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Widow discovers she's pregnant the day before husband's funeral

By Scott Tuttle     Nov 18, 2014 in Lifestyle
Queensland - While presenting a eulogy for her husband after a tragic auto accident, widow Kristy Kirchner announced to her family that she is expecting.
Kristy and her husband Royce had been married seven years, trying many times to have a baby. After years without success, the couple finally turned to IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and artificial implantation.
On October 8, five days after the implantation procedure, Royce flipped his car on his way home, slamming hard into a tree and killing him instantly.
Left a widow by Royce's untimely accident, Kristy found herself completely restless the night before her late husband's funeral. Unable to sleep, Kristy decided to take a pregnancy test confirming that the couple's seven-year struggle to have a child was finally successful.
"At the funeral I debated whether I was going to announce it in Royce's eulogy," said Kristy to Australia's A Current Affair.
"It was really difficult but I decided to do that because Royce was right next to me in the casket. This was the last time I could announce to the world with my husband that we were pregnant."
The couple had been saving for three years to afford the IVF procedure, and Kristy chronicled the process on her Youtube channel she called ConceiveABaby.
In a recent video, she announced to thousands of followers that she was finally pregnant, but that her beloved husband was gone.
"Royce, my husband will be gone two weeks tomorrow from my life," said Kristy. "My whole life as I knew it has changed. This is the biggest headache that could ever happen."
Though the child, whom Kristy plans on naming Pacey, will never meet Royce in person, Kristy wants to make sure their baby grows up knowing what a great man he was.
"I just really miss his affection, he was so sweet to me.'s getting harder. I have noticed myself slipping from shock into heavy grief. The feelings are overwhelming, the pain is unbearable, and I feel so much for little Pacey who is so tiny and shouldn't have to bear the brunt of such a horrible start to life."
Supporters are coming to Kristy's aid as a GoFundMe page, which has so far raised over $19,000, was set up to help pay for Royce's funeral expenses and to help Kristy in the early stages of her journey into motherhood.
After interviewing Kristy, the Australian TV show A Current Affair also paid to have her home completely renovated.
"I never expected such an overwhelming response. I hoped I might be able to get $200 for petrol and some groceries! I can't believe the generosity of people."
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