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article imageMen don't always behave badly

By Joe Duarte     Jan 26, 2014 in Lifestyle
Contrary to what many women believe, men aren’t actually like Al Bundy — they don’t actually hate shopping and they don’t prefer to hang out in nudie bars, forsaking time with their families — according to an online poll.
Esquire magazine surveyed more than 1,000 men about their behavior — from shopping to entertainment; from sexual behavior to cooking — and concluded that by and large, what men do sometimes contrasts to how they are perceived.
“A lot of men have sneaking suspicions that what they say or do is not normal by traditional definitions of manhood, from how much they care about sports and cars to their taste in music and movies,” Richard Dorment, senior editor at Esquire, told Reuters. “There are some things about manhood as it existed in previous generations that are still more or less the same, particularly the interest and emphasis on sports.”
Among the findings: men think it normal to "I love you" often (66 percent say it at least once a day to their partners, children or parents); to use moisturizer and hair products; and to shed tears. Also, men think it abnormal to have sex more than twice a week over the age of 45 and not at all under that age. And they find it acceptable to “sext” — send sexual explicit images over mobile devices — but only if you’re younger than 45.
Contrary to the perception of fighting boredom while women shop, about half the men polled enjoy shopping for clothes (48 percent enjoy it — 11 percent immensely — but only 18 percent don’t enjoy it even a little).
On traditional perceptions of manhood, such as going to strip clubs, the Esquire survey found that only seven percent of those polled enjoyed going to strip clubs immensely, while 37 percent don’t enjoy it even a little. It also found that 44 percent of men don’t have more than two drinks per day, 34 percent have that many one or two days per week, and only 18 percent have two drinks more often than three days per week (only three percent have at least two drinks every day).
And on some everyday things, men do enjoy wearing cologne (53 percent at some time in the past month), using hair styling products (39 percent) and applied moisturizer (36 percent). However, they don’t get spray tans (96 percent have never done it) or manicures (76 percent), and they don’t dye their hair (76 percent).
In conclusion, the survey found that men over 60 were twice as likely to consider themselves normal than those under the age of 30.
"The thing that deeply surprised us is how the definition of conventional, masculine behavior has expanded to include all the things that up until a few years ago were considered totally alien," Dorment told Reuters.
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