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Op-Ed: Thanksgiving dinner from hell as son wigs out on Dad, dumps food

By Marcus Hondro     Nov 28, 2014 in Internet
This video is like watching a metaphorical bomb explode right in the middle of a family. But who would post a video online of their family discombobulating? Of your brother going spaz and ruining everyone's Thanksgiving dinner? And why?
Thanksgiving family dinner from hell
Maybe as a charity? To show us all that our families are, by contrast, doing just fine, thank you? It's either that or it was done to humiliate. To humiliate them all but especially Dad and Jesse. It's Jesse's brother (cousin?) who posted it and, unless it's a hoax, he must be mad at the whole lot of 'em.
The video is of an American family sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner last night and it features the rather volatile Jesse Ridgway, about 20 or so, as the hero, or anti-hero. It was shot...somewhere. Pennsylvania? The guy who shot it is an Eagles fan, so maybe Pennsylvania.
The crux of it is simple: Jesse and Dad argue and Jesse goes nuts. It's like watching a terrible train wreck from a distance. You see it coming but when it actually happens, when the collision actually occurs, it's even worse than you thought it would be.
We've all been angry. Had issues with Dad, and Mom. We've been there. And all of us have had moments we are happy were not filmed. Imagine them being filmed though, and posted online for everyone who stumbles upon them to see - forever.
Peace for Ridgway family
Here's what I hope: that Jesse will get beyond the pain he thinks his Father has caused him over the years and begin to face life with equanimity. That his father learns a little compassion and to lower his voice. And not to wear army hats at the dinner table. For Mom, let us hope that all that effort she put into cooking dinner doesn't go to waste the next time.
I also hope whoever filmed this learns discretion and finds a path toward caring for his family instead of needing to hurt them. As for the sister, who appears but briefly ("grow up") and seems amusing and sweet, let's hope she moves out of the house and finds a measure of peace. The rest of the family? Next time tell them you're too busy to come over.
By the way, the video was posted by someone named LeeTrons, and its on a site called LiveLeaks. LeeTrons (not clear if he's the guy who filmed it) has also posted stuff like 'Asian Man Caught Humping a Tree' and 'Biker hits a truck and loses leg.'
I guarantee that neither of those will be as compelling as 'Kid Ruins Family's Thanksgiving.'
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