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Said Ramadan has lost count of how much he's borrowed just to stay afloat while other vendors at Giza's pyramids have already lost hope, as jihadist attacks bring Egypt's tourist industry to its knees."I have no money to buy clothes for my children ......

Syrians recount 'hell' of Aleppo life under air strikes

Syrian farmer Mahmud Turki was sitting on his couch at sunset watching the news with his family after eating supper. Then an air strike hit his home and turned his life upside down.

Finland's 'Soldiers of Odin' face off against huggy ladies

Fierce-looking squads calling themselves the Soldiers of Odin have been patrolling Finnish streets in recent months claiming to protect locals from asylum seekers, but lately they've been challenged by an unexpected crew: smiling women serving up hugs....

CDC: New Lyme Disease bacteria discovered, and it's nasty

A new species of bacteria that causes Lyme Disease has been discovered. Until now, Borrelia burgdorferi was the only bacterial species believed to cause Lyme disease in North America.

Los Angeles passes $1.87 bn homeless plan

Los Angeles, sometimes called the homeless capital of America, adopted a $1.87 billion plan Tuesday to help its 44,000 down-and-out people without homes.

Between mines and mortars: stranded lives in eastern Ukraine

Imagine picking your way through a minefield to go to work every day. Or even to go shopping for basic supplies.

Op-Ed: Egyptian foreign minister opposes foreign military in Libya

Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, said that there should be international military intervention in Libya only after the UN-brokered Government of National Accord(GNA) is formed and requests military aid.

Pope faces Mexicans worshipping skeletal 'Death Saint'

Two weeks after baptizing her at a Catholic church, baby Adriana's parents put her in a white gown again for a second sacrament: This time, with Mexico's skeletal "Death Saint.

Sanders and Trump take New Hampshire by wide margins

In New Hampshire, where one year ago Hillary Clinton held a 50 point lead over Bernie Sanders, the socialist Democrat, won commanding victory over Clinton whose campaign is entangled in an FBI investigation.

Fish, other mosquitoes now warriors in Zika battle

With larva-chomping fish and genetically modified insects, Latin Americans are deploying legions of little helpers to destroy mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus in the world's latest mass health scare.

Genetic makeup of the most deadly strains of E. coli identified

A group of researchers from the university of Maryland have for the first time identified the genetic makeup of a number of strains of E. coli responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people around the world every year.

Review: Kat Solar stunning on dance single and video for 'Infinity'

Dance singer Kat Solar has released "Infinity" as a single and it is stunning, and its music video elevates it to a higher level.

Charlize Theron in talks to play villain in 'Fast 8'

Charlize Theron is rumored to be in talks to join the 'Fast and Furious' franchise as its first primary female villain in 'Fast 8'.

Trump, Sanders win big in New Hampshire

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders decisively won the presidential primaries in New Hampshire, riding a wave of anti-establishment anger in the second key test of the long, unpredictable race for the White House.

Supreme Court deals blow to Obama climate plan

The US Supreme Court has put on hold a sweeping plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fueled power plants, dealing a significant blow to President Barack Obama's efforts to rein in climate change.

Review: Boy band BSIDE upbeat on new single 'Tell Everybody' Special

Boy band BSIDE has released their upbeat music video for their breakthrough pop single "Tell Everybody" on Wave Music Group.

Shark attacks on the rise globally as human population increases

There were 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide in 2015, with the U.S., Australia and South Africa witnessing the highest numbers.

Pentatonix announces 2016 'World Tour' dates

Grammy-winning a cappella band Pentatonix has announced the first dates for their 2016 World Tour. They will be joined by Us The Duo, their special musical guests.

Roach says Pacquiao happy to defend boxing title as senator

Less than a week before he arrives in GenSan, Philippines to commence training for the Pacquiao-Bradley trilogy fight, Manny Pacquiao's longtime trainer Freddie Roach says the fighting congressman will be happy to defend his boxing title as a senator.

Guess which country is least concerned about climate change?

Climate change and global warming are part of the everyday lexicon, despite the causes and extent of the ‘change’ being disputed. Across different countries concern varies. Perhaps surprisingly one leading nation is least concerned of all.

Armin van Buuren and Armada Music score multiple IDMA nods

The Armada Music record label received great news for this year's International Dance Music Awards (IDMA). It garnered 29 nominations in 20 different categories.

Europe’s green farming projects as ‘too costly’

Recently pilot studies and initiatives aimed to develop ‘green farming’ have been undertaken in Europe. The aim is to create more sustainable agriculture. There are different measures of success. On cost effectiveness the studies appear to have failed

Exercise alone doesn’t lead to weight loss: Study

A new study has shown that simply putting hours in the gym, while maintaining the same diet, is not effective for losing weight. This is because the calorie burning process reaches a plateau.

French MPs vote to include stripping terrorists of nationality in constitution

Lawmakers in France's lower house of parliament has narrowly voted through a highly controversial proposal to amend the constitution to strip people convicted of terrorist offences of their French nationality.

Bulgaria's Irina Bokova enters race for UN leadership

Bulgaria's foreign ministry on Tuesday formally announced its nomination of UNESCO chief Irina Bokova for UN secretary-general.

New probe rejects claim missing Mexican students incinerated

A second independent forensic investigation rejected on Tuesday the Mexican government's conclusion that 43 students who went missing in 2014 were incinerated at a garbage dump.

Ukarimu launches website in Kenya to lift school enrollment rates Special

Ukarimu Project, a not-for-profit organisation running child-centred programs in Homa Bay, Kenya has launched its maiden website ‘’

Op-Ed: Flint residents still being forced to pay for lead-laced water

Michigan's governor has proposed a $30 million payment to Flint that would counteract the impact of the water crisis on the city's residents, but even if the money is applied to this years budget, it's not enough.

EU's founding members back two-speed Europe

The six founding members of the European Union on Tuesday reiterated their commitment to "ever closer union", even it means leaving less enthusiastic partners like Britain behind.

Study says barley rapidly lowers blood sugar levels

Scientists have discovered that the mixture of fibers found in barley can rapidly improve one’s health by lowering blood sugar levels and staving off diabetes, according to a Science Daily article published today.

France, Germany press Brussels on terror funding crackdown

France and Germany pressed the European Union on Tuesday to speed up plans designed to crack down on the funding of terrorist groups.

Russian church hopes 'historic' pope talks will reset ties

The Russian Orthodox Church on Tuesday said it hoped a historic first meeting between its Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis would herald a new era of cooperation between two Christian branches that have been estranged for centuries.

West's advantage in military tech 'eroding': Think-tank

Western superiority in military technology is "eroding", notably at the hands of China and Russia, a leading think-tank said Tuesday in its annual report on the state of militaries around the world.

Data scientists, doctors learning to seek consent

People don’t mind sharing data when they can be partners in its management and application. That is the major takeaway from a recent study conducted by the Society for Participatory Medicine.

Controversial trial of Islamic opposition opens in Tajikistan

Thirteen members of a moderate Islamist opposition party went on trial behind closed doors in volatile Tajikistan on Tuesday, accused of fanning a wave of unrest that killed dozens of people last year.

Michigan Senate passes animal cruelty bill preserving sodomy ban

A Michigan bill meant to protect animals from cruelty is raising eyebrows and ire due to language affirming the state's unconstitutional ban on sodomy, a prohibition carrying unenforceable penalties ranging from up to 15 years to life imprisonment.

French Senate votes to extend post-attacks state of emergency

The French Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a three-month extension of a state of emergency imposed after the November jihadist attacks that claimed 130 lives in Paris.

Turkey summons US ambassador over Syria Kurds row

Turkey's foreign ministry summoned the US ambassador on Tuesday after a senior American official angered Ankara by saying that Washington did not consider the main Syrian Kurdish party to be a terrorist organisation.

E. coli outbreak linked to Organic Pastures raw milk

A California dairy that sells USDA certified organic raw milk and other non-pasteurized dairy products is cooperating with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in an investigation into an outbreak of E. coli linked to their products.

Op-Ed: Presidency Council of GNA misses 2nd deadline

The internationally-recognized House of Representatives (HoR) government was to meet yesterday to give a vote of confidence in the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA).

Canadian Actor Jonathan Emond talks about his acting career Special

Actor Jonathan Emond chatted with Digital Journal about his acting career in Canada, his charity work and living life in Los Angeles.