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Luxury cars that will wow you in 2015

By Nicole Weddington     Dec 19, 2014 in Technology
The difference between luxury cars and any other type of auto is typically derived from the quality of the manufacturing. Luxury cars are notable for their advanced design and superior features.
The appearance of a luxury car demands attention. The look is more vivid and the engine sounds are clearer. A luxury car should engage and hold your eye and the gaze of the people you pass.
Reliability comes with advanced design and manufacturing techniques. These techniques are kept stringent to give the cars a reputation for quality and low maintenance that will keep buyers returning year after year. As Jaguar found out in the 1990s and Cadillac in the 2000s a reputation for quality is easily lost and not so easily regained.
There are names in the luxury car field that you here time and again. Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Maserati and Mercedes are long-time members of an exclusive club. Some of these manufacturers have struggled with quality issues but they remain names that signify luxury.
New cars are entering the exotic car list that are certain to cause a great deal of attention from consumers and critics alike. Mercedes Benz returns to the market with the S-class, a strong competitor for the best super luxury car in the world. The Tesla Model S shows us that traditional concepts aren’t always the best.
What we do find is that the face of automotive luxury is changing and companies, old and new, have learned that producing a quality car for a stratified market will help the sales of more economical cars.
Mercedes-Benz S-class
Mercedes claims the S-class has not changed in the process of taking it from concept to reality. Looking at its sleek, futuristic lines you can understand the boast. The 2015 model has already reached America’s shores and it promises to garner a great deal of attention during the year.
The S-class has always stood for luxury and wealth, the new model continues that tradition. It is available with either a 449-hp 4.7-liter twin turbo V8 or 523-hp 6.0-liter twin turbo V12 with either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.
The S-class is the car you buy to show that you have made it.
Tesla Model S
Introduced in 2012, the Model S has improvements made, not according to auto year, but as they are tested and readied for manufacturing. Although that makes defining the changes difficult, it makes the interest in the car continue to climb.
A performance-plus option has been added to the top of the range but most of the improvements to the car are under the surface. The biggest rumored change is the addition of a larger battery to the car.
Electric cars are here, again, and the Model S is setting new standards, not just for electric, but for all cars.
Audi A7
The Audi A7, in addition to being constructed out of high-tech and lightweight material, comes with a supercharged 310-hp engine that puts you in front of the pack and keeps you there. Night vision capabilities and a remarkable heads up display gives a futuristic feel to driving the A7.
Audi has developed the A7 into a handsome car that is the perfect driving machine in any weather and all conditions. Not as expensive as many of the cars on this list, it packs a lot of features into a relatively reasonable price tag.
Porsche Panamera
The odds of getting a Panamera Exclusive are almost non-existent as Porsche will only make 100 in 2015, but the other cars in the series are should be on every sports car drivers list. The driving dynamics of the Panamera are similar to that of a 911 and, to date, the Panamera has won every comparison test against other four door luxury or performance cars on the current market.
The Panamera is all about the driving. It has incredible power and acceleration with either the 310-hp 3.6-liter V6 or 520-hp 4.8-liter V8, but the new S E Hybrid adds the option of an electric engine to the mix. Although the style of the car takes some getting used to, it will turn heads, the drivability of this car makes it a dream for performance drivers.
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