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African troops on standby as Gambia deadline looms

Banjul - Senegalese troops backed by other African forces were on standby to move into Gambia late Wednesday, as President Yahya Jammeh was given a midnight deadline to stand down or face military action.

Google+ gets new features in update that kills classic web app

Google+ may have failed in its quest to topple Facebook but Google is still working on the platform. It has announced a series of new features designed to attract new users and keep existing ones active. The 'classic' web version will now be switched off.

Microsoft to add e-books to the Windows Store this spring

Microsoft is planning to open its own bookstore, according to leaked screenshots of an upcoming Windows Store update published this week. Launching with the Windows 10 Creators Update, you'll be able to purchase e-books directly from Windows.

GOP-controlled Congress ready to trash Endangered Species Act

One of our most powerful conservation tools, the Endangered Species Act, is now under threat. The Republican-controlled Congress is prepared to roll back the act's influence, opening the way to drilling and logging, as well as other activities.

Senegal asks UN to back ECOWAS action in Gambia

New York - Senegal on Wednesday presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council seeking support for ECOWAS efforts to press Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh to step down, diplomats said.

Patience wears thin in Fallujah, 6 months after IS ouster

Fallujah - More than six months after Iraqi forces retook Fallujah from the Islamic State group, reconstruction is slow and the government risks alienating those residents who have returned to the city.

Google shares how it finds malicious Android apps

Google has detailed one of its most useful methods for catching malicious apps threatening Android phones. It is able to work out when an app has left a device unusable by checking to see if it has been used in a recent period of time.

Former Apple employee says company no longer a 'change-maker'

Apple CEO Tim Cook transformed the company into a 'boring operations' firm after taking over the reins from Steve Jobs, according to a former employee. Cook permanently changed the mood within Apple, causing it to become less innovative than it once was.

Op-Ed: Surface-to-air missile battery set up near DAPL protest site

The North Dakota Army national Guard has gone so far as to deploy two Avenger missile system launchers on a hill overlooking the DAPL drill pad site near Lake Oahe - Just to "observe" the protesters.

'Three-parent' baby born in Ukraine using new technique

Kiev - A baby boy has been born in Ukraine to an infertile couple after the first ever use of a new technique using the DNA of three parents, the head of a Kiev fertility clinic said Wednesday.

Wearable sensor aims to flag when you’re getting sick

Smart watches and other wearable technologies are effective at monitoring vital signs and reporting on overall health, but can the technology be developed to actually signal when you might be getting sick? One research group thinks so.

Russia, Turkey stage first joint air strikes against IS in Syria

Moscow - Russia and Turkey on Wednesday staged their first joint air strikes against the Islamic State jihadist group in Syria, the Russian defence ministry said.

One in five young people loses sleep over social media

Cardiff - Obsession with social media is taking its toll, especially among young people. A new report has found one in five young people are making do with less sleep due to social media use; and this sleep deprivation is having an impact.

Erdogan faces weak economy in path to greater power

Ankara - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is closer to getting a power boost after parliament's first approval of a bill to change the constitution, but the flagging economy could present an unexpected roadblock.

Xi calls for world without nuclear weapons

Geneva - Chinese President Xi Jinping called for a world without nuclear weapons at the UN on Wednesday and urged a multilateral system based on equality among nations large and small.

Romanian president blocks draft corruption law

Bucharest - Romania's president on Wednesday held up a series of controversial legal changes that would have protected corrupt politicians in the graft-tainted country from prosecution.

New Erdogan powers 'huge threat' to democracy, rights group warns

Ankara - Plans to dramatically bolster Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's powers pose a "huge threat" to human rights, law and the country's democratic future, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Wednesday.

'I don't like tweeting': Trump

Washington - Donald Trump, whose early-morning rants and policy pronouncements on Twitter have left the world hanging on his every typed word, said he doesn't like using the social media platform in comments to air Wednesday.

Company wants any further study on Dakota Pipeline put on hold

On Monday, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) filed a motion to bar the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from doing a full environmental study for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline that will run under Lake Oahe in North Dakota.

Iraqi jihadist identified among Paris bombers

Paris - An Iraqi jihadist was among the three suicide bombers who blew themselves up outside the Stade de France during the November 2015 attacks on Paris, a French intelligence source said Wednesday.
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