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Erdogan takes aim at Soros over jailed Turkish philanthropist

Ankara - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday accused George Soros of aiding a jailed Turkish philanthropist facing hugely controversial charges of seeking otherthrow the government, describing the Hungary-born American billionaire as a "famous H...

Americans and Canadians warned not to eat romaine lettuce

Health officials in the U.S. and Canada told people Tuesday to stop eating romaine lettuce because of a new E. coli outbreak.

Silent plane with no moving parts makes 'historic' flight

Paris - The blue glowing jets of science fiction spacecraft came a step closer to reality on Wednesday as US physicists unveiled the world's first solid-state aeroplane powered in flight by supercharged air molecules.

In Quebec, Canada's newest hydroelectric dams nearly ready

Havre-saint-pierre - On a frigid night, the roar of heavy machinery chipping away at rock echoes through Canada's boreal forest: in the far north of Quebec province, four massive hydroelectric dams that will produce "clean energy" for the northeastern United States are nea...

Alabama's Randy Owen inducted into Alabama Business Hall of Fame

On November 15, Randy Owen, the front-man of the country group Alabama, has another feather to add to his cap. He was inducted into the Alabama Business Hall of Fame.

Heavy rains unearth Iraqi mines in Kuwaiti desert

Kuwait City - Unprecedented heavy rains which recently lashed Kuwait unearthed dozens of land mines planted by Iraqi troops during their 1990-91 occupation, disrupting the emirate's popular desert camping season, officials said Wednesday.

Virtual reality resurrects ancient Rome bit by bit

Rome - Gazing upon the splendours of ancient Rome is no longer a luxury reserved for visitors to the Italian capital, as temples opened their doors internationally with a digital project launched Wednesday after decades of planning.

Africans cheer call for France to return treasures

Paris - African museum directors on Wednesday welcomed an expert report calling on France to allow the return of thousands of African treasures and artworks, a radical policy shift that could put pressure on other former colonial powers.

Haiti gripped by tension as president stays out of sight

Port-au-prince - A general strike shut down most of Haiti Wednesday as tension and uncertainty gripped the country following deadly protests over the weekend and the president's unexplained absence from public.

US carrier visits Hong Kong amid heightened China tensions

Fpo - An American warship and carrier strike group visited Hong Kong Wednesday in a move seen as a conciliatory gesture by China ahead of next week's crunch meeting between the global superpowers' presidents.

Indebted Maldives sending envoy to China

Male - The Maldives foreign minister will visit Beijing before the end of 2018, officials said Wednesday, likely seeking to renegotiate the archipelago's Chinese debt.

Russia's Rostec doing brisk arms trades despite sanctions

Moscow - Arms giant Rostec is seeing strong demand for its advanced anti-missile systems despite international sanctions against the Russian defence sector, chief executive Sergei Chemezov told AFP in an interview.

Not-so-Leaning Tower of Pisa as landmark straightens

Rome - The Leaning Tower of Pisa is now stable and has even straightened slightly thanks to engineering work to save the world-renowned tourist attraction, experts said on WednesdayThe tower's Surveillance Group -- set up to monitor restoration progress -- sa...

Paradise regained? Experts call for European approach to US housing

Mountain View - With the embers still raining from blackened skies choked by California's massive wildfires, the effort turns to rebuilding Paradise -- a town of almost 30,000 that was wiped off the map.

Rome takes bulldozers to gaudy 'mafia' villas

Rome - Police on Wednesday began bulldozing eight villas built illegally in a suburb of Rome by an alleged mafia clan renowned for its violence and gaudy lifestyle, as those evicted cried foul.

French island rocked by cost-of-living protests

La Providence - Thirty police officers have been injured in five days of protests over rising living costs on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion, the government in Paris said Wednesday.

Syria's Druze reject Assad's call to serve

Beirut - Nearly eight years into the Syrian war, Selim still refuses to perform his military service, just like many fellow Druze from Sweida province rejecting the regime's conscription call.

Sanchez on first official trip by Spanish leader to Cuba in 32 years

Madrid - Pedro Sanchez on Thursday kicks off the first official visit by a Spanish leader to Cuba in 32 years, as Havana seeks closer ties with the European Union faced with a hardline United States.

Canadians going to cannabis expo in Las Vegas detained at border

A Canadian investor traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, to attend an annual cannabis conference and tour a new cannabis facility has been issued a lifetime entry ban to the United States, according to an immigration lawyer he consulted.

Renault-Nissan alliance shaken, but divorce would be costly

Paris - When Carlos Ghosn began laying the groundwork nearly two decades ago for a partnership between Renault and Nissan, he was careful not to call it a merger, hoping to avoid any resentment over rescuing one of Japan's storied carmakers.
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