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Scientists brewed tea in a chocolate teapot

By Owen Weldon     Sep 13, 2014 in Lifestyle
Experts based in York have managed to make a teapot made from chocolate, and it was able to hold boiling water for two minutes.
According to BBC, the experts were able to make a drinkable brew using the chocolate teapot. They were challenged to prove the phrase "as useful as a chocolate teapot" wrong.
The teapot was made from dark chocolate, and it contained 65 percent cocoa solids, according to IbnLive.
According to CNET, the experiment took place at Nestle's Product Technology Center, which is a research facility focused on developing new candy technologies, as well as new confectionery products.
John Costello and his team conducted a series of experiments using balloons that were covered in layers of chocolate. This helped them determine how thick the chocolate needed to be in order for the teapot to hold hot water. Costello said it took about six weeks to develop the teapot that was used for the challenge.
The team of engineers and scientists said that the hot water melted some of the chocolate, but the teapot did not leak.
One of the key steps in the process was not stirring the water, and the tea was steeped for two minutes. Scientists were able to prove that a chocolate teapot was useful.
The experiment was captured on video, which can be viewed below. Marty Jopson, of 'The One Show' tasted the tea and described it as sweet, with a hint of chocolate.
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