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Op-Ed: Magdaleno could suffer first loss if he insists on facing Donaire

WBO bantamweight contender Jessie Magdaleno could be risking his unbeaten record if he insists on facing WBO super bantamweight titlist Nonito Donaire in a title fight that could halt his six-year, 23-fight winning streak.

Microsoft warns Windows 10 free upgrades are ending soon

Microsoft has announced it is to end the Windows 10 free upgrade offer in the near future, preventing current Windows users from installing the new OS for free. Purchasing a license will cost $119 as Windows 10 approaches its first anniversary.

San Andreas fault is 'Locked, loaded and ready to roll'

Long Beach - The San Andreas fault in California is one of the world's most well-known earthquake faults. But the fault's southern section has been very quiet, and for far too long, warns a leading earthquake expert.

Gamers are interested in Modern Warfare HD over Infinite Warfare

Following the announcement of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, more gamers have an interest in Modern Warfare Remastered that will be included in the Deluxe Edition.

Russian orchestra performs in Syria's war-scarred Palmyra

Palmyra - Leading Russian musicians on Thursday staged a classical concert in the ancient theatre of Syria's ravaged Palmyra in a show by the Kremlin to herald its successes in the war-torn country.

Albania and Kosovo: A 'new front' for jihadists

Tirana - Three years ago, Albert and Yassin left their homes in Kosovo and Albania to wage jihad in Syria. Now they're back, swelling the ranks of jihadists in a region the Islamic State has called a "new front" in Europe.

Op-Ed: It's Tom and Jerry, not Sisi regime, behind Egypt violence

Cairo - Egypt's Interior Ministry is under fire for police brutality and other abuses but the head of the State Information Service (SIS) Salah Abdel Sadek blamed violence in Egypt on Tom and Jerry cartoons, violent video games and movies.

Review: Justin Bieber masterful at the Barclays Center in New York Special

Brooklyn - On May 4, pop superstar Justin Bieber performed a headlining show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, for a sold-out venue.

Op-Ed: With IS in Libya facing hard times General Haftar plans attack

Surt - The Libyan National Army under commander-in-chief General Khalifa Haftar is reported to be moving to attack the Islamic State stronghold of Sirte.

Samsung's crazy touchscreen smart fridge launches for $5,600

Three months after announcing it at CES 2016, Samsung has officially launched its new Family Hub fridge. The smart appliance features a huge 21.5-inch touchscreen that dominates the front fascia. It pairs with a mobile app for control from the Internet.

Trump and Clinton, the White House race's unpopular winners

New York - It's the paradox of the 2016 US presidential elections: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are virtually assured of facing off against each other in November, and yet both are widely unpopular.

The human side of Alberta's catastrophic wildfire

"The fire is very large and very extreme," said a wildfire information officer on Thursday morning. This statement tells only part of the story, though. For the thousands of people who have fled for their lives, the story is never-ending.

Kosovo Serbs worried about EU proposal for visa-free travel

Kosovska Mitrovica - Kosovo Serbs voiced concerns on Thursday about an EU proposal to allow visa-free travel for citizens of Kosovo, fearing it would force the Serb minority to recognize the territory's disputed independence.

Suspect in spraying mouse poison on produce in stores arrested

Ann Arbor - The FBI have a man in custody after three incidents where mouse poison and hand sanitizer were sprayed on produce in Ann Arbor, Michigan grocery stores.

Kenya: Police arrest med students plotting bio-terrorist attacks

Kenyan police have arrested several medical students for allegedly plotting to carry out a biological terrorist attack and for allegedly recruiting fellow students to join the Islamic State.

Merkel warns of return to nationalism unless EU protects borders

Rome - German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday urged European leaders to protect EU borders or risk a "return to nationalism" as the continent battles its worst migration crisis since World War II.

Life returns to Syria's Aleppo after two weeks of fighting

Aleppo - After two weeks of hiding at home or underground to escape death, residents emerged onto the streets in Syria's battered second city Aleppo as a truce took hold there Thursday.

Don't eat meat in Mexico or China, NFL players told

NFL players were warned meat in Mexico and China may contain clenbuterol, a banned substance in the NFL, and players who consume meat in those countries may test positive for performance-enhancing substances.

Midnight Oil reunites, to tour in 2017

Midnight Oil, one of Australia’s most successful rock bands, will be back on the road with a series of performances at home and overseas in 2017.

Thousands flee western Canada's raging wildfires

Canada - Residents fleeing a voracious wildfire in western Canada's Fort McMurray thronged a tiny hamlet several hours away Thursday as firefighters battled to contain the raging blaze consuming a huge section of Alberta's oil sands region.
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