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Renowned psychotherapist Nan Marks chatted with Digital Journal about her respected career in psychotherapy and how technology has impacted her field of expertise.

Merkel dreamt of US road trip 'listening to Springsteen'

If the Berlin Wall hadn't come down, German Chancellor Angela Merkel would have become a pensioner five years back and embarked on her dream US road trip listening to Bruce Springsteen. "In East Germany, women went into retirement at 60.

New York, New York becomes Lonely Town: Trump quits city he epitomized

After years of flying south for the winter Donald Trump is making his Florida nest permanent, breaking with the city that molded his outsized persona in a decision that's left most fellow New Yorkers unmoved.

Study: Parental involvement is key for child school success

Parental involvement plays key role in children's academic attainment, according to a new academic study. This is something that is independent of the child’s age or socio-economic status.

Trump to move permanent residence to Florida

US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will change his permanent residence from New York to Palm Beach, Florida, claiming he had been "treated very badly" in his native city.

Taiwan revels in first pride since legalising gay marriage

Some two hundred thousand revellers marched through Taipei in a riot of rainbow colours and celebration on Saturday as Taiwan held its first pride parade since making history in Asia by legalising gay marriage.

Makeup artist Noreen Taylor discusses career, advice, digital age

Makeup artist Noreen Taylor chatted with Digital Journal about her career in cosmetics, proud moments, as well as being a makeup artist in the digital age. She also offered advice for young and aspiring makeup artists.

Papua New Guinea PM to get Bentley from APEC summit

Papua New Guinea's prime minister will get a Bentley and MPs will receive a host of other luxury vehicles paid for by taxpayers for an Asia-Pacific summit, officials have said.

Behind the Lens: Alan Mercer talks photography and digital age Special

World-class and celebrity photographer Alan Mercer chatted with Digital Journal about his distinguished career in photography and he opened up about being a photographer in the digital age.

Prince Harry admits he and Prince William 'on different paths'

Britain's Prince Harry said he and his brother Prince William were on "different paths" and admitted occasional tension in their relationship.

Giving the Game Away: What Canada’s game play says about people?

Video games may be popular, but there's always time for board games, especially when families come together. A new survey reveals 'The 10 Most Popular Board Games in Canada, and behind this some interesting differences across the country.

Australian territory becomes the first to legalize marijuana

The Australian Capital Territory became the first territory in Australia to legalize “recreational possession and cultivation of marijuana.” The law comes into effect early into 2020.

Same-sex unions turn 30 in Denmark

Thirty years after Denmark became the first country to allow same-sex couples to register in legal unions, the world has become more accepting. But in 1989, it was a trailblazing move.

Behind Chirac's six-decade marriage, a litany of affairs

Jacques Chirac, who died Thursday aged 86, was accompanied throughout his political life by his wife Bernadette, who took on high-profile roles in her own right while turning a blind eye to her husband's affairs with other women.

Royal baby Archie awaited in S.Africa for first official trip

Britain's Prince Harry, his wife Meghan and baby Archie are expected in South Africa on Monday to begin their first official tour as a family since their son's birth in May.
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