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Two brothers rescue bald eagle, snaps epic selfie afterwards

Sudbury - Two brothers from Canada found a bald eagle with its talon stuck in a fur trap. They took action and freed it. After that, they took a selfie with it.

Coalition's Kurd-heavy anti-IS strategy risky: Analysts

Baghdad - The US-led coalition has made Iraqi and Syrian Kurdish forces primary allies against the Islamic State jihadist group, but over-reliance on the Kurds carries risks, analysts warn.

Microsoft unveils 'PowerPoint for apps' to let anybody code apps

Microsoft has publicly announced a new Office tool designed to simplify the process of creating mobile apps. Known as PowerApps, the aim of the business-grade program is to let anyone create a working native app without learning code.

Drug trial of Metformin to begin, may increase lifespan to 120

The idea of living in a healthy body as long as 120 years has to be appealing to virtually everyone. But it's impossible, no? No, actually, it may not be, scientists say, and a drug has been approved for trial that could be a longevity breakthrough.

Inca ruins in close proximity of Cuzco, Peru Special

Cuzco - The old capital of the Incas, iconic city of Cuzco, heralded as the archeological capital of the world, has a lot of archeological surprises in close proximity of the city. It’s easy to see them all in half a day tour available in many tourist outlets.

Op-Ed: Toddlers shoot more Americans than Muslim terrorists

San Francisco - The recent Islamist terror attacks in Paris, France have rekindled long-simmering Islamophobia and xenophobia among many Americans, including political leaders from both major parties who now want to shut the door on Syrian refugees fleeing civil war.

Meet Ken Phillips: President of the Ken Phillips Publicity Group Special

Ken Phillips is one of America's best-loved music and entertainment publicists. He is the president of the Ken Phillips Publicity Group, Inc.

Martha Burns says Domesticated offers more than shock value Special

Toronto - Canadian theatre guru Martha Burns asks us to take a different look at fantasy and creativity as she stars in Bruce Norris's Domesticated.

China and U.S. to both have military bases in Djibouti

Djibouti - The only permanent United States military base in Africa is Camp Lemmonier in Djibouti a small country located on the horn of Africa. The Americans will soon have new neighbours as the Chinese will also build a base in Djibouti.

Interview: Disney actress Olivia Stuck talks 'Kirby Buckets' Special

Disney actress Olivia Stuck chatted with Digital Journal about "Kirby Buckets" and "Girls Meets World"; moreover, she opened up about her music career.

Father wouldn't stop homeopathy on autistic sons, loses custody

Toronto - A father in Ontario lost custody of his two young sons, in part because he refused to stop trying to cure the boys' autism and other illnesses with homeopathy. The boys, aged nine and ten have "severe and profound" autism spectrum disorder.

'Coats on a pole' project that started in Canada goes viral

"Coats on a pole" is a simple gesture of assistance that began in London, Ontario in 2014. The project eventually hit social media and has now gone viral, spreading from Canada to the U.S. and across the pond to The U.K.

China 'clone factory' scientist eyes human replication

Bejing - The Chinese scientist behind the world's biggest cloning factory has technology advanced enough to replicate humans, he told AFP, and is only holding off for fear of the public reaction.

Pirelli calendar wins praise for feminist makeover

London - Topless women out, female luminaries in: the latest edition of the famously titillating Pirelli calendar presented in London by US photographer Annie Leibovitz has won praise for its feminist makeover.

Lab grown vocal cord is promising

Engineered vocal cords have shown promise in animal tests. The laboratory-grown tissue could be used to treat people who have lost their voice to surgery or following a disease.

Op-Ed: Sonoma bookshop is thankful for its 24th Anniversary/'birthday' Special

Sonoma - Owner of Readers' Books, Andrew Weinberger had much to celebrate as well as be thankful for this Thanksgiving season as his bookstore has its 24th anniversary.

Blank spaces replace NYT article on flagging Thai economy

Bangkok - The International New York Times said its printer in Thailand removed an article on the moribund state of the kingdom's economy Tuesday, forcing the edition to carry blank spaces including on the cover.

German cabinet approves military aid for IS fight

Berlin - The German cabinet on Tuesday approved a mandate offering military assistance to back the international fight against the Islamic State jihadist group following the Paris attacks.

US Marine found guilty of killing Filipina transgender woman

Olongapo City - A Philippine court on Tuesday convicted a US Marine of killing a Filipina transgender woman in a red light district, in a case that reignited long-simmering anti-American sentiment in the country.

Pakistan and Afghan leaders vow to resume Taliban peace talks

Islamabad - The leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed to work together to revive stalled peace talks with Taliban insurgents after meeting on the sidelines of a climate change conference in Paris, officials said.
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