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article imageThe buzz about Savannah: charming and romantic Special

By Kay Mathews     Feb 22, 2014 in Travel
Savannah - February has been a good month for Savannah, Ga. The travel pages are buzzing about it being among the world’s best travel spots for those seeking a charming or romantic vacation destination. Visitors to Savannah couldn't agree more.
The February 2014 edition of Travel + Leisure Magazine lists Savannah at No. 12 on its list of the "World’s Best Cities for Romance." “Flowering squares, inviting B&Bs in quaint Victorians, tree-canopied streets—there are a lot of classic romantic tropes in leisurely Savannah" states Travel + Leisure. "And with all its supposed ghostly haunts, it’s the perfect place to cling tight to that special someone. Wander arm-in-arm through the historic districts, stopping to see local artisans weave palm fronds into roses. Or simply enjoy quiet time together watching the boats slowly float down the river.”
Springfield, Mo. residents Paul Green and Tine Moore were already a couple when they visited Savannah in May of 2013, but left as something more. Moore said, “We are both divorced parents and have 3 boys who were at the time 18, 18 and 20. My son, who plays baseball in college, had a college visit to Columbus State and we decided to continue on to Savannah for a pre-summer vacation. We had been looking forward to some time just to ourselves and were very excited to see Savannah for the first time, and to experience it together.”
Moore and Green are among the couples who stopped “to see local artisans weave palm fronds into roses.” Moore said that she and Paul were planning to get engaged and that she “suspected that he might propose to me while we were in Savannah.” That’s exactly what happened and Moore describes the event in this way:
Paul Green and Tina Moore in Savannah  Ga. with Savannah River  Savannah s River Street  and the Tal...
Paul Green and Tina Moore in Savannah, Ga. with Savannah River, Savannah's River Street, and the Talmadge Memorial Bridge in the background. May 2013.
Paul had arranged a carriage tour through the city and had planned to ask me to marry him then, but ended up waiting until later. He said there wasn’t a time on the carriage ride that felt right to him so he set my engagement ring out on a table in the hotel room next to the palmetto leaf ‘rose’ we had been given on our first day by a local gentleman. The story is that these palmetto love roses were given to soldiers as they were heading off to war. The roses didn’t need water and would never die, hopefully like the soldier, who was to bring the rose back when he came home safely from the war.
Moore was asked to talk about some of the most memorable things that she and Green experienced in Savannah, in addition to their engagement. "I really enjoyed spending time in the squares," said Moore. "Each of them has their own personality and significance. And each of them is different depending on what time of day you are there." In addition, Moore spoke of dining at The Olde Pink House Restaurant. "I remember our meal at The Olde Pink House specifically," she said. "It’s such a beautiful old place, the food was very good and it felt very regal. We were in the large, open room upstairs but were in a corner that felt very cozy and romantic."
The Olde Pink House Restaurant & Tavern.  Savannah  Ga.
The Olde Pink House Restaurant & Tavern. Savannah, Ga.
A number of European cities topped T+L's list of World’s Best Cities for Romance, including Paris, which ranked No.1 for the second year in a row. However, as Travel + Leisure Magazine states, and Savannah proves, “…you don’t have to travel beyond North America to find that perfect romantic getaway.” And, according to BuzzFeed Travel, you don’t have to leave the United States of America to see one of the “19 Truly Charming Places To See Before You Die.” Savannah, Ga. is listed at No. 5 following towns in Italy (Burano), Greece (the village Oia in Santorini), France (Comar), and Greenland (Tasillaq), which take the top four spots respectively.
Recent visitors to Savannah were Curt and Karen Campbell of Bentonville, Arkansas. "We love Savannah for its charm!" said Karen. "We last visited the first week of February."
Curtis Campbell and Karen Campbell in Savannah  Ga. with the Savannah River in the background.  Febr...
Curtis Campbell and Karen Campbell in Savannah, Ga. with the Savannah River in the background. February 2014.
When asked what makes Savannah charming, Karen replied, "Savannah, with its beautiful live oaks and charming squares is one of our favorite places to visit. We loved the Mansion at Forsythe Park and enjoyed walking from there through the historic district."
Karen and her husband have visited Savannah a number of times. When asked about some of their favorite places they went to on this visit, Karen's response corresponded in one way with what Moore said. "We loved dinner at The Olde Pink House, the Bohemian, and ice cream at Leopold's Ice Cream," Karen said. In addition, Karen listed "Back in the Day Bakery, The Grateful Hound, Savannah Bee Company, the Paris Market, and of course Savannah's Candy Kitchen....We also loved visiting nearby Tybee Island."
Mary Ann Cotton  with grandson  Jaykob  and son  Kyle Cotton.
Mary Ann Cotton, with grandson, Jaykob, and son, Kyle Cotton.
Courtesy of Mary Ann Cotton
Mary Ann Cotton, 51, has not visited Savannah as yet, but says it is on her bucket list of places to visit before she dies. Cotton, a mother, and now a grandmother, said her desire to visit Savannah began when she was a senior in high school. Cotton shared this story:
When we moved to Van Buren, Arkansas my senior year of high school, I met a friend named Trish Armstrong. All she could do is talk about a place called Savannah, Georgia. It is where her family always went for vacations. When she got married, she said that if she had a daughter she was going to name her Savannah, and so she did. I have never been there, but I have heard so much about it and seen some beautiful pictures of it.
"When I go to Savannah, and I will go, I want to walk down the streets and take lots of the pictures of the old churches," Cotton said. She has in mind some very specific things she wants to do and places she wants to see when she visits Savannah. She wants to visit the Savannah Botanical Gardens, take a ghost tour, visit Bonaventure Cemetery and "see the old stones," and eat crab legs at The Crab Shack. "I love crab legs," Cotton said.
Tybee Island  Ga.
Tybee Island, Ga.
She continued, "But most of all I want to go to the Atlantic seashore. I want to walk and walk. I want to sit on the rocks and watch the birds and lay back and just enjoy the sun and the sound of the ocean. I want to enjoy the peace that it brings over me."
Cotton will be following in the footsteps of Moore and Green and the Campbell's when it comes to visiting "Savannah's Beach" — Tybee Island. Moore said of her visit there with Green, "We had a nice adventure out to the beach where the Tybee Island lighthouse is. Paul got some really beautiful photos of the lighthouse and the beach was pretty secluded that day so we were able to get some pictures there, too."
A view of the Riverfront area looking east down River Street with Savannah River Queen and Georgia Q...
A view of the Riverfront area looking east down River Street with Savannah River Queen and Georgia Queen riverboats and Savannah River seen on the left. Savannah, Georgia.
Architecture, color, activities, events, scenic views, the Atlantic ocean, and history are among the many things that make Savannah a charming and romantic place to visit. And, Karen notes how congenial the residents of Savannah are, stating, “The people of Savannah are welcoming and helpful.”
You'll be "charmed, I'm sure" when you visit Savannah. And, if you're looking for a romantic getaway, or even better, the perfect place to propose, keep in mind that Savannah is one of the "world’s most romantic cities."
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