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The main Micronesian state of Chuuk declared a "disaster emergency" as Super Typhoon Maysak continued to cut a destructive path across the central Pacific on Wednesday.

Kevin Richardson to be inducted into Kentucky Music Hall of Fame

Kevin Richardson from the iconic multi-selling pop boy band Backstreet Boys will be inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame this April.

Brazilian Silvio Santos zombie prank most terrifying ever [Vid]

A Brazilian TV show pulled a terrifying zombie prank on women in an empty subway train. The video, uploaded to YouTube on March 29, 2015 by organizers of the popular TV show, "The Silvio Santos Program," has gone viral with more than 3 million views.

The Conversation is coming to Africa

The online platform will be a invaluable addition to the ongoing global debate about how to more effectively develop Africa and alleviate poverty.

Agreement in principle on outlines of Iran deal: Russian FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said early Wednesday that global powers had reached an agreement in principle on "all key aspects" of the outlines of an Iranian nuclear deal, Russian media reported.

Op-Ed: Religious Freedom Restoration Act — Christians, who do you serve?

Religious Freedom Restoration Laws and their variants are in various states of legislative process all over the country. What does that mean to Christians?

Scientists discover how deadly fungus evades immune system

Scientists have always thought that Candida albicans, a single-celled fungus, spread by changing from a single cell to a long line or filament of cells. But New studies may lead to better treatment of infections caused by this deadly fungus.

Op-Ed: Van Halen rocks on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

I watched the legendary rock and roll band Van Halen perform on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Monday night. Original singer David Lee Roth is back and the new bass player has a familiar name. This was Roth's first television appearance with the band.

Review: David Fanning back with new single 'Doin' Country Right' Special

Country singer David Fanning is back with his new single and music video for "Doin' Country Right." It was released on his record label, Red Bow Records.

Op-Ed: China’s artificial islands in South China Sea – Major own goal?

China has been building artificial islands on reefs in the many disputed areas around the South China Sea. Nations in the region are furious, and international business is worried that these new islands dominate major shipping lanes.

Climate pledges: Deadline sees slow but promising start

A rough deadline for Tuesday saw only 33 out of 195 countries submit pledges for tackling greenhouse gases under UN climate talks scheduled to conclude just over eight months from now.

Peru PM sacked in spy scandal, president faces crisis

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala was left scrambling to find a new prime minister Tuesday after Congress sacked the incumbent, Ana Jara, over allegations of domestic spying.

Review: Heffron Drive amazes on new 'Happy Mistakes: Unplugged' album Special

Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt from Heffron Drive will be releasing their new album, "Happy Mistakes: Unplugged," which is a stunning collection of acoustic work.

New appeal revives case against Argentine president

Argentine prosecutors launched a new appeal Tuesday of a court's decision to dismiss their case against President Cristina Kirchner for allegedly protecting Iranian officials accused of orchestrating a deadly 1994 bombing.

Franco-German couple publish memoirs of Nazi-hunting years

France's most famous Nazi hunters, Serge Klarsfeld and his German wife Beate, this week launched their "Memoirs" about their decades spent tracking down Hitler's henchmen and dragging them out of hiding into the public glare.

Los Angeles seafood company shut down — 'unhealthy conditions'

A federal judge complied with a request from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and ordered a Los Angeles, California seafood manufacturer to stop producing ready-to-eat smoked and pickled fish because of a failure to control bacterial contamination.

Travel chaos in Argentina as transit unions strike

Argentina's largest cities ground to a halt Tuesday as transport unions went on strike, demanding tax cuts for low-income workers and putting the government on the defensive seven months out from general elections.

Video: Fresno firefighter falls through burning roof into flames

The Fresno Fire Department in California released to local media a graphic video recorded on a cell phone showing the moment that a veteran firefighter fell through the roof of a burning building while working with his colleagues to put out the fire.

Op-Ed: Why Muhammad Ali roots for Manny Pacquiao

Legendary heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali is the latest high-profile boxer who joined ex-heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in predicting a win for Manny Pacquiao when he collides with Floyd Mayweather on May 2 at the MGM Grand.

E-cigarette use rises among teenagers

Many teenagers, including those who have never smoked traditional tobacco products, have begun experimenting with e-cigarettes.

Hollande assures Berlin France will stick to reforms

French President Francois Hollande insisted on a visit to Berlin Tuesday that France would stick to its reform course despite his Socialist party's setback in local elections.

Amazing video of unborn baby clapping along to mother's song

An astounding video of an ultrasound scan of a baby clapping hands to the song, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!" has become a big hit on YouTube.

Can existing drugs help to combat MS?

Existing medications for conditions like depression and heart problems could hold the clue to treating multiple sclerosis, according to medical experts.

Kiev 'failed' to probe protest violence: Council of Europe

The Council of Europe on Tuesday blasted Kiev for failing to properly investigate deadly violence against demonstrators in last year's Maidan protests that ended with pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych's downfall.

Adani's coal mine could be trashed if a little bird triumphs

Plans for the largest coal mine in Australia are being challenged in court this week, pitting India's Adani Group against one of Australia's many endangered species, the four-inch southern Black-throated Finch.

Defense wraps up case in Boston bombing trial

Lawyers for alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev quickly wrapped up their defense case on Tuesday as the four-week old trial entered its final stages.

Recovery of bodies from Germanwings crash site ends: Authorities

The bodies of victims from the Germanwings plane disaster have all been recovered from the crash site in the French Alps, authorities said Tuesday."There are no more bodies at the crash site.

Catalonia nationalists plan 2017 secession from Spain

Catalan nationalist parties and associations have signed a road map to secede from Spain in 2017 if independence movements win a September regional vote.

Turkey hostage drama ends in deadly shoot-out

A senior Turkish prosecutor and his two hostage-takers were killed on Tuesday when security forces launched an operation to free the official in a bloody end to a six-hour standoff in Istanbul.

Anne Frank died earlier than thought, new study says

Jewish teenager Anne Frank died in a Nazi concentration camp at least a month earlier than her official date of death, a new study said on Tuesday."New research...

Buhari in historic Nigeria election win

Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday became Nigeria's president elect after defeating Goodluck Jonathan in the first democratic change of power ever in Africa's most populous nation.

Google rolls out Pac-Man on Maps for April Fool's Day

Just in time for April Fool's Day, Google is letting users turn their city streets on Google Maps into a classic-looking game of Pac-Man.

Op-Ed: Tripoli forces withdraw from near eastern Libya oil fields

The Third Force, a unit of the Tripoli-based General National Council (GNC) government has agreed to a ceasefire with Ibrahim Jadhran who commands forces guarding Es Sidra.

Lufthansa says Germanwings co-pilot admitted 'severe depression'

The co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing a Germanwings plane in the French Alps had informed his employer that he had undergone a "previous episode of severe depression", Lufthansa said Tuesday.

Indiana governor wants to fix controversial religious freedom law

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R), humbled but defiant, held a press conference on Tuesday to defend his state's controversial new "religious freedom" law. Though he also said he wants to "fix" the bill through the state's legislature.

Lufthansa, Germanwings bosses to visit crash area Wednesday

The chief executives of Lufthansa and Germanwings will on Wednesday travel to the area near last week's plane crash in the French Alps, the airline said.

Negotiators power past midnight deadline in Iran talks

Top diplomats worked past a midnight deadline into the early hours of Wednesday seeking to agree the outlines of a nuclear deal with Iran, insisting "enough progress" had been made to continue the marathon talks.

Jay Z's streaming site accused of ripping off musician

Jay Z's relaunched music streaming site Tidal hasn't been around for 24 hours yet, but it has already been accused of ripping off a musician.

When SWU met LEU: The Iran nuclear talks jargon A-to-Z

Drowning in a radioactive sea of nuclear jargon, mixing up Bushehr and breakout, plutonium and Parchin, centrifuges and code 3.1?

Prenatal yoga could lessen depression symptoms

New research published in the Women's Health Issues journal has concluded that prenatal yoga can help pregnant mothers beat depression.

Iraq hails Tikrit 'liberation' after month-long battle

Iraq said security and allied forces backed by US-led coalition aircraft "liberated" the city of Tikrit on Tuesday, its biggest victory yet in the fight against Islamic State jihadists.