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article imageiPhones are for rich people, while Android is for the poor

By Jessica Jones-Langley     Apr 5, 2014 in Lifestyle
New maps showing the locations of iPhone and android phones visually highlight how iPhones are used by rich people, while android phones are used by those who live in poor areas.
MapBox have released a world-wide map online showing that people who live in more wealthy areas tend to use iPhones, while people living in poorer areas use Android. The map tracked more than 230 million tweets, referencing the location of the tweets and the type of device used.
Despite Android having an 80% share of the market, iPhones are predominant with wealthier people as seen in the maps below.
As seen in the map of New York above, the number of iPhone users is heavily concentrated on the island of Manhattan, which has some the most expensive real estate in the world. Android users, which appear green, are seen in the poorer areas of New York.
In the map of London above, the majority of iPhone users reside in the pricey central area of Zone 1-2.
In Los Angeles, the iPhone users are in the wealthy suburbs while Android areas are in the lower-income areas of the city.
Interestingly, WhatsUp, a popular app that sends messages using wifi bypassing the phones plan, is mostly made up of Android users.
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