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As Yemen falls apart, one boomtown rises

Marwath - The clang of jackhammers and excavators fills the streets of Marib, an oil-rich Yemeni boomtown once accustomed to the sounds of war, now a rare oasis of stability in a country torn by strife.

Subdued birthday for Zimbabwe's ousted Mugabe

Harare - Zimbabweans marked Robert Mugabe's 94th birthday on Wednesday with an official day off, but without the extravagant cakes and fawning tributes that defined February 21 for much of his 37-year rule.

US conservatives gather as Trump faces pressure on multiple fronts

Washington - Russian meddling, national mourning for school shooting victims, the chaotic state of Donald Trump's presidency: US political turbulence forms a dramatic backdrop as conservatives gather near Washington beginning Wednesday for their often controversial...

Tesla electric cars now dominate in European luxury segment

The Tesla model S has dominated the luxury market in the US its home base for several years but gas-powered premium German cars continued to lead in Europe until now.

Tesla now producing over 1.,000 Model 3s every week

Fremont - Around 455,000 reservation-holders have a keen interest in knowing when there Tesla Model 3 will be delivered, and with all the glitches in production so far, Bloomberg media has launched a Model 3 Tracker to help everyone out.

Bitcoin recovers as it breaks through $11,000 easily

This morning bitcoin's price went past the $11,000 mark easily reaching a high above $11,600 in trading this Tuesday morning as its recovery continues.

Extreme conditions await MH370 recovery if wreckage found

Sydney - Salvagers are confident debris and human remains can be recovered if Malaysia Airlines MH370 is finally found, despite the pitch-black darkness, crushing pressure and ice-cold water awaiting them.

No homegrown rocket programs — Aerospace talent leaving Canada

One expert says Canada is falling behind in the space industry by focusing on other endeavors such as satellites and robotics because there are no homegrown rocketry programs.

Op-Ed: Oscars 2018 — Predictions, personal picks and random commentary

Yes, I’m aware that we don’t need another column about the Academy Awards. Even if there weren’t much more pressing issues in the world, we already get our fill of obligatory Oscar hype from critics who are actually paid to care about it.

Zagitova, 15, smashes skate record as Vonn gets bronze

Pyeongchang - Record-breaking Alina Zagitova, 15, stole the show in figure skating on Wednesday as America's Lindsey Vonn wound up her Olympic downhill career by becoming the oldest female alpine ski medallist in Games history.

Top experts warn against 'malicious use' of AI

Paris - Artificial intelligence could be deployed by dictators, criminals and terrorists to manipulate elections and use drones in terrorist attacks, more than two dozen experts said Wednesday as they sounded the alarm over misuse of the technology.

Six killed in attack on S.Africa police station

Port Elizabeth - An armed gang stormed into a rural police station in South Africa on Wednesday and stole firearms in an attack that left five officers and a soldier dead, police said.

Self-driving robotic delivery vehicles tested

The automation of retail is extending out in many directions, from self-service to drones. Another area being developed is with self-driving delivery vehicles. A new startup has unveiled a robotic solution.

Raul Castro receives US lawmakers on visit to Cuba

Havana - Cuban President Raul Castro Tuesday received a bipartisan delegation of US lawmakers Tuesday, who are visiting the island with the alleged "acoustic attacks" against US diplomats on their agenda.

Review: Three Days Grace empowering on new rock single 'The Mountain' Special

Canadian rock band Three Days Grace has released their new single "The Mountain," which is off their forthcoming studio album, "Outsider."

Berlin filmfest offers dark vision of E. European 'drift'

Berlin - This week's Berlin film festival is turning a wary eye eastward with a series of new movies spotlighting the rise of violent extremism and anti-migrant sentiment in the ex-communist bloc.

Text of revised Pacific trade deal released

Wellington - Details of a revamped cross-Pacific pact aimed at slashing trade barriers were released Wednesday amid a renewed push for the United States to rejoin the 11-nation deal.

Trump junior says presidency is costing the family firm

New Delhi - Donald Trump's presidency has cost the family firm "millions of dollars" in lost business, his son told an Indian newspaper during a visit aimed at drumming up sales of new luxury apartment complexes.

Turkey says whoever helps Kurd militia in Syria is 'legitimate target'

Ankara - Turkey on Wednesday said it would consider a "legitimate target" any group that comes to the aid of Kurdish militia in Afrin in northern Syria.

Duterte slammed for barring Philippine news site from his events

Manila - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's move to ban a critical news website from covering the presidential palace is a threat to press freedom, rights and media groups said on Wednesday.
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