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article imageCouples therapy is more than just grist for Hollywood's mill

By Michael Essany     May 21, 2014 in Lifestyle
Salt Lake City - Couples therapy has long been fodder for Hollywood and publishing, as the entertainment and self-help industries continue to churn out material that speaks to the prevalent practice of couple’s therapy in the United States.
Earlier this month, actress Jessica Biel announced her attachment to a new Bravo series called Last Chance. Biel will serve as one of the executive producers in this "relationship experiment as one couple gets the ultimate opportunity and 30 days to try and make things right," as described by Entertainment Weekly.
But couples therapy is far from being just grist for Hollywood's mill. Every year in the United States, thousands of couples in need of serious and intensive therapy search for and find the professional help they need to address and, ideally, repair the wounds that fester within their relationships.
But according to well-known and respected licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Jonathan Swinton, PhD, of Salt Lake City, Utah's Swinton Counseling, every couple in need of help can begin their travels down the road to recovery with some relationship "spring cleaning."
"You might ask, how do we know if our marriage or romantic relationship needs a cleaning?" proposes Dr. Swinton, posing a number of critically important questions designed to assess relationship cleaning needs. Among the questions are:
- Do you feel any resentment toward your spouse/partner?
- Do you find yourself rolling your eyes at your spouse/partner?
- Do you struggle to overcome disagreements?
- Do you hide some things from your spouse/partner because you worry how they will react?
- Do you feel that the spark that existed in your relationship is dwindling?
"If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions," explains Dr. Swinton, "you could likely benefit from a relationship cleaning."
"Most couples that come to us for assistance had minor issues crop up that they didn’t address early," he adds. "Over time they become more and more problematic. Cleaning up these issues early, just as you do with your home each year, will help you maintain a healthy, satisfying, resentment-free relationship. A little cleaning now could save you a lot of trouble later."
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