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article imageDiscover the best experiences in your city with Wutzwhat Special

By James Walker     Jun 28, 2014 in Lifestyle
In today's technology-orientated world, more and more of us find ourselves living in busy, crowded cities but somehow overlooking the treasures held within. Canadian start-up app Wutzwhat aims to rectify this by highlighting unique experiences.
Metropolitan hubs are thriving with diverse cultural content but this can be easily ignored as we focus solely on what matters most to us. The result? We end up overlooking the best of these cities. Maybe what we need is a service capable of telling us about some of the real hidden gems in the metropolises we live in so that we can go and experience the unique things they offer. That is exactly what Canadian start-up Wutzwhat aims to do: help you discover experiences — as if recommended by a wise local "best friend" — all accessible through an intuitive mobile app. Wutzwhat says that it can help you "rediscover your city" and this is reflected by president Aaron Tench who explained in an interview that he feels that many people are not fully aware of the services on offer in their local areas.
Wutzwhat aims to connect you with the best experiences in your city
Wutzwhat aims to connect you with the best experiences in your city
Wutzwhat's core idea is that it can provide a single reliable source of exceptional places to visit in your city. Other well-established businesses and apps aim to deliver something similar such as Google who integrate business listings that you may enjoy into their Maps search results and Google Now digital assistant. When asked about this, Tench highlighted how services such as Google's tend to deliver very large-scale searches with page upon page of listings that you must then sift through to find a place you want to visit. He feels that this does not complete the idea of having a suggestion made without the assurance it will meet your expectations and created Wutzwhat to tidy up the "cluttered and flooded" business listings returned by search results to harbour only the best, most unique places for users to enjoy.
The original idea came when Tench was trying to find a restaurant online to go for a meal at. He thought it would be a simple enough task but soon found that the results contained hundreds of such places presented in a bland list by a machine with no conception of what he really wanted. There was no way of telling without reading further whether the restaurant was likely to be good or not.
He realized that if he recruited a team of humans to actually go and experience the services offered by businesses, he could compile a valuable, tightly curated of only the best tried-and-tested places to visit and offer it in a more compelling, visually-appealing mobile form.
After over a year and a half of development, Wutzwhat launched just a few weeks ago and currently covers Toronto, New York and Los Angeles. Content for each city has been painstakingly curated and selected by hand by people who have lived in the area for years and know it like the back of their hand.
Wutzwhat is available on iOS and Android
Wutzwhat is available on iOS and Android
The company claims that only the "hottest selection of top-tier dining, shopping, event, nightlife and hotel experiences" in the cities are featured in the app. This is ensured as each business is actually visited by a member of the Wutzwhat team who gain a general feel for the place. Customer reviews are also taken into account and only active businesses who have a genuine unique touch are considered. Original, high-resolution and artistic photography enhances each profile and gives a true portrayal of the business to users. Having their services and businesses shown in this way also makes appearing on the app more appealing to the merchants.
Although the app has only just launched on iOS and Android, Wutzwhat has far-reaching ambitions. It would like to see 300,000 active in the first year of operating. President Aaron Tench also said that it would be great to expand into every major city on the planet to allow everyone to experience what's great outside their doorsteps.
The company hopes to entice new users by the launch of a new program dubbed "Perks" from early next month.  Perks are unique experiences and packages offered by featured Wutzwhat businesses that are exclusive to users, and can be purchased in the app. Users unlock Perks by accumulating credits when they interact with the app by doing activities like sharing, liking and checking-in. Such schemes are popular as people like to be rewarded for loyalty and for intuitive behaviours like social-sharing, that they would likely be doing anyway.
User feedback so far has reportedly been very positive with people highlighting the "beautiful design" of the app. Tench writes on the company's website that he values user and merchant feedback as gold and as such is very eager to ensure that the app satisfies everybody as best it can.
Looking to the future, Tench highlighted how more Wutzwhat team members will be required before the app can launch in any more cities. The company currently employs 17 people and this limits them in terms of the amount of content they can collect and curate without lacking the quality they desire so much.
Tench is anxious to ensure that every featured business offers a "phenomenal experience" to customers and as such promises a high standard for the app’s curation process. Right now though Wutzwhat is a fast-growing service that could just enable us to find something great right round the corner that we simply never knew was there.
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