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Op-Ed: Manny Pacquiao needs senate seat for higher political agenda

Two years ago, Manny Pacquiao admitted he has plans to run in the 2022 Philippine presidential elections. Now Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum has confirmed the incumbent congressman from Sarangani is indeed running for president in 2022.

Secret report: F-35 fighter failed in mock dogfights

A secret report from an F-35 test pilot offers more evidence of fundamental design flaws with the new stealth fighters. The program has cost more than $1 trillion, making it the most expensive weapon's project in military history.

Op-Ed: Greece says No - The EU must acknowledge failure

Athens - The Greek No vote represents a well-deserved slap in the face to the EU, which has completely ignored the suffering its austerity measures have caused. The question now is whether the EU will even pay attention to either the vote or the issues.

Thousands of people displaced as wildfires rage in western Canada

Regina - Wildfires burning in Saskatchewan on Saturday crossed fail-safe lines, prompting the evacuation of thousands of residents of a community that includes the province's largest First Nation. Almost 5,000 evacuees are being taken to Alberta.

James More's 'Britain's Got Talent' clip exceeds 50 million views

British magician James More has a major digital milestone to celebrate. His "Britain's Got Talent" audition surpassed 50 million views.

Scenes of joy as Greece's 'No' voters celebrate victory

Atenas - Cheering and chanting, thousands of Greeks who voted to say 'No' to bailout austerity measures crowded into central Athens on Sunday to celebrate a landslide referendum victory, seemingly oblivious to the threats facing the near-insolvent country.

Obama faces opposition to opening embassy in Cuba

Washington - While Cuba and the United States reached a deal at the end of June to reopen embassies, Obama is facing opposition to the move both from his own party and Republicans.

Suspect in random SF slaying had previously been deported

San Francisco - The Mexican national accused of the random killing of a young San Francisco woman at a popular tourist attraction last Wednesday had been deported five times prior to the fatal shooting.

Eurozone in tailspin after Greece votes 'No' to bailout

Atenas - Greek voters overwhelmingly rejected international creditors' tough bailout terms in a historic referendum Sunday that immediately sent the euro plummeting out of fear it could trigger a "Grexit" from the eurozone.

Review: Cats galore at Chesham's cat themed pub Special

Chesham - The Black Cat is a small, homely pub located in the historic market town of Chesham. On a hot summer's afternoon, Digital Journal popped in to examine the varied features (and sample a pint of ale.)

Desperate Gazans resort to makeshift homes year after war

Gaza - Fouad Abu Asser and his family have returned to their neighbourhood amid the rubble of the Gaza Strip -- but something resembling a shed is what they now call home.

Cats and mice, it's all down to chemicals

Moscow - Cats chase mice, mice hide from cats. This is the game played out throughout the places where cats and mice co-exist. New research suggests that mice can be chemically programmed to be controlled by cats.

Review: Martina McBride magnificent on 'Independence Day' for 4th of July

Nashville - On July 4, country queen Martina McBride performed her signature song "Independence Day" in Nashville, and it was broadcast via a live stream.

Ohio community seeks clues after 4 women dead and 2 still missing

Chillicothe - The mystery of what happened to six Ohio women — four dead, two still missing — has baffled police and frightened residents.

Alexis Tsipras: The premier playing roulette with Greece's future

Atenas - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras got the public boost he sought to keep alive his government's tightrope talks with the country's EU-IMF creditors, but the consequences of his gamble remain unclear.

Nobel tributes at Dalai Lama 80th birthday bash in US

Anaheim - Fellow Nobel Peace laureates joined thousands of followers of the Dalai Lama to celebrate the Tibetan spiritual leader's 80th birthday, kicking off a three-day honorary bash in California.

Afghan girls attacked with acid, poison for attending school

Three teenage girls were wounded after attackers threw acid in their faces. The girls were on their way to school in Afghanistan's western Herat province on Saturday.

North Carolina deck collapse injures 14

Emerald Isle - The collapse of a deck on a North Carolina beach house has injured 14 people, two of them with critical injuries, Saturday night as the family was getting set to take a group photo.

Holiday dents movie box office

Two hyped newcomers could not overcome the one-two punch from "Jurassic World" and "Inside Out" at the box office. It is close at the top.

Op-Ed: Tripoli government will not sign UN draft peace plan

Skhirat - The UN dialogue appears less and less as a plan for peace and more and more a means of promoting the Tobruk House of Representatives(HoR) in a new Government of National Accord that gives Tripoli almost no actual power.
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