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article imageWashington rolls out their first recreational marijuana stores

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 7, 2014 in Lifestyle
Seattle - Recreational marijuana use will soon become a part of everyday life for residents of Washington, even more so than it already is. This legalization is transforming how we think about drugs using money and public opinion.
These new shops will provide recreational drugs for those interested and huge funds for the cities regulating them. Demand is expected to be so high that many suppliers are scrambling to deal with what they will expect to be a massive shortage. The idea is to have the shops open by July 8th, 2014 although some licensing problems for a few shops could hinder that.
The debate on marijuana is still raging in the U.S. but at the same time feelings about it are changing. If they were not then we would not have had a divided vote approving this sale. People are slowly coming to change their minds about a drug that once caused "Reefer Madness" according to some old movies.
Another big reason for this change is that it has already brought in incredible money for Colorado. $2 million goes to the state there which they can use on other projects. Some estimates even put the total profit number much higher, at around $5 million or more and it will only go up from there. More than just a shift in opinion, this economic incentive also drives change.
Marijuana edibles are not going to be given the same treatment. Retailers much match tough licensing restrictions to be approved. These restrictions are there to protect people from some very real and serious dangers that come from unregulated use of the drug.
Results from regulated use have been quite promising with obvious drops in crime that are being written off by those against the legalization. Other evidence on the results of regulation comes to us from Europe and Canada. As always our readers should weigh the evidence on each side and decide for themselves.
Unregulated weed leads to dangers such as laced marijuana which can kill those who take it in. Some even debate that point on weed never killing anyone as well. At any rate the regulation of weed decreases the chances of any of these ever happening again. Both critics and supporters can at least see the benefit in that.
Despite this significant change the fight to either fully legalize weed or remove it is far from over. From individual citizens to levels of government this debate is changing the nature of American business, government and drug use.
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