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A barber in North Carolina decided that he would give a 9-year-old free haircuts for life because he got good grades in school.

Black Friday: Cards Against Humanity asks customers to give it $5

Cards Against Humanity, the self-proclaimed "party game for horrible people," has an unusual Black Friday deal: It's asking people to give it $5 to receive absolutely nothing in return.

Beauty contestant barred over 'Taiwan' sash: Government

A beauty contestant from Taiwan has been suspended from an international pageant after Beijing objected to the sash she was wearing, the woman and the government in Taipei said.

Teacher compliments each student every single day

A special education teacher in Florida starts off each day by taking the time to compliment every single one of his students.

6 holiday shopping trends to watch for this year

The holiday shopping season has arrived and as shoppers stroll the stores aisles and peruse the e-commerce space they will notice some new and not-so-surprising trends marketers have implemented.

The budding business of bud in Colorado

While states battle governing bodies to allow the marijuana craze to pass, Colorado is enjoying immeasurable financial success while realizing a much easier to stomach crime rate.

Asian appetite for luxury boosts global art and jewel auctions

They are not in the room rubbing shoulders with traditional wealthy buyers, instead choosing to remain in the shadows, making their multi-million bids by telephone.

East meets West and toilet seats end up taking a beating

Asian visitors coming to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to visit Grand Teton National Park this year, ran into a number of small problems as a result of cross-cultural misunderstandings. One of the problems involved toilet seats.

Give your loved ones and yourself a holiday gift with Reveli Commissioned

It’s that time of year again. Holiday shopping season is upon us, and once again, millions of Americans will reach into their wallets for their credit cards.

Op-Ed: Kids with religious upbringing ‘less altruistic’ — New study

For some reason, altruism is the subject of a lot of psychological research. The University of Chicago study shows that kids brought up on religious principles are less giving than others. It’s not likely to be a popular finding.

Op-Ed: Women Authors Promote National Reading Group Month Special

This past Oct. 29, Bookshop West Portal in San Francisco's West Portal district was host to a group book reading sponsored by the Women's National Book Association.

Principal 'opened a school to close a prison'

Nadia Lopez set out with an audacious vision in 2010 when she opened Mott Hall Bridges Academy: to shut down the school-to-prison pipeline.

Police creating 'safe exchange zones' for Craigslist meetings

One can find amazing deals on Craigslist but may also run the risk of getting caught in a scam, robbed, or maybe even killed when collecting on one's find.

Review: Michael Evans releases compelling new book 'The Real Matrix' Special

Author Michael Evans has released his newest book "The Real Matrix" on October 27, where he argues that people are not the people that they see in the mirror.

Wedding revellers in Afghan village exult over Taliban rout

Ankle bells chimed as male dancers shimmied beneath chandeliers in midnight wedding revelry that drew together an entire frontline Afghan village just days after its residents humiliatingly routed the Taliban.

David Beckham mistaken for Ricky Gervais at LA gym and he is mad

Football ace David Beckham was not at all impressed when members and guests queued up at his machine in an LA gym for an autograph, thinking he was Ricky Gervais. In fact he was pretty mad.

Toronto transportation: A week in review

It was an eventful week for Toronto transportation. From kittens to lawsuits there is never a dull moment in the city of perpetual gridlock.

One cosmetic surgery every two minutes for Brazil men: Report

Once taboo, cosmetic surgery for Brazilian men is advancing at a rapid pace, with one male going under the knife every two minutes, experts said in an article Sunday.

UK's scandal-hit lords enjoy day in sun but clouds loom

Sniffing white powder with prostitutes, expenses scandals -- members of Britain's House of Lords usually only hit the headlines for their colourful extra-curricular activities, but one recent debate proved an exception.

Trump, bacon and creativity at NYC Halloween parade

New York City's giant Halloween Parade brought thousands to the streets to celebrate the ghoulish and spooky -- from Donald Trump to witches; from bacon to a pervert in training.

How Gangnam Style can increase your pain threshold

It's the tune that most people around the world have heard and the video that has smashed the YouTube 'most watched' record. But did you know dancing the 'Gangnam Style' can help with pain management?

'I do, I do, I do:' Brazilian female trio get hitched

Three's a crowd? Not in Brazil, where three women have defied deeply conservative trends in Congress and wider traditional mores by celebrating a polyamorous civil union.

Women opt for labiaplasty for designer vagina look in yoga pants

According to plastic surgeons in the U.S., they are seeing a 49 percent increase in clients requesting the controversial labiaplasty procedure to look sleek in tight pants. The "designer vagina" look is, however, causing controversy.

Dance-off between police officer and teen breaks up street fight

A police officer in Washington D.C. helped defuse a fight between teens by challenging one of them to a dance-off, which was caught on film.

China ends one-child policy

China announced the end of its hugely controversial one-child policy on Thursday, after decades of strict, sometimes brutal enforcement left it with an ageing population and shrinking workforce, heightening the challenges of slowing growth.

Wife reveals pregnancy to husband with taste test surprise

Cory Williams is a popular YouTube vlogger who vlogs under the name, "DudeLikeHELLA." He makes videos of everyday life, and in this one, his wife Kristen blindfolds him and reveals she's pregnant through a taste test.

Trigger the dog accidentally pulls trigger, shoots owner in foot

Allie Carter, 25, may want to consider giving her dog a new name. Especially since his name seemed to be prophetic last Saturday morning, when he accidentally shot his owner in the foot by stepping on the gun. That's right, Trigger pulled the trigger.

Monk goes nine days without food, water or sleep

On Wednesday, a Japanese monk finished a nine-day ritual of not drinking, eating or sleeping as he chanted sutras 100,000 times.

Op-Ed: College memories about the Mill town of Steubenville Ohio Special

The changing of summer to fall, stirred a harvest of memories for this reporter. The sudden shift of summer heat to cool brisk air. And, the changing of leaves brought me to thoughts of college days.

Op-Ed: 'Golf in the dark' is fundraiser for a local social services Special

The summer-like weather of the fall season lends itself to outdoor gatherings, like the annual Petaluma People Services fundraiser. No worry about sunlight fading, the event glows in the dark.

Hollande's ex stops tell-all book being made into movie

The ex-girlfriend of French President Francois Hollande, Valerie Trierweiler, said on Twitter Wednesday that she has stopped her tell-all book about their time together being made into a movie.

5-Hour Energy creator to donate stationary bikes to India

Manoj Bhargv, the creator of 5-Hour Energy, has plans to donate 10,000 stationary bikes to power homes throughout India.

Playboy to stop publishing nude photos

Playboy, the adult magazine that launched in 1953 with a sultry Marilyn Monroe on its cover will stop publishing the photographs of the fully nude women so closely associated with it.

Review: Illustrator/Watercolor artist is a 'Renaissance man' friends say Special

To say that artist Dick Cole is a Renaissance man is about right. Because as friends and colleagues have pointed out, Cole has a vast array of experience, interests and talent.

Former home of Oscar Pistorius to become a 'party house' [Video]

The former security estate home of Oscar Pistorius is to be made into a party house. In a video, viewers are taken on a tour of what is better known as an infamous “murder house.”

Two's company: Migrants in Sicily befriend elderly Italians

It's a win-win relationship: asylum seekers battling boredom in Sicily as they wait for their applications to be processed volunteer to keep elderly and lonely Italians company.

United States mayors kick off Extra Mile Day

Almost 600 mayors across the United States will get together on 1 November and launch Extra Mile Day, in a bid to support a drive to highlight the "go the extra mile" message.

U.S. court rules no copyright protection over yoga poses

Bikram Choudhury, an Indian-American yoga guru, is not entitled to copyright protection over yoga poses he uses in hot rooms developed by him.

Single shot animal contraceptive coming soon

The idea of an injectable contraceptive for pets, administered by injection, is coming closer to reality after some successful animal trials.

Uruguay plan to sell pot at pharmacies slammed

Uruguayan chemists on Thursday criticized the government's plan to allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use in the country's pharmacies.

Walrus Talks: What should the future of transportation look like? Special

Getting people moving is a critical issue for virtually anyone living in a big city. For its latest Walrus Talks event, the magazine had plenty of transportation experts on hand, but a food security expert and even a futurist spoke too.
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