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Iran's foreign minister was due back in Vienna Tuesday accompanied by top advisors and bearing guidance from Tehran that major powers hope will seal marathon negotiations for a historic nuclear deal.

NYPD outraged by City Council's police reform bills

New York City police are angered over several “police reform” measures City Council members plan to review this week, including bills that would outlaw police using chokeholds and change search and consent procedures.

Op-Ed: Looking back: Is Roberts becoming an Earl Warren?

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts might be the last person to surprise a nation like Chief Justice Earl Warren. Both Republicans, they have surprised the nation.

Op-Ed: Libyan peace talks fail to reach agreement on unity government

The two rival Libyan governments failed to agree on a unity government as set out by UN special envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon , after talks in Skhirat Morocco over the weekend.

28 dead in attack on Shiites in Yemen claimed by IS

The Islamic State group claimed an attack on two Huthi rebel leaders in Sanaa on Monday night that medics said had killed at least 28 people, including eight women.

Puerto Rico, crushed by debt, seeks moratorium

Crushed by liabilities it now cannot repay, Puerto Rico is seeking to reschedule its $73 billion debt, the US commonwealth's governor said.

Seniors in Canada going bankrupt in soaring numbers

Judy Southon, from Toronto, said she had her husband had great jobs and raised a son, and they owned a home, but she never thought she would have to declare bankruptcy.

NBC latest to dump Trump over Mexican immigrant comments

NBC severed business ties with Donald Trump, joining a chorus of protests over the mogul turned US presidential hopeful's remarks about Mexican immigrants.

Spanish royals make first state visit to Americas

Spain's King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia began a three-day trip to Mexico on Monday, making their first state visit to the Americas since their coronation.

Ecuador introduces 201 young tortoises to a new home on Galapagos

Ecuador released hundreds of giant tortoises raised in captivity onto an island of the Galapagos. The goal is to restore giant tortoises and to conserve the archipelago's biodiversity.

Atlantic Ocean circulation change will have major consequences

Melting sea ice in the Arctic regions is worrisome. Not only does the loss of ice put polar bears and other marine animals at risk, but the loss of reflective surfaces allow the absorption of more heat. Now a new study suggests an even bigger problem.

Tourist island in Thailand being drowned by trash

Tourists come and they go. Unfortunately, tourists also happen to leave behind a lot of trash, and for tourist isles, that's a big deal. Transporting trash off of islands is inhibitedly difficult as the residents of Koh Lan are quickly finding out.

Italy begins recovery of 800 migrant bodies from Med shipwreck

The Italian navy on Monday said it had begun efforts to recover the bodies of some 800 migrants killed in a shipwreck in the Mediterranean in April, as authorities rescued another 4,400 people making the dangerous sea journey to Europe.

Flight diverted due to passenger smoking on plane

A United flight that took off in Denver en route to Boston was forced to turn around after a passenger refused to stop smoking in the plane's lavatory.

Referendum to make Greece 'better armed' for negotiations, PM says

Greece's plebiscite on the latest bailout offer is intended to make the country stronger in the fight for a new deal with its international creditors, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Monday.

Experts want to quiz troops over Mexico missing students

Experts from a regional human rights body investigating the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico complained Monday that government delays in allowing them to interview soldiers could limit their work.

Ex-French interior minister Charles Pasqua dies aged 88

Former French interior minister Charles Pasqua, a hardline politician who was a close ally of former president Jacques Chirac, died Monday aged 88, political sources said.

Turkey may invade Syria to create buffer zone

Turkish president Recep Erdogan, in an anti-Kurdish speech, said that he would not allow the formation of a separate Kurdish state in Syria. There are reports he is ordering the military to carve out a buffer zone to prevent IS and Kurdish advances.

Turkey holds security meet; speculation on Syria action

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan chaired a top security meeting Monday as media speculated that Ankara was planning a military intervention in Syria, following gains there by Kurds against the jihadists.

Turkmen president's birthday celebrations reinforce personality cult

Citizens of gas-rich Turkmenistan marked strongman President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov's 58th birthday in the national capital Ashgabat Monday by attending the opening of an ostentatious park named in his honour.

Some 17,000 anti-bailout demonstrators rally in Greece

Some 17,000 people took to the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki on Monday to say 'No' in an upcoming referendum on the latest bailout proposals, accusing Greece's international creditors of blackmail."Our lives do not belong to the creditors!

Preparations underway for Greece's pivotal bailout vote

The ballot has been drawn up and a 'Vote No' poster designed: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's government has lost no time in preparing for the country's hotly-anticipated bailout referendum.

Western Europe bakes in heatwave

Temperatures soared above 40 degrees (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in Spain and Portugal on Monday prompting health concerns and the scorching heat was expected to move north to France and Britain later in the week.

Putin, elites bid farewell to ex-PM and master spy Primakov

Russia on Monday bade farewell to former prime minister, foreign minister and master spy Yevgeny Primakov, with a state funeral for one of the last Soviet-era political titans who died last week aged 85.

Reward raised to $500,000 in P.E.I. potato tampering case

An award for information in the Prince Edward Island potato tampering investigation has been increased to $500,000, but it is a short-term reward offer. The province's potato industry and the federal government originally posted a $100,000 reward.

Cyprus sentences Lebanese to six years on bomb charges

Cyprus on Monday sentenced to six years in jail a Lebanese man who pleaded guilty to terror charges linked to 8.2 tonnes of potential bomb-making material found in his home.

10 lions killed as flash floods hit India's Gir national park

Flash floods following heavy monsoon rains have killed 10 lions and 20 more remain missing in India's Gir National Park, the only natural habitat for lions outside Africa.

Top French court approves border controls with Italy

France's top administrative court said Monday that border controls on migrants at the Italian frontier were legal and did not violate the Schengen agreement that created Europe's passport-free zone.

Op-Ed: European anti-dolphin-captivity demo attracts hundreds once again Special

The Atomium in Belgium was again the striking backdrop to the “Europe: Close Dolphinaria!” protest on Saturday 27th June.

U.S. says there's a way to give UN access to Iran sites

Global powers negotiating with Iran have put forward proposals to give the UN atomic watchdog access to all suspect Iranian sites as part of the outlines of a deal, a senior US official said Monday.

'Black Monday' as bank lockdown spooks Greeks

It has been dubbed "Black Monday" -- jittery housewives, shoppers and business owners queued in vain at cash machines in Athens, as the country grappled with capital controls and shuttered banks."I have a baby to feed, what am I supposed to do?

Drilling, not quake, caused Indonesia mud volcano: paper

Geologists reignited the debate Monday about whether to blame nature or humans for the devastating eruption nine years ago of an Indonesian mud volcano still oozing its all-consuming sludge today.

In Iran, morale fragile as nuclear talks stumble

For Amir Moghtader the waiting has become a torment. Uncertainty is the cause, but as the clock ticks down he still hopes there can be a nuclear deal for Iran.

Tunisia gunman: From breakdancing student to Islamist radical

A university student and fan of breakdancing who worked part-time to fund his studies, Seifeddine Rezgui seemed like a normal young Tunisian man.

US Supreme Court backs use of controversial lethal injection drug

The US Supreme Court on Monday upheld the use of a controversial sedative in executions by lethal injection, saying it does not violate the Constitution.

Tunisia makes first beach attack arrests as UK urges fightback

Tunisia said Monday it had made its first arrests after a beach massacre that killed 38 people, as European officials paid tribute to victims of the country's worst jihadist attack.

Two Uber bosses taken into custody in France

Two top Uber bosses were taken into custody in France Monday as part of a probe into their ride-booking app which has sparked violent protests from regular taxi drivers, the company said.

Greek capital controls: key measures explained

Greece has imposed capital controls and shut its banks temporarily after failing to reach a rescue deal with international creditors or get additional emergency funds from the European Central Bank.

Israel approves extending security fence to Jordan border

Israel has approved extending a security barrier to part of its eastern border with Jordan in a bid to keep out militants and illegal migrants, the prime minister's office said Monday.

CIA photos of 'black sites' demanded for 9/11 trials

The existence of thousands of CIA photographs of secret locations, "black sites," will likely cause another delay of trial of five defendants on trial for planning the September 11, 2001 attacks.

French attacker denies Islamist aim, motivations murky

A man who beheaded his boss in France has denied any religious motivation, investigative sources said Monday, muddying efforts to pin down the reasons for an attack which bore the hallmarks of a jihadist act.
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