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Iraqi girls take up swimming in IS-free Mosul

Mosul - Her father and grandfather gained fame in the pool. Now, 12-year-old Rama Omar hopes to do the same -- a bold move in Mosul, a former jihadist stronghold in Iraq where swimming was never for women.

Russia flies supersonic nuclear bombers near Alaska coastline

For the first time in history, two Tupolev Tu-160 Russian supersonic long-range nuclear bombers conducted drills in an area near Alaska on Thursday on the Chukotka Peninsula, which faces Alaska across the Bering Strait.

Review: Sister Hazel premieres refreshing new track 'Whirlwind Girl' Special

Acclaimed band Sister Hazel has released their new track "Whirlwind Girl," which they premiered exclusively on Digital Journal.

Review: Country artist Drew Jacobs releases 'If She Ain't Country' single Special

On August 17, rising country artist Drew Jacobs has released his new single "If She Ain't Country," which is a rocking track.

Pacific Ocean's warm waters spawn another big hurricane

La Jolla - Hurricane Lane is barreling west across the Pacific Ocean on a course that will bring it close to Hawaii next week. As of 8:00 p.m. PDT, Hurricane Lane is now a category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Coinbase files for patent on new bitcoin payment system

San Francisco - The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has recently filed for a patent. The patent is for a new system that would enable online users to make their bitcoin payments more securely.

Saudi Arabia tests Japan-inspired 'nap pods' for hajj

Mecca - Mansour al-Amer swipes a card to reveal a narrow sleep pod, reminiscent of Japan's famed capsule hotels. But this pod is in Saudi Arabia, where the Muslim hajj pilgrimage begins Sunday.

Chinese plane pulled from mud at Philippine airport

Manila - A Chinese plane that slid off the runway at Manila airport was removed from the muddy spot where it had been stuck for more than a day, officials said, allowing normal operations to resume on Saturday.

New pesticide is as harmful to bumblebees as Neonicotinoids

Agricultural pesticides are used to kill the pests that damage or destroy our crops, but at the same time, these pest killers are also killing the very pollinators that make agriculture possible. So it is with Sulfoxaflor, a new pesticide.

Mexico seizes record 50 tons of meth

Mexico - Mexican marines seized a record 50 tons of crystal meth from a drug lab in the state of Sinaloa, authorities said Friday.The military said it detected the lab in the town of Alcoyonqui, near the state capital Culiacan, and raided it on Thursday.

Renewable energy startup is lighting up London

London - A London-based, online renewables only energy provider called Bulb is not only growing its number of users, the company is also attracting investment from big firms based in the U.S. and Russia.

Brazil's 'queer museum' reopens in Rio after forced closure

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's "queer museum," forced to close last year after conservatives attacked it for allegedly promoting pedophilia, blasphemy and bestiality, is reopening in the shadow of Rio de Janeiro's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

Cricket hero Imran Khan sworn in as PM, taking power in Pakistan

Islamabad - Pakistan's new Prime Minister Imran Khan was sworn in at a ceremony in Islamabad on Saturday, ushering in a new political era as the World Cup cricket hero officially took the reins of power in the nuclear-armed country.

Federal government to review Canopy, Constellation deal

A deal that could see U.S.-based alcohol giant Constellation Brands Inc. take a majority ownership stake in Canada's leading cannabis producer Canopy Growth Corp., will be reviewed by the federal government.

Brenda Lee talks Music City Walk of Fame, remembers legends, fans Special

On August 17, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Brenda Lee chatted with Digital Journal about her forthcoming star on Nashville's Music City Walk of Fame, and she remembers several music legends that he lost.

Strike off as Chile workers sign deal at world's biggest copper mine

Santiago - Chilean miners at the world's biggest copper mine, Escondida, signed an agreement on Friday with Anglo-Australian owners BHP to avoid a strike announced two weeks ago when unions rejected as insufficient a proposed salary hike.

Five biggest challenges facing new Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Islamabad - Pakistan's new government led by prime minister Imran Khan faces myriad challenges. The cricketing icon turned politician will have to make hard choices, and quickly.

Actor Sam Medina discusses 'Mile 22,' working with Mark Wahlberg Special

Actor Sam Medina chatted with Digital Journal about his new film "Mile 22," where he plays opposite Mark Wahlberg. "Mile 22" comes out in theaters on Friday, August 17.

After Genoa disaster, locals look differently at city's bridges

Genoa - Jacopo Strumia never gave much thought to the giant suspension bridge that looms over the ground floor apartment he lives in with his wife and two young children in a sleepy suburb of Genoa."But the bridge collapse has made us a little nervous.

Review: ‘Mile 22’ is a flawed but rewarding tactical operation Special

‘Mile 22’ is an action-heavy, spy picture in which there are multiple ticking clocks, broad daylight shootouts in the street and an ending that makes it all worth it.
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