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Keen to make the most of a statutory holiday for newlyweds, a couple from Taiwan found a novel way to maximise their honeymoon -- by marrying four times in just over a month.

Love conquers all for Greek-Turkish couples in Athens

At the foot of the Hill of the Muses in Athens, classical music fills the apartment where Cihan Tutluoglu lives with his husband Alexandros Massavetas.

Chatting with author Arthur Bozikas, OAM: 'The Book Glasses' book Special

Australian author Arthur Bozikas, OAM chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his book "The Book Glasses."

Chatting with Lisa Guerrero: Journalist, keynote speaker, author Special

Investigative reporter, keynote speaker, and author Lisa Guerrero chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about being a journalist in the digital age, and her career-defining moments. She also shared her advice for young and aspiring journalists.

Bestselling author Dex Winchester talks 'A Summer in Doubt' book Special

Bestselling author Dex Winchester chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his new book "A Summer in Doubt."

Review: Stefan Rybak releases compelling 'The Shadow On My Heart' book Special

Author and media personality Stefan Rybak released his new book "The Shadow On My Heart" on March 31 via Nico 11 Publishing & Design. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Sweet surprise: Disguised Jill Biden passes out ice cream

US First Lady Jill Biden pranked reporters and staff flying back from a trip with her on Thursday, disguising herself as a flight attendant to pass out ice cream bars for April Fool's.

Op-Ed: Freedom of imagination — Literature vs cancel culture?

In the ever-increasingly tedious cancel culture world, an interesting, if irritating, argument has finally arrived - Should writers represent cultures and people other than their own? It’s a fully justifiable argument, both ways.

'Beautiful and fierce': Voguing balls let LGBT Chinese shine

Leather, glitter, stilettos and a strut -- voguing, the underground dance phenomenon, has seized Beijing and given China's LGBT community a "playground" to celebrate their identities.

Review: Peter Marks superb in virtual Holistic Health & Wellness Fair Special

On March 27, Peter Marks was a part of the "Holistic Health and Wellness Psychic Fair," which was well-received with a worldwide turnout. Digital Journal has the recap.

Bestselling author James DeBari talks 'Practical Persuasion' book Special

Bestselling author James DeBari chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his motivational book "Practical Persuasion."

Chatting with P.A. Vasey: Science fiction writer and physician Special

Bestselling author and cancer doctor P.A. Vasey chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his Trinity's Trilogy books.

Q&A: Women’s History Month: Catherine York powers of constant AI Special

In March 2021, Rosalind Brewer made history as the only Black female Fortune 500 CEO through her new role with Walgreens. Catherine York Powers looks Brewer's achievement and her own role as a CEO in fintech.

Racy secrets revealed in Brits' lockdown postcards

Luxuriant body hair, stashes of sex toys and taboo desires: hundreds in Britain have revealed their deepest lockdown secrets on postcards sent to a London stationery shop.

Love on the rocks: Inside China's marriage counselling boom

From a small office in Shanghai, marriage counsellor Zhu Shenyong livestreams advice over several phones simultaneously to an attentive audience keen to save their relationships.On his wall hangs the mantra: "Let there be no bad marriages under heaven....

Op-Ed: Cults queue up to replace QAnon – More fodder for fools

Running out of conspiracy theories? Lost without some fictional drivel? Need another useless loser to replace whatever you “believed” in? Good news – More vermin are coming to give your second by second fix of BS.

SASI to host ribbon-cutting event in Ronkonkoma on Long Island

Specialized Autism Support & Information (SASI) will host a free ribbon-cutting ceremony with elected officials in Ronkonkoma next weekend as they celebrate their new location.

Peter Marks to partake in virtual Holistic Health & Wellness Fair

On March 27, Peter Marks will be featured in a "Holistic Health and Wellness Psychic Fair." Digital Journal has the scoop.

In the can: armed Hong Kong toilet roll heist gang jailed

Knife-wielding men who stole hundreds of toilet rolls during panic-buying shortages in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic in Hong Kong were jailed for more than three years on Thursday.

Op-Ed: Ted McColl is the 'One to Watch' in 2021 in health and fitness

Fitness professional, travel expert, and social media sensation Ted McColl is the "One to Watch" in 2021 when it comes to health and fitness.

NYC residents can enjoy blooming of 'HOPE' at Broadway Malls

During these trying times, McNulty Outdoors has planted the seeds for "HOPE" in Manhattan just in time for spring. Digital Journal has the scoop.

The unstoppable revenge of the mullet

"Business in front, party in the back": a hairstyle considered so obnoxious that for years it verged on being an arrestable offence, the mullet has made the unlikeliest comeback of the century.

Israel army faces battle over beards

Israel's military is facing a challenge on the home front unrelated to traditional threats against the Jewish state: it's over facial hair, and activists say the army's future is at stake.

Review: 'When You Trap a Tiger' by Tae Keller is a superb children's book Special

"When You Trap a Tiger" is an amazing children's book by Tae Keller that really tugs at the heartstrings. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Op-Ed: Gender neutral Potato Head – Oh, give it a rest!

Mr Potato Head is now just Potato Head. Hallelujah, to quote Leonard Cohen. That’ll make up for all the inequities and other issues associated with this dinosaur-like terminology, won’t it?

Berlin activists show manspreaders who wears the trousers

A man lounges across two seats on a crowded Berlin train, oblivious to his surroundings -- until the two women opposite him suddenly spread their legs, revealing a message on their trousers: "Stop spreading".

A year into pandemic, Milan fashion week stays virtual

Fashionistas will have to log on to soak up the glamour at Milan Fashion Week, which remains online a year after the coronavirus first swept into northern Italy.

Author Mark Donahue talks about 'STATS: Numbers To Kill For' book Special

Author and playwright Mark Donahue chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his new book "STATS: Numbers To Kill For."

Bestselling author JL Caban opens up about 'Moving On' book Special

Bestselling author JL Caban chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his new book, "Moving On," and his future plans.
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