senior military officer on Friday said North Korea understands that an any attack on Japan is equal to one on the US itself -- and vice versa.

Azerbaijan freezes bank accounts of sole independent news agency

Bakou - Azerbaijan has frozen the bank accounts of the country's only independent news agency, its director said Friday, in a step that could shutter the outlet.

Reddit launches its own native video platform

Reddit has announced it's rolling out support for native video uploads to all its users and communities. The feature has been in beta for a while and is designed to simplify the Reddit experience. Previously, videos had to be uploaded to external sites.

Quiet seaside resort of Cambrils emerges from a terrifying night

Barcelona - Markel Artabe had just finished his shift as a waiter in Cambrils and was heading off for an ice-cream when he heard shots: only a few hours after the carnage in Barcelona, the Catalan coast was suffering another attack.

Diana crash car 'handled badly at high speed'

Paris - The 1997 car crash that killed Britain's Princess Diana spawned a host of conspiracy theories, but evidence that it was an accident only grows stronger, bolstered by new revelations about the history of the vehicle.A book titled "Qui a Tue Lady Di?

Coal industry may mine rare earth elements for Silicon Valley

Washington - The Department of Energy handed out $17.4 million on Wednesday for research into the recovery of rare earth elements (REE) from coal and coal byproducts, possibly leading to a revival of the dying coal industry.

Shipping industry at risk of cyberattacks by hackers and pirates

Hackers are increasingly targeting shipping firms to extract business information, attempt audacious frauds and steal goods from vessels. Members of the security industry warned shipping firms are often unaware of the dangers.

Drug 'personalities' die in Philippines' Big Time show

Manila - It's just after midnight and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's "One Time Big Time" show is getting into full swing as police shoot dead another young "drug personality".

Beijing defends jailing of Hong Kong activists

Bejing - China on Friday rejected international criticism of the jailing of three prominent Hong Kong activists, warning against using "so-called democracy" to conduct "illegal violent activities".

Raj all the rage as India marks 70 years of independence

Mumbai - As India marks the 70th anniversary of its independence this year, a slew of movies tackling its colonial history are hitting cinema screens, including a controversial account of partition by the director of "Bend it Like Beckham".

Skype's unpopular design overhaul makes its way to the desktop

Microsoft has launched a preview version of its new Skype app for Windows desktop PCs. It includes the new design, focus and features of the recently overhauled Skype mobile app. The revised look and feel has been met with a decidedly frosty reception.

Cisco's revenue declined for seven quarters — is it rebound time?

Cisco posted a seventh consecutive quarter of declining revenue this week, but many analysts are looking past the the losing streak and pointing to the first signs of a comeback.
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