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article imageBestselling author James DeBari talks 'Practical Persuasion' book Special

By Markos Papadatos     Mar 24, 2021 in Lifestyle
Bestselling author James DeBari chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his motivational book "Practical Persuasion."
DeBari is a native New Yorker whose years of sales, advertising, marketing, and neuro-linguistic programming made him an expert in the art of persuasion. His bestselling book Practical Persuasion helps people use proven persuasion techniques to make their dreams a reality.
He is also a successful entrepreneur who currently owns and runs five different corporations and businesses. He has been a licensed Real Estate salesperson, a licensed loan officer, a certified appraiser, a licensed home inspector, a licensed home improvements contractor, a licensed nuisance wildlife control operator, a licensed termite, and pesticide applicator, and a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.
Every book has a story about its creation, what's the story behind your groundbreaking book “Practical Persuasion”?
The story about the creation of my book is my genuine love and passion for the art of persuasion. I’ve been studying neuro-linguistic programming for years. And I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 28 years, so I’ve been my own salesman for decades. Once I realized there was an art or skill to persuading people that could be broken down into techniques and be applied to almost anyone in almost any situation, I became fascinated.
After years of studying the psychology of persuasion, I decided that instead of reading 20 different books on all types of sales and persuasion techniques, that I should put them all together in one book. I took the most practical techniques and compiled them all together into my book “Practical Persuasion “
“Practical Persuasion” is all about the art and/or science of persuasion. How did you develop the techniques used in this book?
Most of the techniques I teach in the book are derived from variations of neuro-linguistic programming ( aka NLP) hypnotic language, sales, advertising & marketing strategies as well as other techniques that I have come up with from years of sales experience.
While writing this book did you learn anything new about yourself? I realized that I use these techniques and speech patterns unconsciously almost all of the time. It wasn't until I actually started writing them down that I realized I use these techniques whether I`m actually trying to persuade someone or not. They are so much a part of my communication that I use them unknowingly at this point.
You are a successful entrepreneur, who currently owns and runs 5 different corporations and businesses, how did you find the time to write this book? Also, what is it like running so many different businesses and being successful at all of them?
Well, I get asked this question often. "Where did you find the time to write another book?" My usual go-to answer is “I don't watch TV" television is not entertaining enough for me. I think it was Benjamin Franklin who once said 'either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.' Sitting on the couch and watching TV isn't my idea of entertainment so if I'm not out in the world working or not spending quality time with my family, I'm either writing in my journal or writing my next book.
It`s a labor of love, not homework in my opinion. As far as owning various different businesses and being successful that too is a labor of love. I`ve always looked at success as a journey and not a destination. I've always enjoyed the day-to-day various different moving parts of each business. That's what keeps me interested and excited. Because I love it so much it's never working for me it is always enjoyable. I guess some may consider it 'The entrepreneurial spirit' but whatever you call it, I've always had it and it`s always been a passion of mine to run different businesses.
'Practical Persuasion' is a huge success with readers. Is there another book or project you can tell us about?
Not as of yet but I wouldn't rule another book out.
Practical Persuasion is available on Amazon.
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