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article imageOp-Ed: caféMac provides support to Apple lovers of Sonoma Special

By Jonathan Farrell     May 12, 2015 in Lifestyle
Sonoma - As our society and everyday world becomes more dependent upon computer and mobile technology the need for reliable and trusted technicians reaches from major cities to small towns like Sonoma.
Jim Witous is the founder of caféMac, a local outlet meeting the needs of Apple users. Witous has been providing technical support for clients in Sonoma Valley since 1995.
Prior to that, he worked in sales and marketing for the first Apple dealer in San Francisco (Quest Computers) and as the General Manager of MacCable, a division of Monster Cable. In 1989, he began consulting with technology companies and advertising agencies in the Bay Area. caféMac provides technical support for over 2,000 clients in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, San Francisco and Alameda counties.
The warm weather on April 30 was a perfect opportunity for Witous to open his shop after hours. He p...
The warm weather on April 30 was a perfect opportunity for Witous to open his shop after hours. He provided an hour presentation to the clients and associates of Daren Blonski of Edward Jones to help them better understand the iPhone and the iPad.
two of the most popular mobile devices on the market. Just to get a general idea of how much revenue Apple has generated in sales; in 2014 Apple earned more in its first quarter than Google, Facebook and Amazon combined.
"Mobile technology is here to stay and while I think it is important to take a break from all technology from time to time, I like helping people make the most out of the devices they use." He explained to the more than half-a-dozen people gathered that Friday evening, "people are very concerned about security." "Apple products are very secure in terms of fighting off hackers, spam and phishers. Apple has a very strict policy. They do not sell your information to anyone, unlike their competitors."
Currently at over 92,000 employees, Apple has a very rigorous protocol and keeps tabs on everything. If you think 92,000 is a lot, Apple as a corporate body of employees is relatively small compared to competitors like Samsung with over 275,000 people. And, it has been reported than when a team is working on something important or vital, Apple has a ready crew of carpenters to build walls/compartments around the areas where a team or set of employees are working.
In 2013, Apple released an official statement vowing its commitment to customer privacy. In it Apple said that "any government agency requesting customer content must get a court order."
Witous likes that about Apple. As many in the tech community, he thinks Apple products are the best and of the highest quality on the market today. That is not to say he worships at the feet of Apple. He decided to focus on Apple products simply based from his experience and years in the business. Regardless of its ups and downs (including some of its failures), Apple has been an innovator and revolutionary force in the tech industry.
An alumni of Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo, with a degree in business, Witous has been a part of the computer tech industry since its emerging days back in the 1980's. That was just as Apple and others (like Microsoft) were debuting on the market.
Since then, Witous has been watching and experiencing the shifts and changes in technology. The impact made upon society has been significant.
Jim Witous of caféMac in Sonoma provided some informational tips and basic instructions for iPhone ...
Jim Witous of caféMac in Sonoma provided some informational tips and basic instructions for iPhone and iPad users on Friday evening, April 30; compliments of Darren Blonski of the local Edward Jones Investments office.
He and his associates provide the type of customer service and detail that lends itself to small groups and individualized attention.
Witous made it clear, he and his staff only specialize in Apple products. "We will help you with your PC, especially if you are transferring data or software from a PC to an Apple. But our rule is you must have an Apple product for us to help you with PC issues."
For those of the Baby boomer generation and older, much of the technological advancements move at a dizzying pace. To have a small shop outlet seems less overwhelming. And, because Witous and his staff aim to provide as much attention to each customer as possible, caféMac is like a 'mom-and-pop' store for technology, right in the neighborhood.
One of the aspects to mobile technology Witous explained is the importance of storage space on a device and the widening use of "cloud technology." Apple provides email and cloud storage space for free at the basic level. Yet if you want more, Apple has a tier of services and storage plans offered.
"I recommend that people should get as much storage space as they can afford, because it gets filled up fast," he said. "Think about it, all those photos you snap or all those different apps you download."
Interestingly, in addition to text-messaging, people use their cell phone or electronic device to snap photos. And, because of that, sales and traditional use of camera's has declined. The smart phone and electronic device has allowed people to do more things quickly, easily and on the go in more places than ever before.
Mobile devices now allow for people to take their desktop computers with them (in a sense). Apple prides itself on making all of its products, the iMac, the iPad, the iPhone seamless in its ability to synchronize with one another. "That way you will not be missing anything, such as appointments, emails, and so on," he said. And as synchronization continues to improve, Witous believes Apple with remain at the top of the list for providing secure networks and protection from viruses and other hindrances to computer use and convergence.
On the top of his list for security in technology is "anything having to do with your bank account." Naturally, he follows his own strict protocol of on line banking to protect his privacy, etc. But in terms of the ease and convenience, tasks like banking via computer is now becoming more common especially with the use of mobile technology. Local vendors (even near the plaza in Sonoma) now use smart phones to conduct transactions. Cash registrars and bulky credit card machines for sale transactions are fading.
The future of what mobile technology can do is growing and the possibilities are emerging quickly. Social media is another aspect of the mobile technology advancement. While Facebook has the lead, other social media outlets are appearing. Social media specialist Lynn Abate-Johnson works with caféMac providing the latest info and approaches help customers utilize social media and understand its impact.
Jim Witous told the gathering that night that Apple is seamless in its ability to synchronize all it...
Jim Witous told the gathering that night that Apple is seamless in its ability to synchronize all its products (iMac, iPad, iPhone) with one another. "That way you will not be missing anything, such as appointments, emails, and so on," he said.
A former PC user, she like Witous believes Apple is not just another passing fad of technology, it is a force that has set a high standard in the tech industry. “Once you go Mac, (Apple), she noted, you’ll never go back.” With convergence and synchronization moving rapidly, Witous believes Apple is at the forefront of it more than any others.
Maybe one of the reasons for Apple's success and high standard commitment is due to the fact it has built more than a computer company. It has built a culture of community and from that it seems, its standards and ethics remain in tact. This is what Witous likes about Apple and hopes to continue providing to anyone who walks in. For all things Apple, especially for those settled in wine country can be found at caféMac. For more information visit the web site or call Jim Witous directly at 707-287-4651.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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