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As thousands of people are fleeing from eastern Aleppo to avoid the fighting many leave their pet cats. Aleppo resident, Mohammed Aljaleel noticed that the number of cats without owners was increasing.

Apple accuses Amazon U.S. of selling fake products

Apple has made a complaint to Amazon about a "flood" of counterfeit goods masquerading as legitimate Apple products. The complaint relates to products sold on only.

Thais get inked in tribute to beloved king

Wincing slightly as the tattoo gun punches holes in the nape of her neck, Ohm says getting inked in memory of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died last week, is the greatest tribute she can pay.

Op-Ed: Dreams are what art is made of for exhibit in Mill Valley Special

As the weather turns to fall, the chill in the air and the shortening of days makes people more inclined to be indoors and to sleep. And it is when in deep REM sleep that scientists say that people have dreams.

Op-Ed: Memoir of a Chicago girl's Beatles experience is "16 in '64" Special

Variety, IndieWire and the New York Times all praise the Ron Howard documentary about The Beatles, “Eight Days A Week.” The fans seem to agree: the film has garnered an 81 percent like rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Which institution produces the most Nobel Prize winners?

Which is the best university in the world? This can be judged on many levels, from academic quality to the student experience. How about the proportion of Nobel Prize winners?

Robbery victim Kardashian takes back control — offline

After a traumatic robbery which saw her tied up at gunpoint, no one expected US reality star and social media queen Kim Kardashian to spring immediately back into the limelight.

British Library's conservation project Special

The British Library hosts a rich and vibrant expanse of information and knowledge, sound and imagery from across our world. To preserve the older items in the collection, a slow and complex conservation project is on-going.

Albanian prince marries in country's second ever 'royal' wedding

Prince Leka, the sole descendant of Albania's last king, married popular actress Elia Zaharia on Saturday in a ceremony attended by the Spanish queen and several former royals.

Connecticut's Patty Griffin talks social media and Foxwoods Special

Connecticut intuitive and beloved personality Patty Griffin chatted with me about her aspirations to someday perform a show at Foxwoods, and to be on television and radio.

Op-Ed: 'Man with the hook' in films had to step aside, says filmmaker Special

When we look at our diverse society in this 21st Century, one aspect to that diversity that still has yet to be fully understood is the subject of disability. The lives of people with disabilities is important.

The great New York ferry disappearance hoax even has a monument

Amid the somber memorials to soldiers, sailors, and mariners lost at sea or on the battlefield is a memorial to the nearly 400 people who lost their lives when the ferry, Cornelius G. Kolff, was pulled under the waters by a giant octopus on Nov. 22, 1963.

Op-Ed: 'A Passion For The Figure' exhibit opens with much success Special

The depiction of the human form in art, especially in public can be a sensitive issue. Often considered 'too explicit' or 'controversial' the human form for some galleries is usually avoided, because it's too personal.

Review: Highlights from London Fashion Weekend's Autumn Collection Special

The last weekend in September hosts the second London Fashion Weekend of 2016. Here the highlights from London Fashion Week are shown to the public. Digital Journal was once again at the front row of the catwalk.

Op-Ed: San Francisco Newspaper editor has his first art show at age 72 Special

Having his first art show At 72 is not easy, he admits. But San Francisco newspaper editor Doug Comstock has an accumulated body of work spanning over 50 years.

Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt and is seeking custody of their six children, spelling the end for "Brangelina", one of Hollywood's highest-profile celebrity couples.

Russia stands firm on porn websites ban

Russia on Thursday stood firm after slapping a ban on two major porn websites -- rebuffing a tongue-in-cheek proposal to change its mind in exchange for premium access.

Op-Ed: Woman of Her Word, excited to attend Ron Howard film London debut Special

Even though Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still a formidable presence in the music industry today, it is hard to explain to the younger generations the ecstatic excitement The Beatles stirred in the baby-boomer generation.

Op-Ed: 'Speechless' show concept taking flight around the globe Special

Little did comedian Sammy Wegent know that his improvisational spoof on office presentations would spin into a start-up company called ‘Speechless’ which now employs a staff, has trainings and talks and takes him across the country and the globe.

Interviewing the Interviewer: Giuliana Rancic talks Fashion Week Special

TV personality Giuliana Rancic chatted with me about her partnership with Cottonelle, and how she offers tips on getting red carpet ready.

New York Fashion Week kicks off in flux

New York officially kicks off the global spring/summer 2017 fashion merry-go-round Thursday, but one thing's clear: fashion week is over as we know it.

Licence to split: China's mistress hunters on a mission

Don't get mad, get your opponent to surrender voluntarily: when Mrs Wang discovered her husband had been cheating on her for several years, she called in an elite team of Chinese "mistress hunters".

Op-Ed: San Francisco's Catherine Merrill is 'A Passion for The Figure' Special

Strolling along Irving Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, locals have noticed the establishment of the San Francisco Woman Artists Gallery.

Noah enters top 10 names for boys — Amelia for girls

What to call your new baby? If you want to follow the trends, then the latest list of the most popular names for boys and girls might be of interest.

Italy's '100 club' to reveal its secrets

Some of the secrets of an Italian village that has long fascinated scientists because of its high number of active centenarians are set to be revealed this weekend.

Op-Ed: Tall Toad in Petaluma was make-shift stage for Jazz guitarist Special

Local Jazz affectionados were given a rare treat of some vintage composition and interpretation up close by Jazz guitarist John Stowell. He played for over two hours on Aug 30 at the Tall Toad in Petaluma.

A plus-size challenge to South Korea's beauty 'norm'

In a country with beauty ideals that pre-makeover Barbie would struggle to meet, South Korean plus-size model Vivian Geeyang Kim is facing down online trolls in her defiant campaign to persuade curvy women they have nothing to be ashamed of.

$100 million pearl hidden under poor fisherman’s bed for decade

For a decade, a poor fisherman in a western Philippine city did not know that what he was hiding under his bed could be the world’s largest natural pearl worth at least $100 million.

Belarus leader forces Hollywood's Seagal to eat his carrot

Green-fingered Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko forced US action star Steven Seagal to eat one of his homegrown carrots in an awkward encounter that prompted much mockery on Thursday in the ex-Soviet state.

Americans nearing retirement see their average wealth shrinking

While the US stock market has recovered long ago from the 2008 financial crisis those Americans 50-64 nearing retirement have yet to see their situation improve.
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