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Iceland is drilling the world’s deepest geothermal well

Iceland is digging world’s deepest geothermal borehole into the heart of a volcano at a depth of 3.10 miles (5 km) to tap renewable energy. The extreme pressure and heat at such depths could derive 30 to 50 MW of electricity from one geothermal well.

Seven mutilated bodies found in Mexican tourist port: official

Guadalajara - Seven headless, mutilated bodies have been found in a taxi abandoned near the seaside resort of Manzanillo in western Mexico, apparent victims of the country's epidemic of drug violence, local officials said Sunday.

U.S. wind and solar power will continue to grow, despite Trump

While President Trump disputes climate change, promises a revival of the coal industry, and disparages wind power, this leaves many states uncertain over the future of renewable energy policies.

Big Shot charms at Mulcahy's for first show of 2017 Special

Wantagh - On Jan. 21, Big Shot returned to Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall in Wantagh for their first live show of 2017 at this venue.

Unknown illness breaks out at Toronto college, about 200 affected

Toronto - At first it was thought food poisoning was responsible for 77 students falling ill at Toronto’s Humber College. But as food on the campus was examined and more students became sick, authorities are now not sure of the cause of the outbreak.

Op-Ed: Trump administration to withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership

Washington - The Trump administration announced it will withdraw from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal and is committed to renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Nearly 70 killed in fresh Yemen fighting

Aden - Clashes in Yemen killed at least 66 people in 24 hours, medics and security sources said Sunday, as pro-government forces pushed to oust rebels from a key stretch of coastline.

Trump tweets criticism over US protests

Washington - President Donald Trump took to Twitter early Sunday to needle the estimated two million people who marched in women-led mass protests against him a day earlier, including celebrities who took part.

Bacteria powered battery built on sheet of paper

New York - In the quest to find new and efficient means of generating power a research group have developed a battery, resembling a thin sheet of paper, which is powered by microorganisms.

African troops prepare for Gambian president's return

Banjul - West African troops approached the Gambian capital on Sunday to secure President Adama Barrow's arrival from neighbouring Senegal, as controversy erupted over the assurances offered to Yahya Jammeh to guarantee his departure.

Costco calls for end to bee-killing pesticides

The retail corporation Costco has requested that its suppliers end the use of bee-killing pesticides on garden plants sold in its stores. This is part of a Friends of the Earth initiative.

Interview: Jess Pomerantz talks new EP 'Simple In Disguise'

Singer Jess Pomerantz chatted with Digital Journal about her breakthrough EP "Simple In Disguise," which was just released.

Bill to decriminalize domestic abuse moves forward in Russia

Moscow - In Russia, one in five people think it's no big deal to give your spouse or child a slap. And in a move to accommodate conservatives, the Russian Parliament is moving one step closer to decriminalizing spousal abuse once and for all.

Review: Colton Dixon excellent on new single 'All That Matters' Special

Christian music singer-songwriter Colton Dixon is back with his new single "All That Matters," and it is quite sensational.

Cuba sends maritime delegation to US

Havana - A delegation of port and maritime officials from Cuba has arrived in the United States for talks on "business opportunities and foreign investment," the Granma official newspaper said on Sunday.

Project underway to map hospital infection zones

Chicago - To better understand the infection risks to patients a plan has been drawn up to map the microbiome of hospitals. This is on the premise that each hospital carries its own, unique microbial signature.

14 members of pro-govt militia killed in Mali attack

Bamako - A pro-government militia in Mali said that it had lost 14 fighters in an attack blamed on former rebels, three days after a suicide car bomber left more than 70 dead.

Review: ‘Split’ is an invigorating thriller that restores Shyamalan’s rep Special

‘Split’ is M. Night Shyamalan’s latest picture, which returns to his low-budget roots and is even more enhanced by the completely unexpected twist at the end.

In Mosul battle, Iraq forces face fewer IS-planted bombs

Mosul - Iraqi forces used to facing deserted, explosives-rigged streets and booby-trapped buildings have not encountered as many bombs planted by jihadists in Mosul as they did in earlier battles against them.

Philippines vows no whitewash in S. Korean businessman's murder

Manila - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's office vowed on Sunday there would be no cover-up or whitewash in the investigation into a South Korean's alleged murder by police.
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