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article imageGay and straight marriages show similar longevity

By Earl Dittman     Oct 8, 2014 in Lifestyle
A recent study revealed that the break-up rate for gay couples was comparable to the break-up rate for heterosexual couples.
According to a groundbreaking study recently published in the Journal Of Family and Marriage, among couples with marriage-like commitments, same-sex couples have a similar break-up rate as heterosexual couples. The intriguing study also found that same-sex couples with a marriage-like commitment have stable unions regardless of government recognition.
The findings come from a nationally representative survey of 3,009 couples (471 same-sex) who were followed between 2009 and 2013. “The marriage commitment is associated with a strong benefit in couple stability for both heterosexual couples and same-sex couples,” said Dr. Michael J. Rosenfeld, author of the Journal of Marriage and Family study.
In coming up with his conclusion, Dr. Michael J. Rosenfeld used a new longitudinal data set, the "How Couples Meet and Stay Together" surveys to produce the first nationally representative comparison of same-sex couple and heterosexual couple stability throughout America. Rosenfeld measured the association between marriage (by several definitions of marriage) and couple longevity for same-sex couples in the U.S. Before this study, not surprisingly, same-sex relationship instability was due in part to the low rate of marriages among gay couples. After controlling for marriage and marriage-like commitments, the break-up rate for same-sex couples was comparable to (and not statistically distinguishable from) the break-up rate for heterosexual couples. The results revealed that same-sex couples who had a marriage-like commitment had stable unions regardless of state and government laws and offficial recognition. A variety of predictors of relationship dissolution for heterosexual and for same-sex couples were explored.
Journal of Family and Marriage
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