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Barefoot, wearing traditional costumes including animal hide skirts and elaborately beaded headdresses, the contestants strutted the stage before Ghanaian Rebecca Asamoah was crowned the first 'Miss Africa Continent'.

Multiple courts to try Berlusconi, party girls in sex and lies case

Multiple courts across Italy will join forces to try billionaire Silvio Berlusconi and the young women he is accused of bribing to lie under oath, a judge in Milan ruled Friday.

Op-Ed: One woman's life in an oyster shell of chaos reveals a pearl Special

The comedian/entertainer Phyllis Diller in an interview once said that the hardships in life are like the grain of sand that agitates an oyster into making a beautiful pearl.

Sailors rush for tattoos as U.S. Navy bends rules to recruit

An indelible blue drawing of an ornate birdcage, festooned with roses and petals, wraps its way around Navy Corpsman Jessica Bryant's forearm.

Millennials, Baby Boomers turning away from marriage

For a generation that is learning to embrace renting in place of ownership, cohabitation is on the rise, and may be in line to replace traditional matrimony.

Op-Ed: Tea, vinegar sugar, yeast and bacteria = leather shoes?

Feel like wearing your tea? You can do it now, using a new mix of fibers from Kombucha tea and a bit of chemistry from Iowa State University. The shoes look like leather, feel like leather, and are tough as leather. It’s called “cellulosic fiber.”

Singer and cancer sufferer Keely Johnson releases debut single Special

The talented teenager from Australia is battling a rare and incurable form of brain cancer. In 2014, she released a duet with Lee Kernaghan and is now back with her first solo single, "The Man in the Hat." She spoke to Digital Journal.

Coast Guard rescues man running in bubble on the ocean — Again

An ultra-marathoner who likes to "run" in an enormous, inflatable bubble on the ocean may want to contemplate the cliche "No means no." That's because he was rescued by the Coast Guard for the second time, while trying to run from Florida to Bermuda.

Op-Ed: They robots be's a-comin' — Just as well?

The robots vs jobs scenarios are all the same — robots can do some things better and cheaper than people, and they’ll be able to do more things soon enough. They will take jobs. They’ll also rewrite human society, in ways nobody’s looking at yet.

Janet Russell to host 'An Evening of Spirit Communication'

On May 10, world renowned medium and psychic Janet Russell will be hosting "An Evening of Crossing Over with Spirit Communication."

Famed Japan cat café closed down for animal neglect

A cat café in Japan has been raided and ordered closed over complaints of improper management of the animals in what has been described as the country’s first punishment of such establishment.

Op-Ed: Millennials locked out of savings, income and a future

The raffle previously known as having a life has added a dangerous insult for millennials — the total inability to save. Stop/start employment, absurd career paths, degrees with no jobs, it’s a dog’s breakfast of dysfunction.

Northern California town to build container village for homeless

As homelessness grows across the richest nation in the world, a Humboldt County town decides to build a tiny house village out of shipping containers to shelter their least fortunate residents.

Op-Ed: Marin County Supervisor rides the bus like everyone else Special

Golden Gate Transit serves San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma counties. On any given day, thousands of people use and rely on the bus and ferry system.

Baby boy for Princess Sofia of Sweden

Princess Sofia of Sweden, married to fourth-in-line to the throne Carl Philip, gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday, the palace announced.

Couple sues over 'Love It or List It' home renovation

A North Carolina couple is suing over renovations made to their home while appearing on HGTV home renovation show "Love It or List It."

Halal makeup: Muslim beauty without the beast

A bearded imam may have seemed out of place at this week's In-Cosmetics expo in Paris, an annual showcase for the world's leading beauty and personal care products.

Picturesque Australian town on sale for $10 million

A small town rising as a tourist attraction in the heart of Australia’s Tasmania state is on the market for at least $10 million.

Op-Ed: Tall timber — London's wooden skyscraper plan presented to mayor

You have to like any headline which says “Seeds planted for London’s first wooden skyscraper” for so many reasons. The Greenwood Strikes Back, perhaps? Actually, it’s a very good, very challenging, and potentially very valuable, idea.

Japanese prefer to study English in Philippines than in U.S., UK

Expensive tuition fees and high cost of living in the United States and the United Kingdom have prompted many Japanese to choose the Philippines to study English.

Op-Ed: Starbucks ‘Diabetes Here I Come’ coffee cup falls flat

A Starbucks customer in Florida got a Grand White called “Diabetes Here I Come.” He has two sisters suffering from Diabetes Type 1. Starbucks has apologized, but the customer just wants to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Breadwinners: French beggar gets a life after saving one

French baker Michel Flamant, who owes his life to the homeless man who begged for handouts outside his bakery, knows more than anyone that man does not live by bread alone.

Op-Ed: Millennials think 30 is old — Until Disrupt Aging adds some info

You have to sympathize with Millennials in a world full of older people, few of whom make much sense, and who are often super-critical of them. A group of Millennials, however, got a very different perspective from Disrupt Aging.

Psychic medium Robert E. Hansen to perform at Adelphi University

Psychic and medium Robert E. Hansen will be performing at Adelphi University's Concert Hall in Garden City, New York, on May 15.

India-China yoga college growing popular among Chinese

The India-China College in Kunming is proving popular among Chinese, and has drawn 3,000 part-time students since it began offering courses.

Colombia court paves way for same-sex marriage

Colombia took a major step towards legalizing same-sex marriage when the constitutional court dismissed a petition that wanted to deny equal rights for heterosexual and homosexual couples.

San Francisco approves paid leave for parents of newborns

To all the benefits of being a new parent in a place like San Francisco, the city's Board of Supervisors just added another: fully paid time off.

'Fat shaming' alien abduction ad called 'offensive,' draws ire

When anti-bullying activist Natalie Harvey saw the billboard advertising a local gym, she could hardly believe her eyes. The billboard advertises the Fit4Less gym in Long Eaton, and it features aliens beaming a person up to their space ship.

Activists intensify drive vs China dog meat festival

This year’s dog meat festival in China is still two months away but local and international animal rights activists are already heightening their campaign against the event.

Goodbye vodka? Russians toast craft beer revolution

Bearded hipsters and bespectacled 20-somethings sip pale ales and dark stouts at Garden Beer, one of Moscow's new craft beer bars serving "made in Russia" brews to an increasingly discerning clientele.

Op-Ed: New home design trend — Using garage doors indoors

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, using garage-style doors in the interior of a home is becoming a fast growing trend.

Theme park bans screaming on rollercoasters

One part of the thrill experience is screaming on a rollercoaster, especially when it makes rapid descent. Except not, it seems, at the Big Sheep theme Park in north Devon.

Proposed sexting law is facing pushback in CO

A proposed sexting law in Colorado is receiving pushback. Concerns about how to punish teens engaging in sexting are being raised.

Britain's remaining milkmen keeping tradition afloat

Once a daily sight on every British street, a dwindling but resilient band of milkmen still go out at the crack of dawn to deliver bottles of fresh milk to the nation's doorsteps.

78-year-old grandma can deadlift 225 pounds

Shirley Webb is 78 years old and a grandmother. Webb is also into weightlifting and she can deadlift more than 200 pounds.

French minister compares veiled women to 'negroes who supported slavery'

A French government minister on Wednesday compared women who wear the veil to "negroes who supported slavery" amid a backlash against the growing trend for Muslim-orientated fashion.

China clamping down on streets, projects with foreign names

Evocative English names like “Manhattan,” “Venice,” “Central Park” and "Chateau Edinburgh" will soon become things of the past, at least in China.

Texting while walking may become illegal in New Jersey

A distracted walking measure was recently proposed by an assemblywoman in New Jersey, and if it's passed, then people who text while walking could face fines or jail time.

As unrest worsens, more Hong Kong citizens escape to U.S.

Over the past three years, more residents of Hong Kong are fleeing the Chinese autonomous territory to escape the rising social tensions and low job prospects with the United States their preferred destination.

Prepaid phone buyers would have to register if new bill is passed

Earlier in the week, a bill was proposed, that would require people to provide ID when buying a prepaid phone. It will also require them to register themselves.

Argentine cleaner's double life as prize-winning writer

When the Buenos Aires subway closes at night, Enrique Ferrari goes underground to mop the platforms -- and to polish his next thriller.The Argentine station cleaner, 44, with bags under his eyes, is also a prize-winning crime novelist.