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After breaching $5,500 again bitcoin plunges to almost $5,000

After appearing to be back on the upswing today, bitcoin (BTC) suffered a big setback late this afternoon plunging to near the $5,000 level before recovering marginally.

US tells pro-Maduro protesters to leave Venezuelan embassy

Washington - The United States said Thursday that leftist activists defiantly occupying the Venezuelan embassy in Washington should leave and make way for representatives of US-recognized leader Juan Guaido.

Op-Ed: Who’s afraid of China’s Belt and Road? Guess

Sydney - Superficial analysis of China is easy. They’re communists. Everything they do is therefore wrong and a threat to “us”, whoever that is these days. So when a big initiative like the New Silk Road, aka the Belt and Road, comes along, it’s tricky.

In new S. Africa, some in 'Coloured' community nostalgic for apartheid

Kempton Park - "It is all about the blacks. The 'Rainbow Nation' is a big lie!" complained Dalene Raiters, a South African mother from the "Coloured" community. "We are not black enough," added her sister who has also been unemployed for years.

North Korea's Kim says US acting in 'bad faith'

Vladivostok - Kim Jong Un has accused the US of acting in "bad faith" in talks on its nuclear arsenal, North Korean state media said Friday as he left Russia following his first summit with President Vladimir Putin.

With 'swagger,' Pompeo navigates tightrope between Trump and world

Washington - Brusque and resolute in public, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has succeeded in a task of utmost delicacy -- pleasing President Donald Trump, even while being forced to mollify America's often perturbed allies.

Trump halts plans for off-shore drilling in Atlantic Ocean

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, a Trump administration official confirms plans are indefinitely on hold for expanding seismic testing and drilling for offshore oil and natural gas in the Atlantic Ocean.

Billy Mills to receive honorary degree from University of Kansas

Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills will be an honorary degree recipient at this year's commencement ceremony at the University of Kansas.

Scientists extract speech directly from the brain

San Fransisco - Scientists have extracted speech directly from the brain, as part of a technique designed to one day help people with sever medical conditions to speak. The process is a speech synthesis technology, designed to recreate speech patterns.

Walmart unveils its 'store of the future' to test out new tech

New York - Walmart has presented its vision for the retail store of the future, a space where the major commerce giant can test out various emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and new displays.

Sex, casinos and tiger parts: Myanmar's vice-riddled China frontier

Mongla - Bentleys and BMW convertibles roll up to the "Venetian Casino" in Mongla on the Myanmar-China border, a melting pot of sex, drugs and gambling on a frontier that has also become a "supermarket" for illegally traded wildlife.

Egypt referendum firms up Sisi rule as regional unrest flares

Apo - As mass protests rock other Arab countries, a snap referendum in Egypt has gone against the grain and cemented President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's rule for years to come.

Google Earth Timelapse shows 35 years of our changing planet

On April 25, Google announced several updates to its Google Earth Timelapse, a global, zoomable time-lapse video that lets viewers explore the last 35 years of our changing planet's surface - including its long-overdue arrival on mobile phones.

Japan's emperor to abdicate, first time in 200 years

Apo - Japan's Emperor Akihito will step down from the Chrysanthemum Throne on Tuesday, the first abdication in the world's oldest imperial family for two centuries, ending 30 years of his popular reign and ushering in a new era.

Suicide bomb leader cast shadow of fear over Sri Lanka town

Kattankudy - Zahran Hashim's sword-wielding zealotry fuelled fears in the sleepy east coast town of Kattankudy long before the cleric became Sri Lanka's most wanted man over the horrific Easter Sunday suicide attacks.

Review: JD Leonard releases soaring music project 'Just Drive the Album' Special

Singer-songwriter JD Leonard released his latest musical effort "Just Drive the Album" on April 15, 2019. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Traitor! Fascist! Insults fly on Spanish campaign trail

Madrid - For weeks Spanish politicians have traded insults such as "traitor" and "fascist" as they seek to rally voters ahead of a general election on Sunday by reviling their rivals.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 93rd birthday on Easter Sunday

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 93rd birthday on Sunday, April 21, which coincided with Easter Sunday. She is the oldest living monarch in the world.

Canada's Rover Parking launches boat parking this summer Special

Toronto - With summer just around the corner, Canada's Rover Parking - the Airbnb of parking - is launching a boat parking service. Digital Journal talked with Rover's founder and CEO, Grant Brigden to find out more about this "fun idea."

Ecuador's Waorani tribe vows to protect life in Amazon

- Spears and poisoned blowguns at hand, the Waorani people say they are ready to strike down invaders of their Amazon homelands, just like their forefathers did.
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