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article imageGroup puts women's rights front and center in condom purchases Special

By Michael Krebs     Apr 5, 2014 in Lifestyle
In an interview with the Lovability Movement's Navriti Sood, the issue of empowering women on condom purchases underscored the need for better packaging and for more comfortable retail environments.
On Friday night, Navriti Sood, a blogger operating out of the Lovability Movement, sat down with The Matter to discuss her work and her perspectives on the movement's objectives.
The mission statement on the Lovability Movement's site provides a forward look on the organization's agenda:
"We believe that self love has the power to improve lives. The goal of The Lovability Movement is for all of us to be as healthy, happy, and fabulous as humanly possible. Spoiler Alert: You're already awesome...and focusing on your awesomeness will make you even more awesome.
We believe that women who love themselves can love everyone else around them more fully. We believe that women who love themselves are more likely to be respectful and considerate of their bodies. We believe that women who love themselves have the confidence to pursue their dreams. If more women pursue their dreams the world will become a way better place. Yep."
However, Sood detailed one of the key objectives of the organization.
"Buying condoms for women really needs to be de-stigmatized, because the relationship that women have with buying condoms is just very insensitively designed," Sood said.
The issue is one of confidence and self-empowerment for modern active women.
"For some reason, most women feel uncomfortable with going to the local Walgreens and buying condoms - and just going through the whole process of, like, going to Walgreens and buying five other things, like cookies and flip-flops and all these things that you don't need just to cover up the fact that you're buying condoms," Sood explained. "It just makes us feel uncomfortable, and it really affects our lives as a whole because we don't feel empowered."
The Lovability Movement is striving not only to address this discomfort but also to repackage condoms in a manner that is appealing to women and to offer these packages in retail environments that are more organic to women than typical drug store settings.
"They package condoms in a way that is appealing to women," Sood said. "Instead of selling them at a Walgreens or a drug store, we sell them at beauty supply stores and department stores or lingerie stores where women feel comfortable."
At its heart the Lovability Movement is about empowering women and enriching women's lives. To this end, the condom distribution strategy endeavors to provide women with more independence in basic lifestyle preparedness.
For more on the interview with Navriti Sood, please listen to the podcast provided here.
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