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Watch 'Undercover moms go wild at sons sexually harassing them'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 26, 2015 in Lifestyle
Lima - The video "Undercover mothers go wild at sons who sexually harass them," also titled "Whistling at your mom," is part of a Peruvian campaign against sexual harassment of women in the streets by men who cat-call and wolf-whistle when women walk past.
It is one of several recent videos of a campaign called "Sibale a tu madre," ("Catcall your mother") addressing the issue of sexual harassment in Latin America. It was sponsored by a Peruvian organization called "Paremos el acoso callejero" (Let's stop street harassment) in collaboration with the sporting brand Everlast.
The video has been viewed widely and has gone viral online in Latin American countries. It was recently translated for the benefit of speakers of the English language.
To correct the impression in some news media that the video was a reality TV show and that the action was not staged, a Peruvian Reddit user explains to fellow users.
"It's not a TV Show, it is an ad for Everlast; obviously staged. Part publicity, part a NGO campaign against cat calling in the streets, sadly is pretty common in Peru. The woman talking before the 'show' is Natalia Malaga, a coach of the volleyball national team and famously volleyball player, now retired."
The staged action purports to show two men who were previously identified as having the habit of cat-calling and making sexist comments targeted at women in the streets. To teach the men why it was inappropriate to harass women in the streets, the mothers of the cat-callers were carefully disguised in wigs, sunglasses and manicures. They went out to the streets and walked past their sons so they can witness their behavior firsthand.
Mother disguised in black dress and sunglasses walks past her son
Mother disguised in black dress and sunglasses walks past her son
The first mother went out in a black dress and sunglasses. The second mother wore a black wig and a green dress. As expected, the men made harassing comments as their mothers walked past, using inappropriate terms such as "tasty panties" and "piggy."
The mothers then turned around and confronted their sons who were unaware they had jut insulted their own mothers. The mothers removed their disguises and in anger attacked their sons verbally, saying they never taught them to address women in that manner. They rebuked the men saying they should be ashamed of themselves for their behavior.
Woman confronts his son after he makes a sexually harassing comment
Woman confronts his son after he makes a sexually harassing comment
Both men were shocked and horrified to see they had just sexually harassed their own mothers. In confused embarrassment, they tried to calm their mothers down. But the women refused to be calmed. The first mother hit her son with her handbag while the other hit her son with her wig.
The second son tries to deflect the blame, saying unconvincingly that it was another man nearby who made the catcall.
The video ended with a warning to men who have the habit of cat-calling and wolf-whistling on the streets when women walk past that they could sexually harass their own mothers before they know it.
The campaign video follows recent statistics showing that seven out of 10 Peruvian women have experienced some form of sexual harassment.
November 25 was the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women. Men harassing women on the streets by cat-calling is recognized as a form of violence against women.
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