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article imageOp-Ed: Gadgets to make reaching healthy New Year's resolutions easier

By Carol Ruth Weber     Dec 8, 2014 in Lifestyle
Many over the holidays will be over indulging resulting in resolutions for the New Year to commit to getting healthy by feeding the body better options. Kitchen gadgets can make getting on a healthy track easier and habit forming for the entire household.
It is that time of year when the magic of the holiday season fills the air. This also means for many overeating and indulging resulting in resolutions for the New Year to commit to getting healthy by feeding the body better options. Kitchen gadgets can make getting on a healthy track easier and habit forming for the entire household.
Food hydrating has a multitude of health benefits.
According to Gary Ronberg on "A food dehydrator delivers the vast majority of foods with the same vitamins and minerals as their fresh counterparts, in a remarkable array of concentrated flavors, nutrients and enzymes". Dehydrating foods is an ancient old practice allowing one to save natural and raw foods for later consumption without losing any of their healthy benefits. When dehydrating food water is removed to make the edibles totally concentrated.
Unlike centuries ago today's kitchens can be equipped with a wonderful personal food hydrator gadget to make hydrating all sorts of food easy. Food hydrators only use the food with no chemicals leaving just a natural snack or meal for a later date. It is important to know the different choices in units so check out options when choosing the food hydrator that would be best for your needs.
Alkaline Water Ionizing can boost energy.
Along with eating healthy health advocates always state how important consuming plenty of water is to keep the body hydrated. Now there are also experts touting the benefits of drinking alkaline water as opposed to tap water or ordinary bottled water. Common drinking water is now believed by many to be too acidic leading to heartburn, acid reflux and tiredness.
As stated in Rick Ansorge's report "Alkaline water – water with a high pH either naturally or because of additives – helps neutralize excess acid in the body, a condition called acidosis. Among alternative practitioners, acidosis is thought to cause a host of health problems, the most common being constant tiredness and lack of energy."
Cool water ionizer machine gadgets can easily be installed in the kitchen. Use a water ionizer machine like this to simply turn tap water into healthy alkaline water. Boost your energy and get rid of the heartburn as a holiday gift to yourself to welcome in the New Year.
Steaming food and meals can assure a healthier diet.
Steaming food has always been known to be healthier alternative for cooking. Allowing food to steam in their own juices leaves out needs for extra oils and fats added to the diet. No longer is a steamer and pot of boiling water on a stove top is needed for steaming. Just visit the frozen food section of the grocery store to see all of the vegetable and meals prepared and ready to eat once popped in the microwave for instant steaming.
Now there are wonderful kitchen gadgets that allows one to create their own steamed meals easily and quickly in the microwave. Steamers like these provide for optimal steam cooking preparing an entire delicious home cooked healthy meal. Many even come with a cookbook filled with recipes that can be made in only 10 minutes.
The Prep Pad is a cool new kitchen gadget that helps set goals and keep resolutions.
Begin the New Year with a kitchen gadget that has taken preparing food into the technological level of the 21st Century. The Prep Pad could be the best wonderful new device to help one stay on track when seeking to eat healthier and keeping up with calorie counting, as well as ingredients.
Check out the coolest of kitchen gadgets to see how it works scanning barcodes, using a database, as well as scanning exactly what may be on your actual plate before consuming as described "Create delicious healthy meals and see how different ingredients interact with each other and contribute to a single Balance Score. Add or remove quantities of food to adjust the number in real time-whether the number you're tracking is the Balance Score, calorie count, or the grams of sugar."
Now it is easier than ever with the help of hot kitchen gadgets to get one on a path to really achieving a healthier and happy life in the New Year.
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