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Twins be one-in-million odds and are born white and black

By Owen Weldon     Jul 7, 2015 in Odd News
London - A pair of twins in the UK beat one-in-a-million odds to be born with different color skin. The boys were born around 30 minutes apart.
The twins, Bobby and Riley, were born with light skin back in 2011, but as they grew up, Bobby's eyes went from dark to blue and his complexion became lighter, while his brother's skin became darker.
Richard George, the father, said that when the mother of the twins, Abigail, was pregnant they'd joke about how one could be born while like her and one black like him, but they didn't actually think it would happen.
Abigail said that sometimes she does get looks in the street and she is sometimes asked if she is babysitting Riley or if Richard is actually the father. She continued to say that this can be awkward because it's as if people are insinuating that she had an affair. She said that it can be upsetting when people don't believe your child is yours. The couple also have a 17-month-old daughter, and her skin color is a combination of both Abigail and Richard.
Abigail said that when the twins were taken home after they were born, she was always getting them mixed up. She also said she couldn't believe that they had two different colored children, and that it seemed like it was a miracle.
Abigail said that she is concerned about them attending school because she is worried that the way they look could lead to bullying. She said that kids can be cruel and she doesn't want them to be asked questions about their parents on a constant basis, or be the brunt of cruel jokes.
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