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article imageOp-Ed: Recent survey shows dog-owners want more time with 'Rover' Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Jan 10, 2016 in Lifestyle
San Francisco - As 2016 begins, the makers of Milk-Bone dog treats point out that more than 50 percent of dog-owners in the U.S. want to spend more time with their pet.
There are approximately 70 million dog owners in the nation; (according to the American Veterinary Medical Association). As humanity's best friend, dogs need quality time just like children and with busy schedules, making time for one's canine companion can be a challenge. Founded over a century ago in New York, Milk-Bone, was acquired by Del-Monte Foods in 2006 and is now a San Francisco based company. Milk-Bone worked in conjunction with Learndipity Data Insights to conduct a survey that had 3,000 U.S. “pet parents” participate.
Jesse Vasquez, a Dog Insights Specialist, who works with Milk-Bone and others, noted that the bond between pet owners and their dogs is special. "People share core personality traits with them too." For example an outgoing person is more likely to have an outgoing or friendly dog. And, similarly a more shy person would have a pet that responded to society much the same way.
Courtesy of Milk-Bone
As Vasquez told Family Time magazine, "That’s good news; it means that two-thirds of pet parents (in the U.S.) will find their pets simpatico, whether they want to be out on the town or curled up with a book." While the survey's main focus was "New Year's Resolutions" for one's canine, the survey also found that 57 percent of households with dogs have their children participate in the feeding and care of the dog. This encourages and promotes responsibility. And, over 40 percent who took the survey said that having a dog in the family helped to bring the family closer.
Interestingly, the Milk-Bone survey also found that households that have pets, especially new pups, do healthy things for themselves and their canine members.
"I’m glad they (Milk-Bone) took the time to do the survey and extract the data," said pet supplies shop owner, Richard Shiu. He owns Best in Show, in San Francisco. "As you may already know, dogs outnumber kids in San Francisco," he noted. "At least they did a few years ago, Shiu added. But if you include cats also, I would confidently say, pets outnumber kids in San Francisco." "The mottos of our store are 'Dog Are the New Kids' and 'Cats Are the New Kids.'" Like Vasquez, he too pointed out the importance of the bond between pet owner and pet. "We have found that the daily unconditional love a pet gives their owners can often times be the best time of day for an owner, Shiu said. Be it morning, afternoon or evening, the wag of a tail, the snuggle of a snout, the lick on your face from a loving pet just makes the world a better place."
Here according to the Milk-Bone Survey are 'The Top 5' ways to keep one's New Year's Resolution to spend more time with a canine companion or household member.
1. Have a ‘Resolutions Buddy’
Because dogs follow through with rituals even better than humans — 55 percent of dog parents say their dog helps them exercise more, for instance — you can better stick to your personal health and wellness goals by including your “furry buddy” in them, too.
2. Say ‘Good Morning’
Since it’s easier to keep resolutions before you have other demands during the day, develop a morning routine that reinforces positive habits. If you and your dog aren’t getting all of the important nutrients you need from regular meals, why not give yourself a morning vitamin and your dog a Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treat?
3. Create Nighttime Rituals
Because nighttime rituals help calm and relax both you and your dog before bed, try to stick with a regular sleepy-time routine that focuses on stress-reducing resolutions — (like a soothing petting session while watching your favorite program).
4. Think Healthy Fun
Make important health-related resolutions way more fun by exercising outside with your dog or even brushing your teeth together (with the help of a Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Fresh Breath for your pup).
5. Give Yourself a Reward
Just like dogs love treats when they exhibit good behavior, make sure to regularly reward yourself and your dog with something pleasurable for following through on your resolutions.
Feed and pet supply store manager Janet Mills of Brocco's Old Barn in Sonoma, was not surprised by the results of the Milk-Bone survey as she said, "I am among the few that has the wonderful opportunity to bring my dog to work.
Maddie is among the few who get to go to work with her pet-owner.
Maddie is among the few who get to go to work with her pet-owner.
Yet she pointed out that even situations where a dog is accustomed to its owner being out at work all day, "It's really important to spend time with your dog, she said. They become very attached to us."
Courtesy of Milk-Bone
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