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French-Tunisian fashion designer Azzedine Alaia will be honoured by London's Design Museum with a major exhibition next year following his death on November 18 at the age of 77.

Trump denies watching 4-8 hours of TV a day

President Donald Trump on Monday denied a New York Times story on his daily White House life that says he watches up to eight hours of cable TV news a day.

Gay couples register weddings on day one of marriage equality

Same-sex couples hurried to declare plans to tie the knot on Saturday as Australia's new marriage equality law came into effect, with wedding registry offices holding special hours for the first day of legalised gay unions.

Volcanic eruptions no match for cockfighting, Bali-style

A volcano may be rumbling off in the distance, but for a group of Balinese men and their fighting roosters it's the roar of the crowd that says the show must go on.

Australia prepares for rush of gay weddings

Wedding venues were preparing for a rush of couples eager to tie the knot after same-sex marriage was signed into Australian law Friday, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull already boasting several invites.

Chanel sails into Hamburg for Lagerfeld homecoming

Chanel's veteran designer Karl Lagerfeld returned to his Hamburg roots with a playful fashion show in the German port city, inspired by his hometown's seafaring traditions and its audacious new concert house.

Australia MP proposes to gay partner in parliament

A gay Australian lawmaker popped the question to his partner in parliament on Monday, with the first ever proposal in the chamber coming shortly after a bill paving the way for same-sex marriage was introduced.

Catwalk goes online with 'first ever' runway auction

The catwalk has met the auctioneer's gavel and gone online.In a streaming fashion show Saturday, a California auction house aimed to modernize the auction format with what it calls the "first ever runway fashion show auction.

101 cremations: the rise of Bangkok's Buddhist pet funerals

Buddhist monks chant next to a pink coffin where Dollar's small body is nestled amongst flowers -- a $600 final farewell for the Shih Tzu at a Bangkok temple that administers elaborate pet funerals.

Prince Harry proposed to Markle over roast chicken

Prince Harry revealed Monday that he proposed to US actress Meghan Markle over roast chicken, and said she would be "unbelievably good" at her new royal role despite its pressures.

Love at first sight: Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle next year

Britain's Prince Harry said Monday he was "thrilled" to be marrying his American girlfriend Meghan Markle early next year, confirming months of speculation about the one-time playboy royal and the glamorous actress.

Shari Bitterman to host 'Simon the Snail' book event in Bayside

Children's book author and veteran educator Shari Bitterman will be holding her next event for "Simon the Snail" in Bayside, Queens.

Nephew says Mugabe accepts ousting and is 'quite jovial'

Robert Mugabe's nephew said Sunday the ousted Zimbabwean president was in good health and "quite jovial" after being forced to resign when a military takeover ended his 37 years in power.

Professor Ziva Flamhaft discusses new book 'War Widow' Special

Professor Ziva Flamhaft from Queens College sat down and chatted with Digital Journal about her new political memoir, "War Widow." She also talked about the digital transformation of the book publishing industry.

Canadians to increase holiday spending despite OECD debt warnings

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD warns in a recent report that rising private debt loads in Canada as well as the UK and South Korea pose a risk to further growth. The three lead the world in household debt.

How to revitalize a city? Attract millennials

The concept of the city as a contained social structure is well-established and cities go through different periods of prosperity. Key to a successful city today, according to one analyst group, is a matter of demographics.

Shaping consumer eating habits with VR technology

Consumption of ‘unhealthy foods’ is a major societal problem, especially with spiraling obesity rates in so-called ‘developed countries’. Can consumer behavior be modified to eat more healthy foods through the use of virtual reality?

Op-Ed: Canada to look at economic and social effects of legal grass

Statistics Canada is to hold a study of the potentials of legal grass. The big questions are what’s an “economic effect”, other than sales, for example. What’s a “social effect”?

PM quashes bid to make French less macho

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has clamped down on attempts to make French more female-friendly, issuing a ban on so-called "inclusive writing" in official texts, according to a memo seen by AFP on Tuesday.

Secrets and wives: Gay Chinese hide behind 'sham marriage'

When Xiaoxiong and her lesbian lover wanted to hide their relationship from their parents, they decided to find men willing to marry them. They had a specific type in mind: Gay.

N.Z. PM denies Trump mistook her for Trudeau's wife

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Monday played down suggestions US President Donald Trump confused her with Canadian leader Justin Trudeau’s wife at a summit in Asia last week.

Love without limits: binational marriage on the US-Mexico border

Proving that love knows no boundaries, a Mexican woman and a US man meet at a gate that has been briefly opened in the fence separating their countries to exchange marriage vows.

In DR Congo, fight for sanitation is also a fight for dignity

From crouching over a small hole with a sheet for privacy to defecating in the open air, for millions of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo going to the toilet is a daily act of misery.The UN has estimated more than 2.

Berlusconi's ex-wife to repay 60 mn euros in alimony

Italy's former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi won an appeal against paying his ex-wife alimony on Thursday, as a court told Veronica Lario to repay cheques totalling some 60 million euros ($70 million).

Fairies, brides in black descend on Arab Fashion Week

Fairies, brides in black and hand-knit dolls take the runway in Dubai this week for the fifth Arab Fashion Week, a five-day affair focussed on instantly available "ready couture" and pre-collections.

China tells 'aunties' to dance away from cemeteries

China's most ubiquitous public performers -- lively groups of primarily elderly women who show off their moves in outdoor squares -- have been ordered to avoid dancing on graves and spreading superstitious beliefs.

Celebrations spread after Australia backs same-sex marriage

Celebrations swept across Australia Wednesday as voters emphatically endorsed same-sex marriage after more than a decade of divisive debate, and political leaders immediately began moves to enshrine the historic shift in law by Christmas.

Madrid to contest bullfighting ban on Balearic Islands

Spain's government said Friday that it was contesting a law banning the killing of bulls in bullfights passed by legislators in the Balearic Islands.

Shari Bitterman to hold Simon the Snail book signing in Chappaqua

On November 11, children's book author Shari Bitterman will be holding a book singing for her children's book, "Simon the Snail."

Melania Trump in glitzy Tokyo pearl visit

While her husband hit the greens, First Lady Melania Trump got a glimpse on Sunday of Japanese cultured pearls at Tokyo's glitzy Ginza shopping district on the first day of their Asia tour.

Priscilla Arena to host new radio show 'A Woman's View'

Long Island businesswoman Priscilla Arena has announced her new radio show "A Woman's View," which will be airing on Sunday, November 5.

Bangladeshi auto driver sues over movie mobile mix-up

A Bangladeshi auto-rickshaw driver is suing for damages after his phone number was used in a movie, leading to a barrage of calls from female fans of the film's star that he says nearly destroyed his marriage.

Modern tech, rising middle class drive cinema revival in Africa

Like the plot in an old-fashioned movie, cinemas in Africa are making a third-reel comeback after years of worrying decline.

Lipstick, mixed dancing at first Raqa wedding since IS

At a house in Syria's Raqa, women and men danced together in celebration at a wedding that would have been unimaginable just months ago, when the Islamic State group ruled the city.

Hugs for Pugs at London's latest pup-up cafe

Pugs are the new fashion must-have in Britain, with owners, in love with their saggy faces and big eyes, even taking them for cocktails and afternoon tea in Pug-dedicated cafes.

Taiwan holds Asia's largest pride parade as it waits for gay marriage

A sea of rainbow flags and glitzy costumes filled downtown Taipei Saturday as tens of thousands marched in Asia's largest gay pride parade, the first since Taiwan's top court ruled in favour of gay marriage.

Nigerian haute couture in the Muslim north

Ibrahim Aminu launched his first clothing line eight years ago when he designed a dress for his sister.

Havana Fashion Week, foregoing luxury for everyday simplicity

The third Havana Fashion Week launched Wednesday night -- with the first shows showcasing modest simplicity far from the extravagant designs seen in Paris, Milan or New York.

Oui oui: France's presidential pooch leaves palace puddle

President Emmanuel Macron's dog Nemo has been filmed casually peeing on an ornate fireplace at the Elysee Palace as the French leader met with members of his government.

Saudis crave revival of night out at the movies

The lights go out, the projector whirls and entertainment-starved Saudis sink into plush seats to soak up an experience they have been denied for decades —- a trip to the cinema.

Louis XIV, Napoleon diamond to be auctioned off in Geneva

A large, pink diamond once set in the crowns of numerous French kings and emperors will go under the hammer in Geneva next month, the Christie's auction house said Wednesday."Le Grand Mazarin", a 19.