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Most women believe they look 5 years younger than they are

By James Walker     Aug 22, 2014 in Lifestyle
A new study undertaken in the UK has found that the majority of women believe that they look five years younger than their actual age, after taking a survey run by skincare brand Lancome Advanced Genefique.
The poll found that most women judge themselves by their "face age" based on how old others think they look and mistakenly believe that they are generally perceived to be five years younger than their age.
As The Huffington Post reports, 60 percent of women said "it does not hurt to try to slow down the ageing process". Nine percent said they would try anything to slow down the ageing process, with the remaining 30 percent happy to "embrace" growing old. Fifty percent of those admitted to worrying about their public appearance and physical perceptions by others.
The study also found that most women believe that they started looking old when they were 46, with 10 percent saying they were worried from their 20s and 30 percent from their 30s. Only 1 percent thought that their facial appearance accurately reflected their age.
Seventy-five percent of women surveyed believed they looked younger because of their skin quality, showing that the rise of skincare products on the market is at least instigating a placebo affect on users. Increasingly, middle-age women are turning to regular moisturising and serum usage in order to keep their skin looking young, after being bombarded with television adverts promising remarkable effects.
Other methods include eating healthily, not staying in the sun too long and, increasingly, hormone therapy. This is the idea that ageing is caused by a decrease in hormones and so could be turned back, or at the least halted, by injecting new hormones. This form of treatment is now seeing a steady rise in applicants, intrigued by its claimed enhancements.
Victoria Campbell, general manager of Lancome Advanced Genefique who commissioned the survey, said "Our research gives a fascinating insight into just what it is women think helps them stay young. Coupled with a sensible skincare regime, there is no reason women shouldn't go on enjoying their looks well into their seventies. Interestingly, our research also shows British women over the age of 50 are more confident than ever in their appearance which is great news."
2,000 women aged between 30 and 60 participated in the study which has given an interesting insight into how women perceive themselves as they grow older: on average, five years younger.
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