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article imageOp-Ed: Neuro-Chiro doctor turns to new tech to aid growing MMA sport Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Feb 24, 2016 in Lifestyle
San Francisco - Kezar Stadium, near Golden Gate Park was in a frenzy of Mixed Martial Arts action on Feb 6 as it was the spot of the Dragon House 22 fight series.
For over six years Dragon House has been hosting the largest, most exciting MMA events in Northern California. Dragon House has been able to showcase the best amateur and pro-talent from around the West Coast and beyond.
Founded by Sifu Zhong Luo, Dragon House is a 4000 sq ft mixed martial arts (MMA) facility. Located in San Francisco’s Outer Mission District, Dragon House offers an extensive curriculum in all forms of MMA. From Sanshou Kickboxing, Mongolian wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and grappling, Dragon House has become a center of MMA training and sporting skill for the entire City and surrounding areas.
Competition was fierce for Brandon Faumui (seen here in the caged arena) at the Dragon House MMA eve...
Competition was fierce for Brandon Faumui (seen here in the caged arena) at the Dragon House MMA event on Feb. 6, 2016 at Kezar Stadium auditorium, San Francisco.
Courtesy of Dr. Christopher DeMartini, DC
At the Dragon House MMA gym Zhong Luo and his staff train all aspects of MMA as well as other fighting systems. Sifu Zhong Luo's roots stem from traditional Chinese Kung Fu and teaches both the Bak Mei (White Eyebrow) and Lung Ying (Dragon) styles. Dragon House also train in weapons attack and defense, and general body conditioning. Dragon House welcomes all levels of athletes and martial arts enthusiasts from hobbyist to professional competitors.
Dragon House represents a number of growing MMA outlets and events nationwide. The interest and expanding audience for MMA and 'cage-fighting' sports has grown exponentially over the past three years, notes 'Payout The Business of MMA' newsletter. According to statistics gathered, the overall fan-base of MMA nationwide is approximately 11 million people. In that, the largest number of MMA fans are in the 18 to 34 age category.
This is no surprise to Dr. Christopher DeMartini who coordinates sports medicine outreach at the events. Almost three years ago, he and his staff from California Neurohealth were at a Dragon House event in August of 2013, to establish a pro-active sports medicine presence in support of MMA. Sports and athletic abilities manifest themselves in the prime years of human growth, development and maturity. An avid sports fan himself, DeMartini knows all too well the dangers of injury while participating in competitive sports.
An injury during training for a major sports event while still in high school caused a serious set back for him. Yet, it was because of that he went into the career of neurological chiropractic care. DeMartini never forgot the insightful and undaunted care he received from a chiropractor who not only believed but understood his injuries would heal.
From that life-changing situation onward, DeMartini realized his path would follow along the alternative/complimentary medicine approach. As a chiropractor and complimentary medicine health care provider he can educate athletes, coaches and trainers on recognizing and preventing traumatic head and brain injury.
For the past five years, DeMartini has been donating his time and expertise to events and MMA training facilities like Dragon House. "I brought a piece of my equipment down to the event (that Saturday afternoon) to give people a taste of what I do, he said. And to attract people to engage them in conversation about brain health and performance."
The machine is called a Dynavision D2. And it is one of the latest in the current development of state-of-the-art equipment designed to help detect and manage traumatic head and brain injury. In the heat of the excitement of completion, players, coaches and spectators are often unaware that a punch, kick, twist or snap, could render a person disabled.
Even if a competitive athlete gets up from the mat or the ring and seems okay, coaches and trainers should go the extra steps to detect brain injury and follow protocols to safeguard against it. In going out his way to bring the state-of-the-art piece of equipment, DeMartini was making a commitment. This commitment is not only to Dragon House and the sport of MMA, but to that of his profession, Chiropractic Neurology. He explained that the D2 is "designed to help improve speed, hand eye coordination, reaction time, visual spatial awareness and can assist in detection of and recovery from traumatic brain injury."
Speaking on behalf of Dynavision International Jennifer Fortuna said, "the Dynavision D2 originated over 25 years ago for sports vision training of high performance athletes. Today, the D2 is an FDA cleared medical device used in clinical rehabilitation to treat visual, cognitive and motor deficits resulting from brain injury." Fortuna serves as Director of Clinical Support and Training at Dynavision International. She took a few moments to respond to this reporter's questions. "The D2 is unique in its multidisciplinary use across various high performance and medical professions," she added.
Fortuna also made mention that advance of medical science with regard to the brain is becoming a standard. For over 20 year Dynavision has been collecting data and participating in research to provide evidence of effectiveness. Even the CDC has teams working on this area of TBI and concussions.
The D2 from Dynavision International is just one of the state-of-the-art pieces of equipment and too...
The D2 from Dynavision International is just one of the state-of-the-art pieces of equipment and tools that Dr. Christopher DeMartini, DC uses to evaluate, discern and look for evidence of Traumatic Brain Injury. Diagnosis, treatment and therapy in this field of TMI is becoming a standard in medicine. DeMartini wants to help bring it more into sports medicine, helping athletes in every sport to play safe and stay healthy.
Courtesy of Dr. Christopher DeMartini, DC
Equipment like the D2 can help medical professionals become more proficient and diligent in attending to injuries and mishaps from sports related activities, such as concussions. "Numerous programmable options enable clinicians to develop individualized treatment and training programs for clients of various ages, stages and conditions, said Fortuna. The D2 is also used in driver rehabilitation (Traumatic Brain Injury and post-stroke) and concussion baseline testing, management, and return to play decision making."
When asked later after the Dragon House event, was it worth all the effort to haul the D2 and other equipment he uses to the competition? "Oh yes," said DeMartini. He believes strongly in sports medicine advancing even further in this new field of brain science and efforts to protect the brain from various forms of injury.
To learn more about the applications of sports medicine to the emerging and prolific sport of Mixed Martial Arts, visit the California Neurohealth web site.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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