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Op-Ed: Why we need to ban sororities

By Calvin Wolf     Sep 25, 2014 in Lifestyle
In America's discussion about the ongoing rape crisis on college campuses, the focus has recently turned to fraternities. Frat houses are being blamed for amplifying "rape culture," and Wesleyan University has decided to make its fraternities coed.
America has a love-hate relationship with college fraternities. On the one hand, we love movies like Animal House, Old School, and other classic comedies that have us rooting for the rebellious and exuberant college boys. We also love money, tradition, and brotherhood, three qualities cherished by most frats. From the exclusive clubs of the Ivy League to the battered party houses of land-grant colleges, few institutions make more memories than frats.
Unfortunately, not all those memories are pleasant. It is no surprise that, with our increased focus on the rape crisis on college campuses, fraternities are receiving extra scrutiny. While we Americans love a good party, we also realize that frat parties are a hotbed for sexual assault and date rape. In recent days, the blogosphere has turned its wrath on fraternities for allegedly amplifying "rape culture" on campus. According to TIME, Wesleyan University has even taken the step of making its fraternities go coed, apparently to minimize the "bro culture" that is feeding the "rape culture." Going further, Jessica Valenti opines in The Guardian that we should end frats altogether.
You know what? I agree.
We should do away with fraternities and sororities. Both institutions encourage drinking, hazing, partying, and socializing at the expense of focusing on academics. Young people should be going to college to learn, not ingratiate themselves with fraternity bros and sorority sistahs. In an era of social media, can we really argue that fraternities and sororities are still necessary for successful networking in college?
Fraternities and sororities are cut from the same cloth and are complementary to one another. We cannot condemn one without ignoring the other. If we are honest about gender equality and protecting all college students from the dangers of alcohol and sexual assault, we must close all institutions that propagate these problems. It is a matter of principle, not degree. According to NBC News, sororities can apparently get just as wild as fraternities!
We need to ban sororities on campus.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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