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Logger saves real life Winnie the Pooh trapped in milk can

By Greta McClain     Jul 8, 2014 in World
Rice Lake - In what looks like a real life version of the classic arcade game, Crane Game, a lumberjack in Wisconsin rescues a real life Winnie the Pooh who manages to get his head stuck in the proverbial honey jar.
Garrett Smith, a Wisconsin logger, was working in a wooded area next to a corn field in Rice Lake, WI when he noticed a black bear struggling in the field. Upon closer inspection, Smith soon realized the bear was not wrestling with a honey jar, but instead had a metal milk can stuck on his head. The UPI reports the weather was warm and Smith feared the bear would suffer serious injury if the milk can was not removed from his head quickly. He also knew that simply walking up to the bear and attempting to pull the can off the bear's head would not be the safest option.
Smith pondered his options and asked the landowner if he could use his forwarder machine, a motorized machine used by loggers to carry large logs, to rescue the bear. After receiving permission, Smith slowly drove up to the bear and made the rescue attempt.
According to WAEU, the video was recorded by the landowner, and Smith can be seen using the giant claw on the machine to grab hold of the milk can. Feeling the claws grab the can startled the bear, causing it to pull away. After several attempts, Smith was finally able to get a good enough grip to pull the can off the bear's head.
Once freed of his head ornament, the bear can be seen running off into the woods, seemingly unharmed, but most likely very grateful to Smith and his excellent Crane Game skills.
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