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As fashion designer Givenchy celebrates a retrospective exhibit which debuted this fall, no doubt author Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" comes to mind when Audrey Hepburn portrayed the unique 'Holly Golightly' in the lead role.

To Audrey with love: a fashion designer's tribute

One of the fashion world's greatest platonic love stories almost never came to pass, when in the 1950s French couturier Hubert de Givenchy at first refused a request to design for Audrey Hepburn.

Bikes now outnumber cars in Copenhagen

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, has hit a new record. For the first time ever, the city is home to more bicycles than cars.

Let women drive, urges Saudi prince

An outspoken billionaire Saudi prince wants an "urgent" end to his country's ban on women driving, saying overturning the law was a matter of women's rights and economic necessity.

Self-driving cars to be tested out on Boston streets

The startup nuTonomy, who brought robot taxis to the streets, are planning to try out self-driving cars by the end of the year. Boston is where the testing will occur.

Graffiti and tattoo artist Matthew 'SOLE4' Thomas opens up Special

Long Island graffiti artist Matthew 'SOLE4' Thomas chatted with Digital Journal about his elaborate work in the graffiti and tattoo scene on Long Island.

One Town's Veteran's Day Celebration like so many across the USA Special

While the annual breakfast at the Veteran's Memorial Building in Sonoma was "first come first serve" basis, there was plenty of fresh made pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage to go around this past Friday Nov. 11.

We spend an average of 1.3 years deciding what to watch on TV

The average person spends 474 days, based on an average lifespan, sitting in front of the television set deciding upon which program to tune into. At least that's the case according to the findings of an industry survey.

Author John Perkins points to 1976 as pivotal year economically Special

No doubt, the U. S. economy is on everyone's mind now that the presidential election is over. Yet as author John Perkins noted, "the fact that someone outside the status quo was elected, says people want change."

Medication extends life of dogs with heart problems

Dogs of a smaller type tend to suffer from heart problems more often than larger dogs. A common condition is mitral valve disease and the risks of a dog dying from the condition are high. A new treatment might offer some hope for affected breeds.

Op-Ed: San Francisco burger place mourns loss of waitress who died at 96 Special

Every so often we are reminded that things that seem permanent and forever are only "on loan" to us. And, that we should not take anything for granted.

Op-Ed: Surrealist Cynthia Tom brings a whimsical side to Sausalito Special

The rainy and yet summer-like weekend of Nov. 5 and 6 was a busy one for surreal artist Cynthia Tom. She opened her art studio at 1890 Bryant for an Open Studios weekend while preparing for a more formal gallery showing.

Painter poet Renaissance man remembered, Sonoma Day of The Dead Special

Underneath a fingernail-crescent moon, Sonoma locals gathered the day after Halloween to remember those who have passed on in a Day of The Dead celebration that has become a tradition. Among those remembered on Nov. 1 was artist-poet Dick Cole.

John Stanley retired host of 'Creature Features' talks ghost Special

On Halloween night it is customary for the older kids to watch scary movies. These days Netflix, Hulu and others have dozens and dozens to select from. But not too long ago, there was a time when a scary move was on local TV.

Bookshop owner celebrates 25th anniversary with his own book Special

Just before his Sonoma, California book shop celebrates its 25 anniversary next month, Readers' Books owner Andy Weinberger debuted his own book this past week.

Life imitates cinema in Mexico City's Day of the Dead parade

Thousands thronged downtown Mexico City on Saturday for a "traditional" indigenous procession held for the first time this year, inspired by a hit Hollywood movie.

Tinder’s top yenta wants to connect the world Special

Swipe left or swipe right. Reject or accept a date with someone you’ve never met. Whatever you choose, Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad still wins. Rolling Stone magazine calls Rad the biggest yenta in the world, promoting free love across the globe.

Op-Ed: Sonoma Realtor-turned author, now has her own column Special

Autumn brings to mind change and a shift in the seasons. The symbolism has not gone unnoticed by local Realtor-turned author, Catherine Sevenau.

Review: Otherworldly artist Sha Sha Higby dances at the Throckmorton Special

Described by some as “other-worldly,” “haunting” “evocative” “exquisite and ephemeral” International performance/sculptural artist, Sha Sha Higby is one-of-a-kind. Her work will be appearing at the Throckmorton in Mill Valley in November.

Faded royals hold rare Serbian wedding

At the wedding of his grandfather, King Aleksandar I of Yugoslavia, nearly a century ago, more than 100,000 people thronged Belgrade's streets in heavy rain to celebrate.

Op-Ed: Comedian talks documentaries with fellow comedians on podcast Special

Over the past 40 years the documentary has blossomed from a didactic tool in a classroom to a box-office attraction. Examples of this in recent years are in films such as Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling for Columbine.’

Private rooms at Pope's summer residence open to public

Private rooms at the pope's summer residence in Castel Gandolfo will open to the public from Saturday at the request of Pope Francis, who has never holidayed there in more than three years as pontiff.

"Cat man" of Aleppo operates sanctuary in besieged city

As thousands of people are fleeing from eastern Aleppo to avoid the fighting many leave their pet cats. Aleppo resident, Mohammed Aljaleel noticed that the number of cats without owners was increasing.

Apple accuses Amazon U.S. of selling fake products

Apple has made a complaint to Amazon about a "flood" of counterfeit goods masquerading as legitimate Apple products. The complaint relates to products sold on only.

Thais get inked in tribute to beloved king

Wincing slightly as the tattoo gun punches holes in the nape of her neck, Ohm says getting inked in memory of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died last week, is the greatest tribute she can pay.

Op-Ed: Dreams are what art is made of for exhibit in Mill Valley Special

As the weather turns to fall, the chill in the air and the shortening of days makes people more inclined to be indoors and to sleep. And it is when in deep REM sleep that scientists say that people have dreams.

Op-Ed: Memoir of a Chicago girl's Beatles experience is "16 in '64" Special

Variety, IndieWire and the New York Times all praise the Ron Howard documentary about The Beatles, “Eight Days A Week.” The fans seem to agree: the film has garnered an 81 percent like rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Which institution produces the most Nobel Prize winners?

Which is the best university in the world? This can be judged on many levels, from academic quality to the student experience. How about the proportion of Nobel Prize winners?

Robbery victim Kardashian takes back control — offline

After a traumatic robbery which saw her tied up at gunpoint, no one expected US reality star and social media queen Kim Kardashian to spring immediately back into the limelight.

British Library's conservation project Special

The British Library hosts a rich and vibrant expanse of information and knowledge, sound and imagery from across our world. To preserve the older items in the collection, a slow and complex conservation project is on-going.

Albanian prince marries in country's second ever 'royal' wedding

Prince Leka, the sole descendant of Albania's last king, married popular actress Elia Zaharia on Saturday in a ceremony attended by the Spanish queen and several former royals.

Connecticut's Patty Griffin talks social media and Foxwoods Special

Connecticut intuitive and beloved personality Patty Griffin chatted with me about her aspirations to someday perform a show at Foxwoods, and to be on television and radio.
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