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A military couple’s surprise reunion will leave you crying happy tears of joy right along with them, when you see what this wife did to her husband.

How cannabis will survive an apocalypse

Locked deep in an underground, insulated vault in a mountain on a remote Norwegian island lays the Svalbard Global Seed Vault (SGSV), whose sole purpose is to preserve genetic material, should an apocalyptic situation occur here on earth.

Op-Ed: Thanksgiving Dinner — Tips for safety in the kitchen

The holidays are a time of family get-togethers and sharing food and fun with loved ones. Basic safety practices can ensure that your holiday festivities will be accident free and safe for everyone involved.

Op-Ed: San Francisco Sheriff determined to withstand 'shunning' by Mayor Special

City politics, especially in San Francisco has a reputation for sometimes being like a small town, intense, rudimentary and seemingly personal.

Gay gene discovered in controversial new study

The discovery of a gay gene or number of gay genes is giving more weight to the idea that people are born gay, rather than it being a lifestyle choice.

Graco recalls 5 million strollers after baby finger amputations

Manufacturer of baby products, Graco, has recalled nearly 5 million strollers after reports of 11 full or partial finger tip amputations in toddlers.

U.K. couple together 70 years die side by side, ten minutes apart

A couple in the U.K. who were in love for 70 years, married for 65, died side by side at an old folks home in the U.K. this month. She was sick, he was not, but when she died he lay next to her and was gone, too, just 10 minutes later.

Op-Ed: The finest wines from France and California have lost to Portugal

Portuguese wines dominate the Top 10 ranking in the latest list of the world's 100 most exciting wines as judged from blind-tasting conducted by Wine Spectator magazine.

Julien Blanc, an American pick-up artist, barred from entering UK

Julien Blanc, an American "pick-up artist," is not going to be allowed to enter Britain, due to his visa application being rejected.

Professional cuddling shop receives 10,000 customers in 1st week

A service that gives customers an hour's worth of cuddling for $60 has already proven to be quite the hit — it boasts over 10,000 customers in its first week.

Widow discovers she's pregnant the day before husband's funeral

While presenting a eulogy for her husband after a tragic auto accident, widow Kristy Kirchner announced to her family that she is expecting.

‘Airbnb for dogs’ DogVacay raised $25 Million

Being dubbed the Airbnb for dogs, DogVacay just raised $25 million, bringing their total venture funding up to $47 million, the Fortune reported. The service allows pet owners to find sitters for their pet while vacationing, for example.

Florida public school sets grade minimum

A public school in Florida has instituted a hard floor along its grading scale to help students pass classes that they were on the brink of failing.

With grand rooms restored, it's tea time again at The Old Mint Special

As the weather begins to chill, something hot to drink is appealing. And, what is more soothing than a cup of tea! With less than a month before the holiday season goes into full swing,

Op-Ed: Everybody needs a book of successes

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, lethargic or depressed? Most people do from time to time. Here is a simple thing that you can do to reinforce your motivation and self-confidence.

Westminister, MA, considering banning all tobacco products

Westminsiter, a town in central Massachusetts, is considering becoming the first town in the U.S. to ban all tobacco products.

Rethinking retirement

More retirees and those nearing retirement are considering a more non-traditional approach to what we commonly view as “retirement.”

Pot cloud in classroom puts Colorado high school on lock-down

There was a little bit of “reefer madness” going on at Adams High School in Commerce City, Colorado this week. The school was put on lock-down Friday after one student’s weed pipe filled the classroom with smoke, school officials said.

Op-Ed: America’s most expensive home — $195 million and no class at all

The Palazzo Di Amore, “Palace of Love” is a modern Italian villa based on old Italian architecture based on something somewhat like a Roman villa. This is Beverly Hills — in all the wrong ways, at $195 million. This poor little rich shack needs help

How Color Theory can help you decorate your home

Color can impact our moods, emotions and feelings, so the color we use in our homes is a pretty important decision, and one that you can easily change with a little knowledge of color.

Op-Ed: Historic Arizona restaurant to close its doors

After more than 60 years in business, Monti’s La Casa Vieja is closing its doors. For some, the loss of the iconic eatery was expected, but for many valley residents, it’s an immeasurable loss of Arizona history and culture.

Someone has been running this mysterious job ad for 10 straight years

A classified ad offering a job in the New York publishing industry has been posted, and reposted, with almost no changes for more than 10 years.

David Ortiz swindled: Sues jeweler for selling him imitation gems

David Ortiz is suing a California jeweler for selling him pieces of gold and diamond jewelry that were fake or of low value. The sports star purchased the jewelry for $127,000 in 2010 before finding out its real value from an appraiser.

Drinking during pregnancy could be made illegal in the UK

Depending on the outcome of a current case invovling a woman who drank while pregnant, drinking during pregnancy could become a crime in the United Kingdom

Apple CEO comes out in a Bloomberg Businessweek editorial

On the morning of October 30, Bloomberg Businessweek published an Opening Remarks piece titled, "Tim Cook Speaks Up." The essay is written by Tim Cook, and provides readers with a stunning and extremely honest look at the life of Apple's CEO.

Croatian wine, culture in Rome: Interview with cultural attache Special

Promoting foreign wine and culture in Rome is no easy task, but steady progress is being made in one quarter. Digital Journal meets the Croatian Cultural Attache.

Woman finds love after seeking out anonymous sperm donor father

In 2011, Aminah Hart was in her forties and single and had already lost two young boys to a rare genetic disorder that she later learned could be passed on via the defective gene she carried.

Teacher resigns amid Ebola concerns, after returning from Kenya

A teacher in Louisville, Kentucky resigned amid swirling frustration and fears about Ebola, after she returned from Kenya.

One in four young people in Briton never drink alcohol

According to a new report, one in four 16-30 year olds in England do not drink alcohol at all. They said they prefer to use the internet than go out drinking.

Op-Ed: Most interesting venues for a work Christmas party 2014

Work Christmas Parties can start to feel a little predictable, Christmas in general is fun but can get a little repetitive year-on-year. So, why not add some variety and excitement to your Christmas party by choosing a venue that’s a little different?

90 percent of Americans poorer now than in 1987

It may come as no surprise to many ordinary Americans that they are far worse off now than in the past. Just how so, has recently become evident from a new report, as well as recent comments from Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman.

Trick or Treat: Safety tips for kids for Halloween 2014

Halloween is a grand time for kids who careen about in the dark dressed up as ghosts, cowboys, ballerinas and Lady Gaga. Costume choices go through some changes over the years one thing remains the same - the need for safety.

Op-Ed: Apple Chief Cook proudly gay

It comes as no surprise that the CEO of Apple is gay, but few have put it such a way that will offend homophobes. For many Christian fundamentalists, and members of other religions, being a homosexual is a one-way ticket to hell.

Op-Ed: Bill Cosby and the Barbara Bowman rape allegation

A woman, Barbara Bowman, has alleged that Bill Cosby, 77, abused her sexually as an aspiring 17-year-old actress. Bowman, now 47, claimed that Cosby took advantage of her youth and vulnerability when he took her under his wing as a mentor.

Man ordered to pay $30K child support bill for kid that isn't his

The state of Michigan is demanding that a man pay thousands of dollars for a kid that isn't his, or he could go to prison.

Thomas Alleyne's School still going strong after 456 years Special

It was the dream of a man, educated at Trinity College in Cambridge, that a school in Hertfordshire would educate and help boys become prosperous in later life.

Op-Ed: Deep down, we all have something of a Mark Zuckerberg in us

When Mark Zuckerberg traveled to Beijing last Wednesday, he spoke to his audience for 20 minutes... in Mandarin! (... and he was good!)

Children’s book on homo-parental family causing debate in Chile

"Nicolas has two dads" is the title of the first children's story-book about sexual diversity and homo-parental families in Chile. The book is currently being distributed to pre-school kids in 500 public kindergartens in Chile.

Entire ghost town in Connecticut is on sale for $800,000

Johnsonville, a village in Connecticut, has been a number of things in the past, including a movie set, theme park and ghost town, but now it is for sale.

Mayor de Blasio and wife open Gracie Mansion for Halloween party

Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, decided to join in the Halloween fun this year by inviting all, via twitter, to Gracie Mansion for Halloween delights on Oct 28.

Socks with sandals making news as funky new fashion statement

The freewheeling comfy charm is being made unique as men and women embrace wearing distinctively designed and colorful socks with their sandals to make an even more pronounced fashion statement.


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