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Iran has been playing it cool as it watches the furore over the disappearance of writer Jamal Khashoggi create a crisis for its regional rival Saudi Arabia.

Power shut off in some parts of California over wildfire fears

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) purposefully shut off electricity to nearly 60,000 customers Sunday night, in fear that predicted wind speeds could fuel another wildfire in Northern California.

Op-Ed: I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of Trump's mouth

I turned off the news tonight - to regain some semblance of sanity. In the past few weeks, we have been through two destructive hurricanes and journalist Jamal Khashoggi has been murdered in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey, yet, what has Trump been doing?

Retaken but not rebuilt: Syria's Raqa a year after IS ouster

All day, dinghies cross the Euphrates River to shuttle residents into the pulverised cityscape of Syria's Raqa, where bridges, homes, and schools remain gutted by the offensive against the Islamic State group.

Spanish drug lord arrested after music video cameo

One of Spain's most-wanted drug traffickers was arrested on Wednesday after seeming to taunt police by appearing in a reggaeton music video, a police spokesman told AFP.

Shootout near Kashmir Muslim shrine leaves four dead

A firefight near a 14th century Muslim shrine killed at least four in the Kashmir capital Wednesday and sparked protests in the city, police said.

Dissident Vietnam blogger 'Mother Mushroom' released, on way to US

A dissident Vietnamese blogger known by the pen name 'Mother Mushroom' was on her way to the United States Wednesday after being released from prison where she was serving 10 years for anti-state propaganda, multiple sources told AFP.

Afghan election candidate among four killed in bomb attack

A bomb placed under a sofa killed four Afghans including an election candidate on Wednesday, officials said, as deadly violence escalates ahead of the October 20 parliamentary ballot.

Police clear protesters as Indian temple prepares to accept women

Indian police on Wednesday cleared protesters trying to stop women accessing one of Hinduism's most sacred sites, a hilltop temple forced by judges to open its doors to all female pilgrims for the first time.

58 Australian fairy penguins slaughtered in suspected dog attack

Wildlife officials in the southern Australia on Wednesday announced an investigation into the mass death of 58 penguins they believe were killed in a dog attack.

Israel pounds Gaza after first rocket fire in weeks

Israeli warplanes pounded the Gaza Strip on Wednesday after the first rocket fire from the Palestinian territory in weeks hit an Israeli city, in a blow to efforts to avert a new war.

Nearly half the world lives on less than $5.50 a day: World Bank

Despite progress in reducing extreme poverty, nearly half the world's population lives on less than $5.50 a day, with a rising share of the poor in wealthier economies, the World Bank said Wednesday.

Russian director Serebrennikov set for trial over fraud case

The trial of Russian stage and screen director Kirill Serebrennikov will start Wednesday, more than a year after he was placed under house arrest in a controversial embezzlement probe.

Canada legalizes marijuana for recreational use

Nearly a century of marijuana prohibition came to an end Wednesday as Canada became the first major Western nation to legalize and regulate its sale and recreational use.

What's holding up Brexit talks? The Irish issue explained

The main sticking point in Brexit negotiations is how to keep Britain's land border with the Republic of Ireland open after it leaves the European Union.

Dread of sharia haunts Malian town besieged by jihadists

With a trembling finger, Amadou Koita points to the square where he was lashed 30 times in public.For several months, this remote town in central Mali was occupied by jihadist rebels who have unleashed a spiral of violence in the region.

Brazil federal police ask for president to be indicted for corruption

Brazil's Federal Police on Tuesday asked the Prosecutor General's office to charge President Michel Temer and ten others, including his daughter, with corruption, money laundering and racketeering.

Taiwan to hold independence rally in challenge to Beijing

Taiwan independence campaigners will take to the streets Saturday for what they hope will be a major rally in a rebuke to Beijing and a challenge to the island's already embattled government.

EU offers UK a sweetener before difficult Brexit summit

The European Union is ready to extend the post-divorce transition period with Britain, diplomats said, amid efforts to revive chances to strike a Brexit deal at a key summit on Wednesday.

UN Security Council asked to meet on Myanmar atrocities report

The United States and eight other countries on Tuesday requested a UN Security Council meeting on Myanmar to hear from a UN fact-finding mission that has accused the country's military of atrocities against Muslim Rohingyas.

Suspects in Saudi journalist case tied to top prince: report

A suspect identified by Turkey in the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was a frequent companion of the kingdom's powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Guantanamo prison to stay open at least 25 years: US admiral

Former president Barack Obama had vowed to close the US military-run prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but now it will stay open for at least 25 years, the officer in charge of the facility said Tuesday.

Trump says Saudi should be presumed innocent over missing journalist: report

US President Donald Trump pushed back Tuesday at global condemnation of Saudi Arabia over the disappearance and suspected murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, saying the kingdom deserved to be presumed innocent.

Tensions high as Indian temple opens to women

Hundreds of extra police in southern India were on high alert Wednesday for the scheduled opening to women of all ages of one of the country's most sacred Hindu temples.

US strike in Somalia killed 60 militants: Pentagon

The United States conducted its largest air strike in nearly two years against militants in Somalia, killing about 60 Al-Shabaab fighters, the US military said Tuesday.

Northern Irish writer Anna Burns wins Booker Prize

Author Anna Burns on Tuesday became the first Northern Irish writer, and the first woman since 2013, to win Britain's renowned Man Booker Prize for her novel "Milkman".

US sets new trade talks with EU, Japan, Britain

US officials announced Tuesday negotiations for separate trade agreements with Britain, the European Union and Japan as part of efforts by President Donald Trump's administration to rebalance global commerce.

'Disorderly' Brexit could harm US economy: Fed's Powell

A "disorderly" European Union exit by Britain could have a negative knock-on effect on the American economy, the chairman of the US Federal Reserve warned Tuesday.

Mattis tours contaminated Vietnam War-era Agent Orange site

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis toured a former Agent Orange storage site in southern Vietnam on Wednesday, revisiting one of the war's darkest chapters that lives on among a million Vietnamese with severe birth defects, cancers and disabilities linked...

National security behind using military ports to ship coal

The Trump administration refuses to give up on shipping coal from West Coast ports, even though the states are opposed to the idea. Citing national security, Trump plans on using military ports to get around states' opposition.

US strike in Somalia killed 60 militants: Pentagon

The United States conducted its largest air strike in nearly two years against militants in Somalia, killing about 60 Al-Shabaab fighters, the US military said Tuesday.

Canada primed for pot legalization

Pot stores across much of Canada were poised to throw open their doors Wednesday as the sale and recreational use of cannabis is made legal for the first time by a major Western country.Stores in St.

Palestinians win UN backing to lead developing country bloc

The Palestinians won backing Tuesday to lead the biggest bloc of developing countries at the United Nations, raising their profile at the world body despite opposition from the United States.

Romanian prosecutors say at risk from new work requirements

Romanian prosecutors said they feared for their jobs and the rule of law after a new government ordinance increasing the years of professional experience required of them was published Tuesday.

Trump warns Honduras to halt migrant caravan or lose US aid

President Donald Trump on Tuesday warned Honduras he will cut millions of dollars in aid if a group of about 2,000 migrants is allowed to reach the United States.

Mexican president-elect renames new NAFTA, puts Mexico first

When Donald Trump insisted on renaming the updated North American Free Trade Agreement, the "America first" president pointedly listed the US before the other countries, calling it the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Cuban diplomats at UN stage noisy protest at US event

Cuban diplomats shouted slogans and noisily pounded tables at the United Nations on Tuesday, disrupting a meeting organized by the United States on the plight of Cuban political prisoners.

'Urgent' donations needed to deal with Venezuela's migrant crisis: UN envoy

The UN special envoy for Venezuelan migrants called Tuesday for international donations to help South American countries deal with an "avalanche" of migrants from the crisis-wracked country."We will be appealing to donors...

Two pilots killed in Ukraine fighter jet crash: military

Ukraine's military said Tuesday that two pilots died when a Sukhoi fighter jet crashed during military exercises with the United States and other NATO countries.

Diplomats stage UN protest during US event on Cuba

A group of UN diplomats disrupted a US-organized meeting on the plight of Cuban political prisoners at the United Nations on Tuesday, shouting down a US diplomat who demanded that security guards remove them from the hall.

Armenian PM Pashinyan resigns to trigger snap election

Armenia's reformist Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Tuesday announced his resignation on television, paving the way for snap elections.