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First ever photo of light as both wave and particle at same time

For the first time ever, light in the simultaneous form of both wave and particle, has been captured on camera by scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)

MLB Trade Rumors: Brad Ziegler to Toronto Blue Jays?

Toronto - Spring training has just begun as teams prepare for the 2015 MLB season, but several trade rumors have already appeared on social media for those clubs that didn't fill all their needs over the winter.

High salt diet could protect against pathogens

Putting health warnings about salt to one side, dietary salt may help to defend the body against invading pathogens. This surprising finding comes from a new study.

Catching up with Tony Dovolani from 'Dancing With the Stars' Special

Tony Dovolani from "Dancing With The Stars" took some time from his schedule to chat with Digital Journal about the current season of the reality show.

Mr. Big Shot: Study finds men more likely narcissistic than women

A team of researchers has looked at 31-years of data on 475,000 people and found that men are more narcissistic than are women. They found men more likely to have a greater sense of entitlement and less likely to feel badly about it.

Hulk, world's largest pit bull, is a sweet family dog

Marlon and Lisa Grennan, New Hampshire owners of 18-month-old Hulk, the world's largest pit bull at 175 lbs, say that despite his size and the reputation of his breed, Hulk is sweet family dog and loyal companion to their 3-year-old son.

Zinfandel's wine roots to bear tourism fruit in Kastela, Croatia Special

Kastel Stafilic - The origins of one of America's best-known grape varieties are enjoying a comeback in Dalmatia, as the Croatian wine story takes another step forward.

U.S. ambassador attacked in Seoul

Seoul - The U.S. ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, was slashed on his face and arm by a blade-wielding assailant shouting anti-war slogans in an attack in Seoul Thursday, police and television reports said.

Op-Ed: Scientist who is the darling of climate change deniers feels heat

A scientist who is the darling of climate change deniers is feeling the heat after it was discovered that he has accepted $1.3 million in funding from private interest groups, including Exxon Mobil and Koch Industries.

Honduran rain forest gives up pre-Columbian 'lost city'

While searching for the fabled "White City," or the "City of the Monkey God," rumored to be located in a remote part of the Mosquitia rain forest in Honduras, an archaeological team instead found the remains of a an unknown civilization.

Recovering Ireland appeals for diaspora to come home

Dublin - Ireland's government this week launched a new programme called "Global Irish" designed to attract thousands of emigrants who left during the financial crisis to return.

Encounter with aliens and UFOs deemed historical fact

Great Barrington - One Massachusetts family's close encounters with aliens and UFOs in the 1960s are now being documented as historical fact.

2015 NBA Mock Draft: First round projections and analysis

College basketball fans are in full gear for the start of March Madness, but for NBA teams that have struggled to win games, this time of year is used to evaluate talent and begin preparations for the draft this summer.

Archaeologists find 3,000-year-old tomb in Luxor

Luxor - Egypt's antiquities ministry announced on Tuesday the discovery of the tomb of Amenhotep, guard of the temple of Egyptian diety Anun, in the city of Luxor. The tomb, believed to be 3,000 years old, would date to the New Kingdom's 18th dynasty.

Wreck of the biggest battleship ever built discovered

Tokyo - An American team has announced it has found the wreck of the WWII Japanese super-battleship, Musashi, sunk by US warplanes in 1944 in the Sibuyan Sea in the Philippines.

Military satellite explodes in orbit after "catastrophic event"

A US Department of Defense satellite named DMSP-13 exploded in orbit, scattering 43 pieces of debris, after what the Air Force terms "a catastrophic event associated with a power system failure."

NFL Rumors: Mark Ingram to Philadelphia Eagles?

Philadelphia - Chip Kelly is trying to turnaround the Philadelphia Eagles and the recent trade of All Pro running back LeSean McCoy created a storm of controversy, but the NFL is loaded with talented backs and Kelly believes adding help on defense is key to winning.

Interview with top entertainment figure Michael Des Barres Special

The English-born singer, actor and showbusiness veteran is gearing up to release a rockin' new album, recorded last year in Rome. He made time in his chaotic agenda for Digital Journal.

FDA taking the heat for duodenoscope sold without approval

Los Angeles - Doctors and Congress are now demanding to know why the Food and Drug Administration, the agency mandated with protecting the health of the American public, failed to address a critical flaw in a medical instrument that has caused deaths and illness.

Indonesia rejects prisoner swap to save death row Australians

Jakarta - Indonesia on Thursday rejected the offer of a prisoner swap proposed by Canberra in an 11th-hour bid to save two Australian drug smugglers facing execution, saying it is determined to put to death those "who have poisoned our nation".
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