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article imageSpaniards up in arms about book 'to stop kids from being gay'

By Anne Sewell     Jun 17, 2014 in Lifestyle
A controversy, which started several years ago over a book which purported to "cure homosexuality," has reared its ugly head yet again, as the same author has published yet another book to "prevent children from becoming gay," which is now on sale.
One of three books translated into Spanish and on offer at El Corte Inglés department stores all over Spain, has many Spaniards up in arms once again. The latest is titled, La Confusión De Género En La Infancia or "Gender confusion in childhood."
The other two previously published books listed in the bookstore are Quiero Dejar De Ser Homosexual or “I want to stop being gay” and Como Prevenir La Homosexualidad or in English, “How to prevent homosexuality.” The author of all the books is Joseph Nicolosi, an American psychologist and the founder and former president of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, or NARTH, in the USA.
All the books are apparently also on sale in the "La Casa del Libro" bookstore and on Amazon.
Three books on  curing  or  preventing  homosexuality by Joseph Nicolosi on sale in Spain.
Three books on "curing" or "preventing" homosexuality by Joseph Nicolosi on sale in Spain.
The Local interviewed Uge Sangil, education coordinate for Spain's LGBT state federation, (FELGTB).
Sangil said, “You can’t cure homosexuality, the World Health Organization has said so more than once.”
Sangil was then asked whether banning the offensive books would go against freedom of speech, to which she responded, “There has to be a limit; if your freedom of speech is not letting me be who I am and inciting others to hate me then you’ve crossed the line.”
Twitter has reportedly been alive with tweets referring to the "Spanish inquisition" and "medieval heresy" as Spaniards air their views about the outdated attitude contained in the books.
One tweet reads, "Someone should write a book: 'How to prevent Joseph Nicolosi.' Pathetic to write the book he wrote." Another refers to Nicolosi to a "Nazi and a homophobe."
Yet another tweet refers to an article written back in October 2013 titled, "Stephen Fry shuts down 'ex-gay' therapist Dr Joseph Nicolosi." The video interview with Nicolosi by Stephen Fry from that article is included at the end of this article.
Spain is a country that has apparently come a long way when it comes to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals, but Sangil says "on a social scale there’s still plenty to do," adding that, “Spain’s Catholic roots still promote these homophobic values.
“It’s not just the parents and the children who have to learn about sexual diversity and tolerance, the country’s education system and the people behind it need to promote these values.
“I would love to see a subject in Spanish schools which teaches children about sexual diversity and good citizenship.”
The Cristianos Gays website is calling for the removal of the offending books from the shelves and online bookstores, along with similar publications by one Richard Cohen, which are also apparently back on sale including the title, Hijos Gay, Padres Heterosexuales or "Gay sons, heterosexual fathers."
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