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article imageUtah family poisoned themselves over fears of apocalypse

By Karen Graham     Jan 27, 2015 in Lifestyle
Springville - A springville, Utah family of five were found dead in their home on September 27, 2014. Today, the Utah State Medical Examiner's office ruled the family had died from poisoning, probably because the parent's were fearful of a "pending apocalypse."
Benjamin and Kristi Strack and three of their four children, Benson, 14, Emery, 12 and Zion, 11 years of age were found dead in their home by their 18-year-old son, Janson McGee, who became concerned after not being able to reach them. The Medical Examiner's office says the deaths were from poisoning, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.
No suicide note was found at the time, but a notebook with a "To-Do" list scribbled on several pages outlining things like "feed the pets" and "find someone to watch after the house" was found, the Springville police revealed at a press conference Tuesday. But there was no clear explanation as to why the family had chosen to end their lives by ingesting a fatal mixture of drugs.
According to court documents obtained in October, 2014 by Salt Lake City's Fox 13 News, The police affidavit stated: “Kristi and Benjamin were lying in the bed and the three children were lying around the bed, covered in bedding up to their necks. Officers reported there was a red liquid substance coming from the mouth of Kristi Strack. All the occupants of the home were non-responsive. Next to each of the victims was a cup/drink with a liquid inside.”
Autopsies were performed, and it was determined Benjamin Strack had toxic levels of heroin in his system. His death was ruled a suicide. Kristi Strack's death was ruled a suicide. She had high levels of methadone, dextrorphan, diphenhydramine and doxylamine in her system. All three of the children had toxic levels of diphenhydramine and methadone. The Utah State Medical Examiner ruled the two youngest children's death to be homicides, and Benson's death was ruled to be "undetermined" because it was unclear if the 14-year old was coerced or drank the poison willingly.
Family and friends talk of family worries and mental health issues
It was also revealed that police said Benson, the 14-year old must have known something was going to happen. He had written a note to a close friend that "indicated that Benson was aware that he may die," and bequeathing his personal possessions to him.
A family spokesman said the letter had been written two days before the tragedy. In that letter, it was clear he was expecting something to happen," said Bob McGee, who is the uncle of the Strack's lone surviving son. McGee also told investigators the family believed mental health issues were a factor in the Strack's deaths.
But even more disconcerting is the comments from friend and neighbors of the Strack family. According to investigators, friends and family say the parents were concerned about the “evil in world,” a “pending apocalypse” and wanted to escape the “impending doom.” Most friends and neighbors thought the family meant they would move someplace far away and live "off the grid."
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