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article imageOp-Ed: Marijuana investments next big thing Special

By Robert Weller     Jan 3, 2014 in Lifestyle
Denver - It’s no secret that marijuana will be the next gold rush, though comparisons to the Internet rush might be more appropriate. No one could have expected that every house would have several computers.
Several variables make the marijuana business even more unpredictable, otherwise big tobacco, the alcohol industry or others would have already jumped in.
First is the fact that it remains illegal, based on bad science. Many have an interest in keeping it illegal as long as possible.
Such obstructions create business opportunities. Banks are wary of doing business with marijuana dispensaries, and may be careful now that recreational marijuana is legal in two states.
MediSwipe, a small publicly traded company, has moved from Florida to Michigan, where medical marijuana is legal. It is offering its services to dispensaries to help them do business.
Calling itself the leader in “Compassionate care technology” solutions it told THCBiz that the costs of setting up a business and doing business “are extremely high.” It can provide software and other solutions to bring costs down.
In the euphoria of high turn outs for recreational marijuana sales in Colorado this week several dispensary owners said they would stop selling medical marijuana and focus only the product that gets people high.
In general, word has not yet spread that marijuana can be cultivated so its psychoactive effects are limited or even eliminated while still helping patients.
Betty Aldworth, deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Assocation, said she suspects it is a “matter of cost: maintaining both licenses means you're paying two licensing fees, and if your business doesn't already have separate spaces, you have to build out another entrance.”
She also noted it is the same marijuana. That could mean distinctions between medicinal and recreational will disappear in the vast majority of cases.
The market for medical marijuana may grow as research shows that it helps treat more injuries and illness, even aging. The lack of research, because most of it was illegal, means the potential for medicinal marijuana may well have been underestimated.
MarketWatch reported Friday that Nuvilex, Inc. , an international biotechnology company, has created a medical marijuana subsidiary to determine whether medical marijuana can, as suspected, help with the treatment of cancer.
In the latest news, Florida, one of the most unlikely places, might legalize medical marijuana. Legislators have seen how it helps children in Colorado and want it studied, according to the Shark Tank Website.
Also unknown is how much technology will bring to the table in terms of making smoking marijuana less tough on throats and less obvious to the public. Already vaporizers are being sold, both for cigarettes and marijuana, that eliminate the negative effects of smoking. They also make it much less obvious what is going on. Edibles achieve the same purpose.
Dixie Elixirs of Denver sells drinks infused with marijuana.
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