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Review: Queen music alive and well on Long Island thanks to Killer Queen Special

Huntington - On July 17, the world-renowned Queen tribute band Killer Queen performed at The Paramount in Huntington for a sold-out audience. Their show was mesmerizing.

Kyle Lowder to exit NBC's 'Days of Our Lives' as Dr. Rex Brady

Emmy-nominated actor Kyle Lowder will be exiting the role of Dr. Rex Brady on the hit NBC soap opera "Days of Our Lives" next month.

13 dead in suspected arson attack on Japan animation studio

Apo - A suspected arson attack on an animation production company in Japan killed 13 people and injured dozens more on Thursday, with flames gutting the building in the city of Kyoto.

In rebuke to Trump, US Congress blocks Saudi arms sales

Washington - The US House voted Wednesday to block $8.1 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other allies, a rebuke of Donald Trump that will likely lead to a veto by the president.

Trump diverts $40 million humanitarian aid to help Venezuela coup

The Trump administration has informed the US Congress that it intends to divert $40 million in humanitarian aid for Central American countries and give it to the Venezuelan opposition in support of Juan Guaido and his US-financed coup attempt.

North Korea claims US South Korea exercises endanger diplomacy

Military exercises involving the US and South Korea have long been a source of increased tensions with North Korea. Nevertheless, the US is preparing to hold a new round of the exercises with the South.

Op-Ed: Why in the world do we have a racist sitting in the Oval office?

A combative President Donald Trump rallied Republican supporters Wednesday in North Carolina, harshly criticizing four fiery, left-wing congresswoman of being un-American and claiming they are the face of the Democratic Party that will ruin the country.

Oakland California bans city use of facial recognition software

Oakland - The Oakland California city council voted unanimously for a ban on city agencies using facial recognition technology. Oakland is the third city to pass such legislation after neighboring San Francisco and Somerville, Massachusetts.

Disruption has finally come to the toilet paper market

In February 2019, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) issued a report titled “The Issue With Tissue." The whole point was to give leading brands of toilet paper a sustainability grade and make people aware it does come from trees - lots of tree

Fungi onboard ISS survives high doses of ionizing radiation

New research presented at the 2019 Astrobiology Science Conference shows that mold on the International Space Station is capable of surviving high doses of ionizing radiation. This finding is important for future deep space missions.

First US murder conviction overturned using DNA, family tree evidence

Washington - An American man was exonerated Wednesday for a decades-old murder he did not commit, using evidence based on DNA and a genetic family tree, the first such result using a revolutionary investigative technique.

India to make new bid to launch Moon rocket on Monday

New Delhi - India will make a new bid to launch a landmark mission to the Moon on Monday, a week after aborting lift-off at the last minute because of a fuel leak, officials said.

New app aims to make CBT more accessible to people

A startup called Quirk has developed an app designed to make Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) more accessible to people, aiding those who suffer from anxiety or depression.

Turkish diplomat among two shot dead in Iraq's Arbil

The Turkish vice consul to Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region was among at least two people shot dead Wednesday in the regional capital Arbil, prompting pledges of "retaliation" from Ankara.

Argentina still waiting for 1994 Jewish center bombing justice

Buenos Aires - Argentina marks the 25th anniversary of the bomb attack on a Jewish center that left 85 people dead with a day of mourning on Thursday, but the relatives of victims are still waiting for justice.

Bats hang where Israeli soldiers once stood in Jordan Valley

The whoosh of wings disturbs the quiet of an abandoned, pitch-black maze of corridors next to the Jordan River in the occupied Palestinian territories.

'Christ of Theft' statue poses dilemma for Peru

- A giant statue of Jesus Christ that looms over Lima is causing controversy in Peru because of its financing by the graft-tainted Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht and late ex-president Alan Garcia.

Humanity's climate 'carbon budget' dwindling fast

Paris - The concept of a carbon budget is dead simple: figure out how much CO2 humanity can pump into the atmosphere without pushing Earth's surface temperature beyond a dangerous threshold.

Vermont develops action plan for tackling cybersecurity issues

Montpelier - The demand for cybersecurity talent is at an all-time high and supply struggles to keep pace. To address this, Vermont, a U.S. state of fewer than 650,000 people, is tackling this cybersecurity skills shortage in novel ways.

US confirms Turkey blocked from F-35 program after Russian missile purchase

Washington - The White House confirmed Wednesday that Turkey would no longer be permitted to take part in NATO's F-35 stealth fighter jet program after it purchased a Russian missile defense system.
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