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Study: 'Good girls' and 'bad boys' have a dating advantage

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 29, 2014 in Lifestyle
According to new findings, men are more responsive to women who are attentive and seem caring on dates. Some common sense conclusions are now being backed up by science.
Researchers performed a series of studies which tracked how responsive men were to women and what impact personality had on their interactions. You can read the results on Sagepub which show that men are more interested in women who are nice and responsive early on in a date.
Research happened over three tests conducted with undergraduates. Some happened in person and others over Internet chats. After a brief conversation students rated their partners on a variety of factors including masculinity and femininity. Women who scored as highly responsive and perhaps even, subjectively, nicer scored higher on femininity. Results also confirmed that responsive men or "nice guys" were rarely scored as highly masculine.
Similar studies prove women prefer "bad boys" when choosing a sexual partner. According to research from another team women find themselves more attracted to "sexy cads" when they are at their peak fertility during the month. According to their findings women focus on charismatic and sexually attractive because their ancestors would have had the best shot at survival with these sorts of fathers.
According to these studies it would seem that "nice guys finish last and nice girls finish first" as some are putting it. At the same time the debate will not end there. Even a casual search of Google will tell you that the only relationship guide we can all agree on is that finding a partner, of any kind, is important.
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