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Microfibers from clothes contaminating marine environment

Studies in Canada show that microfibers used in garments such as yoga pants have become a huge threat to aquatic life. Microfibers made up 95 percent of the plastic pollution in waterways as compared to microbeads which constituted only 5 percent.

The world may be facing a shortage of 'technology minerals'

Led by the University of Delaware's Saleem Ali, an international team of researchers is warning that greater global political and scientific cooperation will be required to secure resources needed in the future.

Russia spurns French claim IS bastion Raqa 'surrounded'

Moscow - Russia's army on Saturday dismissed a French claim that Raqa, the Islamic State's stronghold in Syria, was surrounded by troops who were poised to storm it, saying it had "no relation to reality.

Review: Larger Than Life puts on magical show with Power Rangers theme Special

Wantagh - On March 24, boy band Larger Than Life returned to Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall for a fabulous performance, which consisted of a "Power Rangers" theme to it.

Marijuana states propose legislation to stop federal crackdown

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already let the country know where he stands on marijuana use and the states that allow the sale of the product. Fearing a federal crackdown, a number of states are moving to protect their citizens.

Op-Ed: U.S. general claims Russians in Libya support commander Haftar

Marine General Thomas Waldhauser, the head of US forces in Africa claimed that there was an undeniable link between Russia and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan National Army associated with the House of Representatives government.

Democrats stage frontal assault with MAR-A-LAGO Act

Senate Democrats want President Trump to be as transparent as his predecessor, Barack Obama was. They think it's not too much to ask of the leader of the free world who uses his own private club to conduct official business, to publish his visitor logs.

Review: The 90's Band gives dynamic performance at Mulcahy's in Wantagh Special

Wantagh - On March 24, The 90's Band rocked Mulcahy's, where they shared the stage with the Almost Brothers Band, and boyband Larger Than Life.

Microbes from land invading and harming coral reefs

The world's coral reefs are already at risk from global warming. A new study suggests corals face a new problem: microbes, normally associated with land. Such harming microbes are coming as outfall from sewage treatment plants and coastal inlets.

Nigeria's vice-president and a fragile peace in the delta

Warri - While Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari was receiving treatment in London for an undisclosed illness, his energetic deputy Yemi Osinbajo was wooing the country's oil heartland.

Boy, four, uses collapsed mom's iPhone, tells Siri he needs help

Kenley - London police released the audio tape of a four-year-old boy telling an emergency operator his mother was dead. The boy managed to unlock his mother’s iPhone and told Siri he needed help. Help arrived and the unconscious woman was revived.

Monaco on high alert after brazen Cartier heist

Monaco - Monaco police were hunting for two suspects Saturday after a daring afternoon robbery at the famous French jeweller Cartier, prompting a brief lockdown of the tiny principality and jet set haven.

Review: ‘Personal Shopper’ is Kristen Stewart’s best thus far Special

Kristen Stewart delivers a career-best performance in Olivier Assayas’ ‘Personal Shopper’, which is part ghost story, part mystery thriller.

Coalition air strikes kill 16 rebels in Yemen: military official

Aden - Sixteen rebels have been killed and 24 wounded in 24 hours of air raids by a Saudi-led coalition targeting the insurgents in Yemen, a military official and medics said Saturday.

U.S. to keep some special forces troops in Libya

US Marine General Thomas Waldhauser, head of the US Africa Command, told reporters that the US needs to retain a small special operations force in Libya indefinitely.

Venezuelan defense minister denies troops entered Colombia

Caracas - Venezuelan defense minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez denied Saturday that troops from his country had intruded on Colombian territory.

Buck stops with Trump after health care failure

Washington - Donald Trump sat in the Oval Office on Friday evening in an unfamiliar position -- having to own failure.His health care reform, his very first significant legislative proposal, had fallen at the first hurdle in a friendly Congress.

Erdogan urges quick EU decision on membership bid

Ankara - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday it would be "easier" if the EU blocked Ankara's bid to join the bloc, suggesting he could even hold a referendum on the matter.

What happened today in France's presidential race

Rome - With 29 days to go before the first round of France's two-stage presidential election, outgoing head of state Francois Hollande has urged candidates to keep faith with the European Union even as Britain prepares to leave the bloc.

Benin eyes return of colonial treasures from France

Cotonou - Benin is asking for the return of treasures that were taken during French colonial rule from the end of the 19th century, re-opening a thorny diplomatic issue that resonates across Africa.
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