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ANC MP's fashion dress goes viral for all the wrong reasons

By Matthew Hendricks     Feb 18, 2014 in Lifestyle
At the State Of The Nation Address, ANC MP Thandile Sunduza wore a rather remarkable dress on the red carpet that made social media go mental. She became an overnight Twitter sensation — for all the wrong reasons.
According to, the public amongst other things compared the overweight and pregnant MP to a Teletubby and the caterpillar in A Bug's Life after her arriving on the SONA red carpet wearing a tight fitting, bright green/yellow boobtube dress. describes her as looking like an egg yolk, and quotes the tweet “She got triplets. One in the front and two behind."
On Facebook, Thandile blames her designer for letting her down at the last minute:
“Morning SA. He he, I see I made headlines… I’m not sure about comments about my stomach that I’m Oros’s wife. Oh thanks to the designer who let me down at last minute, the dress was torn, cloth falling, had to cut it in the office. It was a disaster... I am entitled to wear a boob tube… people can compare you to a caterpillar or a Telletubie (sic) or animal I don’t care."
In response, reports, the designer Mihlali Gqada wrote rather ashamedly and defensively so as to distance her from the "disaster" worn, a very long piece on her Facebook page so that people must know very clearly that what Thandile Sunduza was wearing was not the dress as she had designed it:
"...What Ms Sunduza wore was the under garment of the dress sent to her, so she unanimously with NO consultation with me went and got the dress reDONE by people I do not know without my knowledge which is her prerogative as that petticoat she ended up wearing as a dress was exactly that the under garment of the dress and again i say this THERE is proof to all of this as the dress was seen by even those who I asked to drop it at the airport!!!
The top part of the dress worn by Ms Sunduza I too have never laid eyes on and it was only after close speculation that I realized that she wore the petticoat as a dress and did something with the top part that I dnt know!!!
... In conclusion Ms Sunduza must NOT LIE in such platforms and claim that disaster she wore was my design...".
Perhaps it was the decided lack of content or reality displayed by President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address last week that allowed for picking on Thandile Sunduza to become the country’s favourite pastime, says
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