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article imageOp-Ed: Oklahoma and Nebraska demand legal pot law in Colorado overturned

By Nancy Houser     Mar 3, 2015 in Politics
Sidney - Nebraska and Oklahoma are being accused as fair-weather federalists because they feel the Supreme Court should overturn Amendment 64, the legalization measure that Colorado voters approved in 2012 for legalizing medical marijuana.
And truthfully, Colorado pot is not staying in Colorado. It is moving on out through Colorado State Highway 113 into Nebraska rural roads. From there it has two directions: one is for sales and usage in the state of Nebraska; the second is using Interstate 80 through the state of Nebraska to traffic it to other states for sales and usage. Either way, it is costing the state lots of money for illegal criminal activity regarding marijuana.
As a Nebraska-born citizen, our news is full of the marijuana activity along Interstate 80, as compared to that of two years ago. It is nothing to be traveling to see family members and see one police car after another with a vehicle stopped, with backup beside them. I was born two hours from Sidney, NE, an area that is being influenced more than any other area in the state. I can see a sharp comparison in my home state that has always been recognized as part of the Bible Belt and an area of clean and wholesome living.
According to Police Chief B.J. Wilkinson of Sidney, Nebraska, in Cheyenne County, they are seeing a 50 percent increase in illegal marijuana trafficking since it was legalized in Colorado in their own small town of 6,808.
[Nebraska and Colorado] are asking the Supreme Court to throw out Colorado's law altogether. Colorado has a month left to respond to the lawsuit.
Because of the influence of marijuana in small towns in Nebraska, the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma are preparing to file suit to strike down Colorado's marijuana law."
Colorado's top law enforcement officials are also seeing an increase in their state's marijuana leaving the state, with their state becoming a major exporter of marijuana. The fact that it is against the law for marijuana to leave the state does not seem to matter much to those who are transporting.
Playing hard ball, Nebraska and Oklahoma are requesting that Colorado put a full stop to their marijuana experiment regarding legal, recreational marijuana. The easier route would have been to force Colorado to pay court costs by going through the Supreme Court, but it is a route neither state has chosen to take.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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