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article imageOp-Ed: Business opportunities for marijuana firms to grow in 2014

By Robert Weller     Jan 5, 2014 in Lifestyle
Albany - How about an app to tell you how to grow marijuana, which strains are the strongest? Or a guide to vaporizers that help diminish the impact of smoking cigarettes or weed.
Stocks in companies having anything to do with marijuana hit new highs Thursday, the day after legal sales began in Colorado, AFP reported.
Over the weekend the New York Times disclosed that the governor of New York was using his executive power to make some medical marijuana available.
Legislators in Florida were considering making it available in cases where conventional medications didn’t work well, the Shark Tank reported.
MediSwipe, which moved from Florida to Michigan after the state legalized medical marijuana, is providing software solutions for dispensaries in states where it is legal. Many banks don’t want to have any more to do with the marijuana industry than they did with Julian Assange and Wikileaks.
New marijuana treatments will be appearing, especially now that more companies have jumped into the arena. Nuvilex, a developer of gene and cell therapy, last week created a medical marijuana subsidiary.
Dixie Elixirs sells numerous products manufactured in Denver, including a soda pop-like drink infused with THC.
How about a vaporizer with a memory? reports the Aromatherapy vaporizer has eight gigabytes of memory.
What’s next, a vaporizer with headphones?
Expect more.
There is a website that is a sort of Amazon of vaporizers,
High Times, which the Denver Post reports has created a private-equity fund it hopes will draw $100 million in investments, has an article on the best pot head apps out there right now.
Included in High Times top ten is “Cheech and Chong’s Fatty.”
There also is “Optical Illusion,” which High Times claims is fun to look at even if the viewer is sober.
For the unemployed, thousands of jobs are likely to open as more and more dispensaries and recreational marijuana shops open. Some of the work will be going to the same government agencies that have been trying to stop the tsunami of support for legal marijuana. A poll this year showed 82 percent support for legalization of medical marijuana in the state of New York.
The fact that CNN's talking heads say marijuana is too controversial for politicians to go there suggests its legalization is even more likely to grow dramatically.
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