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article imageOp-Ed: Still dreaming BIG at age 65 Special

By Kelly Jadon     Feb 10, 2015 in Lifestyle
Chicago - When you hit age 60, what will you be doing? Playing golf? Lounging at the beach? Or will you be growing and developing your gifts and talents?
Bill Martinez, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, is very involved with the latter. At age 60, he was called back to radio to begin something new, purposeful and fulfilling. Today he is 65 and is heard live in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas every morning. In his current home state of Florida, his voice is heard in West Palm Beach and Titusville. Ever moving forward, Bill Martinez Live is carried in 260 markets on 40 radio stations.
Bill Martinez is no newbie to radio. In 1968 he worked toward a radio license and went live on a local Port Hueneme, California country music station covering the graveyard shift featuring Johnny Cash and other music legends of the time. That was before the market splintered—the “old days” Bill adds, “when you could open up a mike and reach half a million listeners.”
From 1970 to 1972, Bill hosted a radio talk show which he likened to Robin William’s big screen version, “Good Morning Vietnam!” for the Marine Corps where he was based. He also was the television host of a nightly cable news show for the base.
After a vocation in marketing, advertising, and running radio stations, Martinez returned to school, receiving a degree in Biblical theology, expecting to one day work in ministry.
One morning, a friend who hosted a Christian radio show called; he was in the emergency room, just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Bill was asked to fill in. After 30 years away from the mike, he was called back to his original work.
And he returned, utilizing his gifts, talents, experience, and Biblical knowledge—recognizing the hand of God at in his new vocation.
Bill Martinez is Hispanic, the third son of 10 children. His father, a civil servant was also a World War II veteran. His mother, a homemaker, is an immigrant from Mexico. Together they sent their children to church and Catholic school. “Until I became a senior in high school, the only thing I wanted to be was a priest,” Bill states. Raised conservatively, the former altar boy was schooled by nuns. Even today, the Holy Communion which is so reverenced by the Catholic Church is a part of the fabric of his life. To him, it is about proximity to God.
As a conservative Hispanic, radio marketers heard his broadcasts and that was the beginning of Bill Martinez Live. The show has grown, reaching markets on the air and digitally online.
Before each show, Bill prays, not that his will be done, but that God’s will be done. This is the foundation of Bill Martinez Live. The purpose is to confront the culture of modern society. “When we confront to connect, we connect others with God. What cries out of all of our souls is this: Why am I here? Why now?”
He means to encourage people, helping them connect with God’s purpose in their lives, which leads to fulfillment.
As a former adjunct professor at Cosa Mesa University, Bill taught fulfillment from a Biblical viewpoint:
“Fulfillment,” Bill relates, “leads to ultimate freedom.”
To reach fulfillment, in a Godly way, one must first, enjoy what work he or she is doing.
Second, he has to give it a fair chance and demonstrate competence.
Third, each person has gifts and talents which need to be grown and developed and expressed.
Very few people reach the potential they were placed here to develop. Even the government agrees.
“Several years ago, the U.S. Dept. of Labor reported that less than 10% of people reach these goals and are fulfilled in their life’s work.”
To help listeners understand what they are missing (fulfillment and freedom), Bill discusses politics, world events, culture, and faith from a Biblical worldview through movies and artists, many who are authors. He regularly features interviews with well-known writers and personalities.
“My show is about advancing the greater cause for our country and every American citizen by empowering our listeners with truth and knowledge that will affect the real change we all believe in, in ourselves, our families, neighborhoods, country and world. This may sound grand, but why not? It’s time for America to dream even bigger dreams. Are you in?”
“When we follow God and His way, ‘He will give you the desires of your heart.’”
At age 65 Bill Martinez is reinventing his life with God’s help. And he is excited about it. His life has purpose and meaning. He is fulfilled. He is free.
What are you doing with your life?
Find Bill online at
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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