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article imageFamily impacted by Hurricane Sandy wins lottery

By Natty Walker     Aug 14, 2014 in Business
Beachwood - The phrase "this storm shall pass" has proven true for the Endreson family. They recently won a $20 million lottery jackpot, two years after infamous Hurricane Sandy destroyed much of their community.
Living in the "shore" region of New Jersey, many of the 17 siblings suffered property damage during Hurricane Sandy. Ranging in age from 53 to 76, this miracle arrives at a great time for the Endresons. The large family will reportedly split the New Jersey Pick-6 $20 million prize. Also, the money will be shared with three children of a deceased Endreson brother.
John Endreson, 69 years old, described the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He said, "The hardest part was seeing other people that were devastated. I was able to redo my house and help my family and my brothers. I was quite fortunate. I just feel so lucky. And this is just the icing on the cake."
The family was inspired to play the lottery by their mother. She would play regularly, and always promised her children would get to share in the winnings. Though she is now deceased, her children kept the tradition to honor her memory. It paid off, literally.
One of the sisters, Faith Schiabor, described getting the news of the siblings' unexpected lucky win. She stated, "I got this frantic phone call. [...] 'Are you sitting down?' I thought someone was hurt."
Sigrid was the sibling who actually purchased the tickets. She reportedly forgot she had the family's pooled lottery tickets for nearly two weeks, but eventually went to a supermarket to have the numbers checked. When she realized she was holding a winning ticket, she was overwhelmed. She explained, "I started to cry. I called my sister to come get me. I didn't think I was going to make it. I said, 'I think I won the lottery.'"
Opting for a lump sum payment, the family will receive an actual check for $14 million. The Endresons are planning to share their newfound wealth not only with each other, but also with their rebuilding community. Schiabor said, "It's going to help the family, it's going to help Ocean County. It's just a great pick-me-up for all of us."
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