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article imageOp-Ed: Metalsmith eager to share her vision at Craneway Crafts Fair Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Dec 15, 2016 in Lifestyle
Richmond - As the opening day of The Craneway Crafts Fair is approaching fast, metalsmith and artist Aimee Golant is utilizing her talents to promote 'Art for Prayer and Peace: A Bridge to Oneness.'
While the annual crafts fair is a fundraiser for KPFA Radio, Golant sees it as a good opportunity to share this unique consciousness raising exhibit-outreach. She considers art as a way to express empathy and that builds bridges, not barriers. "This project 'Art for Prayer and Peace: A Bridge to Oneness' is about honoring our commonalities and celebrating our differences, she said. It offers a way forward, using one of the most powerful tools I know."
For more than 20 years Golant has been producing one-of-a-kind art pieces with a spiritual purpose. "We are more alike, than different, she noted. Art touches people on a deeply personal level, bringing with it the potential to raise awareness about our humanity, our relationship to others and our bond with each other."
While Golant's initial specialty is all-things related to Judaic culture and history, her spiritual vision sees all peoples not just one tribe, nation or religious denomination. "The Project is based upon the believe that what unites all religions is greater than what divides."
Discomfort with differences leads to distrust, bigotry and stories with unhappy endings, she said. Because my grandfather survived the Holocaust, his story did not end. It became part of mine." Over three years ago back in 2013, she spoke with this reporter about how the legacy of her grandfather's metalsmith work was a source of inspiration. And, it provided her with a new and empowering direction for her life; it is one that she continues to draw strength and courage from.
"People vilified my grandfather because he was different, she said. Not because they knew him. If they’d stopped to look closely, they’d have seen he was honest to a fault, hard-working, kind to his friends and family and empathic towards strangers. But when people see only differences – ones they don’t understand -- this makes them uncomfortable," Golant added.
As the year comes to a close, Golant sees the winter time and its holiday commemorations as a good time to reflect and ponder. The Craneway Crafts Fair is perhaps an ideal setting to promote that.
"Recent events in our world and country are discouraging, she said. And the way forward, to bring people together around our common humanity – seems unclear (at the moment). Let’s find a pathway, she said to build understanding and empathy through art."
While some people may not agree with her, as an artist, wife and mother she knows deep within her heart that humanity is beckoned constantly to do greater things. These greater things are built upon, virtues humanity has had and lost and gained again over and over down through the centuries. With her talents and her efforts with the project, she hopes her work will be a beacon of hope and a message to inspire others.
"Art is uniquely suited to repairing the world," Golant said. Art can bring people together, rather than tearing them apart. Art can be the antidote to bigotry, hatred and fear."
Vendors and artists at the 46th Annual KPFA Craneway Crafts Fair will have plenty of room to display...
Vendors and artists at the 46th Annual KPFA Craneway Crafts Fair will have plenty of room to display their wares and creations; as the pavilion provides plenty of room, light and air. And, a spectacular view of the waterfront.
Courtesy of Craneway Pavilion leasing office
"This will be our last public crafts show sale of the year for 2016." She invited all her friends and fans to "Join us this weekend, Dec. 17 & 18 for the 46th Annual KPFA Craneway Crafts Fair on the Waterfront in Richmond, CA. Shop for unique, meaningful pieces that are all handmade with the utmost quality of craft in mind. Look for my booth, it's Booth#2009. It will be full of my artwork, many of which are not available online. I can't wait to see you," she said.
For more information about artist and metalsmith Aimee Golant visit her web site.
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