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France on Friday warmly accepted the offer of a puppy from Russia as a replacement for a police dog named Diesel which was killed during operations after the November 13 terror attacks in Paris.

El Salvador condemns bishop accused of raping girl

A "well-loved" senior bishop in El Salvador who is also a prominent Church historian was Friday condemned by government officials and a rights organization after being accused of repeatedly raping a girl in the 1980s.

Man charged in the kidnapping of teen he met online

An 18-year-old Maryland man was arraigned on kidnapping and other charges Thursday, after police found him in a Pittsburgh area motel with a 16-year-old girl he had taken from her home in Ohio,

Weird purple slime choking Norway's fjords - What is it?

Fisherman in northern Norway first noticed the strange-looking purple slime in late August of this year. At first, there were large clots of the slimy stuff, but now, it has collected in a 200 meter (219 yards) wide belt around Lyngen Fjord.

Janet Russell earns nomination for 2015 'Best of Long Island'

Acclaimed psychic and medium Janet Russell has received a 2015 nomination for "Best of Long Island" in the "Psychic" category.

Woman eaten by pets after suddenly dying

An unnamed 65-year-old woman died suddenly. Shortly afterwards, the woman was eaten by the 45 malnourished dogs she owned.

Jurgen Klopp's dynamic philosophy suits current Liverpool side

It was over before it really began. Manchester City were left bewildered, simply wondering what went wrong in what was a truly remarkable performance from Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool.

Hollande fears handful could block climate summit

French President Francois Hollande called on all countries to back a UN climate deal at talks opening in Paris on Monday, but said he feared "a few" nations could derail the process.

Thousands protest police shooting in Chicago

Thousands of protesters blocked traffic and barred shoppers from entering stores during the Black Friday sales extravaganza to demand justice for a black teen killed by a Chicago police officer.

Review: Chris Lane back with smooth new country single 'Fix' Special

Country singer Chris Lane is back with his new single "Fix," which will be released in December on his label, Big Loud Records.

No known terrorist threat to Rio Olympics: official

Brazil is preparing to deal with a terrorist attack at the Rio Olympics but has no information of any planned plots, the country's intelligence chief told AFP Friday."We have no information about a terrorist cell preparing in Brazil.

Drowned Aylan's family to be admitted to Canada

Some surviving relatives of drowned Kurdish toddler Aylan Kurdi, whose beached corpse became a global symbol of the Syrian refugee crisis, will be admitted to Canada, broadcaster CBC reported Friday.

Tyson Fury banks on youth, height, reach to beat Klitschko

Unbeaten British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury will be using his physical advantages, specifically his height and reach as well as his youth, to pull off an upset against heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko on Saturday night in Dusseldorf,Germany.

FacePalm Friday: Drunk man dials police to help him start his car

Early Tuesday a man called police to help him start his car, but he ended up being arrested for drunk driving in King Township.

Tactical Preview: Leicester City - Manchester United

Manchester United’s Saturday afternoon visit to Leicester City features the top two sides in the Premier League battling for sole possession of first place.

Review: Canaan Smith back with soaring new single 'Hole in a Bottle' Special

Country singer Canaan Smith is back with his brand new single and music video for "Hole in a Bottle," which was released on Mercury Nashville.

Several wounded in shooting at US family planning center

Several people were wounded Friday when a shootout erupted between police and a gunman at a Planned Parenthood family planning center in the US state of Colorado.

Black Friday fight breaks out at mall in Kentucky

A video surfaced showing two adult men fighting at a mall in Kentucky. The fight occurred on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, Black Friday.

Dutch to double places for asylum-seekers

The Netherlands will double the number of beds and shelters for tens of thousands of asylum-seekers after striking a deal with local authorities, officials said Friday amid a burgeoning refugee crisis.

Israelis not Muslims were arrested in U.S. after 'celebrating' 9/11

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump says he saw "thousands of people cheering" as the World Trade Center collapsed following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Global warming: Report suggests we reduce our consumption of meat

One of the world's most influential think-tanks has co-authored a report with the University of Glasgow that takes on livestock production and its impact on global warming, as well as our over-consumption of meat.

Will Trump's newest verbal attack push away disabled voters?

Donald Trump is the current front runner in the 2016 U.S. presidential race. He is no stranger to controversy but current allegations of verbal abuse have created a media frenzy. Has he pushed himself into a corner by what some call flagrant verbal abuse?

Black Friday: Cards Against Humanity asks customers to give it $5

Cards Against Humanity, the self-proclaimed "party game for horrible people," has an unusual Black Friday deal: It's asking people to give it $5 to receive absolutely nothing in return.

Paris attacks put no-hope Belgian town in terror spotlight

The terror spotlight has returned to the Belgian rustbelt town of Verviers in the wake of the Paris attacks, frustrating locals who hoped to turn the page following a deadly jihadist shootout in JanuaryTwo arrests and a series of house searches in rece...

Pope hails Africa as 'continent of hope'

Pope Francis hailed Africa as "a continent of hope" on Friday as he toured Uganda on the second leg of a landmark trip that has seen him railing against corruption and poverty.

Motorola's 'shatterproof' phone survives being dropped 100 times

Motorola claims its recently launched Droid Turbo 2 is "shatterproof" and guaranteed not to crack. A new video puts the phone to the test in spectacular fashion, failing to cause substantial damage after dropping the device onto concrete 100 times.

Erdogan dolls burned, buried as Russia fumes at Turkey

Moscow's fury over Ankara's downing of a Russian warplane on the Syrian border was on full display Friday as pro-government activists staged anti-Turkey rallies, even parading a life-size doll of its president in a coffin.

Russia-Turkey war of words escalates over downed warplane

Moscow slapped sanctions on Ankara on Friday as the war of words over a downed Russian warplane escalated, with Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan warning Russia not to "play with fire".

Op-Ed: UN and others act as if Libyan unity government is a certainty

The Libyan Government of National Accord(GNA) is the unity government proposed in the Libyan Political Agreement(LPA). The final draft of the LPA was presented to the two rival governments some time ago by Bernardino Leon, then UN Special Envoy to Libya.

Instagram app getting official multi-account support

A beta update to Instagram has added official support for using multiple accounts. The feature lets you switch logins at will without having to sign-out and in again. It will be particularly useful for people who maintain several different profiles.

Former Ivory Coast leader Gbagbo 'fit for trial': ICC

Former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo has been declared "physically and mentally able" to stand trial for crimes against humanity trial next year, the International Criminal Court said Friday.

Refugee crisis tests Sweden's lofty aim of 'equality for all'

Aneta Moura, who emigrated to Sweden from Greece 43 years ago, says the last ethnic Swede has moved off her street in Malmo's Rosengard neighbourhood and youths with nothing to do hang out on the streets at all hours.

21 die in Nigeria Shiite Muslim march suicide attack

At least 21 people were killed on Friday when a suicide bomber blew himself up in the crowds at a Shia Muslim procession near the north Nigerian city of Kano, in the latest violence to hit the troubled region.

Sony to rival Microsoft with PS4 game streaming to Windows, Mac

The president of Sony's studios division said today the company is working on building an app for Windows and Mac that will let gamers stream titles from the PlayStation 4. The feature will directly rival Microsoft's Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming.

Chuck Wicks to release new country album 'Turning Point'

Country music sensation Chuck Wicks will be releasing his highly-anticipated forthcoming studio album "Turning Point" this February.

Sixth person charged in Belgium over Paris attacks: prosecutor

A Belgian judge on Friday charged a sixth suspect with terrorism offences in connection with the Paris attacks, prosecutors said, as the country pushes on with its investigation into links to the November 13 atrocities.

1,000 Saudi Shiites demand release of death row activists

About 1,000 members of Saudi Arabia's Shiite minority gathered at a mosque Friday to demand the release of activists on death row, including one aged 17 when he was arrested, a resident said.

Review: ‘James White’ is a no-holds-barred emotional rollercoaster Special

‘James White’ is an intensely emotional portrait of a young man who bottles up his own issues to help his mother during a difficult time.

Alleged spy Gross felt abandoned by U.S. in Cuba

US contractor Alan Gross says he was mistreated by his captors and felt abandoned by his own government after Cuba arrested him and accused him of spying.

Hackers replace ISIS site with Viagra ad and message to calm down

A group associated with the famed hacker collective Anonymous has a message for ISIS, which it promptly displayed by taking down one of the terror organization's sites. A message, it appears, in the form of an advertisement for Viagra, and a suggestion.

Adele keeps breaking records with '25,' announces European tour

Ever since the release of "25," British pop superstar Adele has continued to shatter records with her latest studio album.
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