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article imageOp-Ed: Whose fault is the anti-homosexual backlash?

By Alexander Baron     Jan 16, 2014 in Lifestyle
Two African nations have recently introduced tough criminal sanctions for the practice of male homosexuality. Should we care?
Even the most rabid of queer haters would probably draw the line at stringing them up for having consensual sex in private. Sending them to gaol - where they are surrounded by men - may be less inhumane, but it is certainly no wiser. Yes, we should care, but should we be surprised?
Although the word gay is de rigueur for the Western media, it should be clear that much of the rest of the world does not regard male homosexuality as gay, and indeed many societies believe they have a moral obligation to suppress it. We have only to consider the history of homosexuality in our own societies to understand why.
Although they have been tolerated in some places and eras, from time immemorial, homosexual practices have been condemned. All three of the world's great religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam condemn it explicitly.
Homosexuality between consenting adults was legalised in Russia over twenty years ago, but the so-called LGBT lobby can't be satisfied with that, they want to flaunt it in public, nay, they want to take their lifestyle into the schools as is being done here by Stonewall and others under the none-too-subtle pretext of combatting something called homophobic bullying, in other words kids calling each other names as they have for as long as anyone can remember.
Unsurprisingly, the deeply religious Russians object to this, and the result is that the Government has brought in not anti-homosexual but anti-homosexual propaganda laws to protect impressionable youngsters who are at risk from being brainwashed into a potentially dangerous lifestyle. This legislation has led to an extraordinary outburst of hatred directed at the Putin Government, a Government which in this instance is clearly reflecting public opinion.
Now, both Uganda and Nigeria have passed truly Draconian anti-homosexual laws, and in the latter, the crackdown has begun in earnest. Some of the commentary on the African response to the attempts to "liberalise" homosexuality on the Dark Continent has been truly amazing. People who will brand a white man racist at the drop of a hat have not the slightest qualms about denouncing Africans as regressive, even primitive, because of their stance on an issue which they see as protecting not only the young but the moral fabric of society.
Apparently it is perfectly fine for high officials of the American Government to spread the gospel of LGBT rights the world over, but when American evangelical Christians present an opposing point of view, they are condemned as hatemongers.
In addition to the corruption of the young, the other big fear Africans, Russians, Moslems and others have, is AIDS, which however much propaganda we in the West may be subjected to, is intimately connected with the homosexual lifestyle. For Moslems in particular, AIDS is divine retribution. It is easy to dismiss this as the rhetoric of fanatics or fools, but the cogent arguments made out by Islamic scholars are not so easy to dismiss. Here is Bilal Philips, who is not only one such leading Islamic scholar but both black and a native of the Western hemisphere, having been born in Jamaica - then a British colony - and grown up in Canada.
It remains to be seen if the fashion industry is run by homosexuals as he says here, but it is difficult to fault anything else he says. Here he is again explaining how the sickness of homosexuality was replaced by the bigotry of homophobia in an extraordinary about face. This is a man who has clearly done his homework, as have other Islamic scholars such as Mufti Ismail Ibn Musa Menk.
Finally, here is a comprehensive Islamic view of homosexuality by another Moslem scholar with a Canadian accent, Dr Shabir Ally.
These are eloquent, intelligent men, leading scholars in their field, and their views are shared by hundreds of millions of Moslems throughout the world. Less than fifty years ago, few Western politicians, academics, educators or ordinary people would have taken issue with anything they say on this subject, yet today they are branded bigoted, narrow-minded, regressive, even evil.
We have seen and are still seeing the same sort of social engineering with racial issues. Individuals, institutions and entire societies that have deeply held social mores concerning such things as racial integration and unchecked immigration are likewise branded hatemongers and suppressed legally, sometimes physically, and with utter ruthlessness. Thus in a society where legal segregation has been abolished for decades, racism is seen to be increasing almost by the hour.
The liberal bigots may have gotten away with that on racial issues where they can wave institutional racism, Adolf Hitler or even slavery in the faces of the white majority, but convincing people of all races and faiths they are evil for objecting to their sons being taught that a life of sodomy is as natural as marital bliss is an entirely different proposition. The physical attacks on homosexuals in Russia at the moment - whether or not they have been greatly exaggerated - are to be blamed as much on Western liberals and so-called LGBT campaigners as on the perpetrators themselves. We saw the same thing with the furore over the blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet - peace be upon him. Okay, newspapers in Holland and elsewhere may not have committed the violence and murders that resulted, but they lit the fuse.
So what is to be done? In the West, homosexuals have full equal rights; they should be satisfied with that. In Russia, they can likewise engage in sexual acts behind closed doors; they should be satisfied with that. Why would they even want to "educate" schoolkids about their lifestyle if not for some sinister reason?
In Islamic countries they are likewise generally not subjected to legal persecution, for as Islamic scholars point out, no penalty is imposed on either homosexuals or adulterers unless there are four witnesses to the act. In other words, homosexuals have the right to be homosexual under Islam too, as long as they stay in the closet. Why should anyone want to change this?
This leaves us with Africa, in particular and at the moment Uganda and Nigeria. Certainly Western nations should make representations to these governments concerning the legal status of homosexuals, but the LGBT lobby should cool it. Everyone regardless of sexual orientation is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This includes the right not to be subjected either to state harassment and arrest for victimless crimes (queer sex between consenting adults) and freedom from violence by one's fellow citizens. It does not include the right to be liked, nor the right to impose your values, customs and practices on the rest of society, especially the young.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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