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Manchester united in defiance of terror

Manchester - Globally renowned for its football teams and music scene, Manchester on Tuesday showed the compassion and defiance on which the city prides itself following Britain's bloodiest terror attack in years.

Op-Ed: Why Horn can't do what Marquez did to Pacquiao in 2012

Jeff Horn's trainer Glenn Rushton may have exposed his strategy to score a knockout win against Manny Pacquiao too soon when he bragged about Horn's ability to do better than what Juan Manuel Marquez did to Pacquiao in 2012.

China scrambles to tame bike chaos

Bejing - A booming rental bike business has flooded China's streets with packs of cyclists, but their habit of going the wrong way and abandoning their rides anywhere is causing havoc.

Trump stays on script — but a few episodes raise eyebrows

Jerusalem - US President Donald Trump's trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories saw the unpredictable leader tightly following protocol, but a few moments provided low-scale scandal and humour.

Crystal Gayle talks Adelphi University, Grand Ole Opry, longevity Special

Garden City - Grammy-winning country star Crystal Gayle chatted with me about her performance at Adelphi University, and being made a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Microsoft makes Windows even more pen-friendly

Microsoft has detailed a new set of pen-focused features in Windows 10 designed to give creatives the freedom to emulate real writing on a digital display. It has expanded its Windows Ink platform with new "building blocks" to simplify ink input.

Perovskite's unique ability increases efficiency of solar cells

Using metal halide perovskite solar cells has made it possible to increase the efficiency of devices using these materials from under 4.0 percent in 2009 to 22 percent in 2016. Now, researchers have found a way to make them even more efficient.

Journalist jokes about Ariana Grande, Manchester terror attack

Boston - After the horrific attack in Manchester yesterday, a Boston-based freelance journalist earned the wrath of social media after he tweeted listening to Ariana Grande almost killed him too. That particular tweet has since been deleted.

Microsoft unveils new Surface Pro with more power, bigger battery

Microsoft has officially unveiled its new Surface Pro, the latest incarnation of the popular convertible device. The company has focused on incremental improvements to refine the existing experience, adding new processors and subtle design changes.

Hospitals in U.S. frantic over shortage of sodium bicarbonate

Most of us have a box of baking soda in the cupboard or refrigerator. It's plentiful on the grocer's shelves and cheap. But this "simple drug" is in short supply in hospitals across the country, prompting surgeries and other treatments to be rescheduled.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 iris scanner fooled by a photograph

Samsung's "ultrasecure" iris scanner on its Galaxy S8 smartphone has been fooled using a photograph and contact lens. The method is alarmingly trivial to use and raises concerns about the safety of the biometric authentication technique.

Manchester attack exposes vulnerability of public events: experts

London - The suicide attack on a Manchester pop concert has sparked criticism about security, but experts said it highlighted the daunting task authorities face in neutralising those bent on destruction.

Targeting children in Manchester aimed to cause outrage: experts

Paris - By targeting children at a pop concert in Manchester, the Islamic State group aimed to cause maximum outrage and sow divisions by turning people against Muslims, experts say.

Scott Clifton talks Emmy win, 'The Bold and the Beautiful' Special

Scott Clifton chatted with me about his 2017 Emmy award win for "Outstanding Lead Actor" for his portrayal of Liam Spencer on "The Bold and the Beautiful".

Suspect in Manchester attack had Libyan heritage: reports

London - The man responsible for bombing a packed pop concert in Manchester, killing 22 people, is believed to be a British-born man of Libyan descent.

China sees 'no reason' not to talk with N. Korea

New York - China on Tuesday took a swipe at the United States, saying there was "no reason" to refuse dialogue with North Korea despite a string of missile tests strongly condemned by the UN Security Council.

2017 NBA Mock Draft: Updated first round projections

Boston - It appears for the third straight year it will be Cleveland battling Golden State for the NBA title, but that doesn't mean teams on the outside won't have a chance for a championship next year, especially with a strong off season this summer.

Apple and Nokia abandon patent dispute to work together again

Apple and Nokia have announced a mutual agreement to put aside all their ongoing litigation regarding a patent dispute initiated last year. The companies have come to a "meaningful agreement" after deciding to put their customers first.

Manchester terror attack: What we know

Manchester - At least 22 people, including children, died in a suicide bombing at a pop concert packed with teens in the British city of Manchester late Monday.Here is what we know so far about the terror attack, the deadliest in Britain since 2005.- What happened?...

NATO breaks partnership deadlock over Turkey-Austria dispute

Brussels - NATO reached a deal Tuesday to unblock partnerships with around 40 non-member countries which had been paralysed by a dispute between Turkey and Austria, officials said.
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