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Alkaline based 'Healing Springs' said to hold curative powers

By Carol Ruth Weber     Feb 12, 2015 in Lifestyle
Barnwell County, SC may actually hold the "Fountain of Youth" that has been sought out for centuries, or at least the fountain of healing in its "Healing Springs."
The people who live and travel near and far to the springs truly believe in the water's healing qualities. "There's a piece of property that has the remarkable distinction of being deeded to God" as reported by WLTX 19 on Jan 29, "And for believers, the water here is nothing short of a miracle."
The magic springs are said to hail back to a story from the Revolutionary War. The tale is told that Native Americans discovered four British Soldiers left to die by their fellow soldiers of their severe battle wounds. These Native Americans, aware of the water from the springs ability to restore health, brought the wounded men to the springs where the water healed them. Once the men made it back to their commanders the word spread about the amazing springs. Folks have traveled to "Healing Springs" ever since to seek the water to restore and maintain their health.
A statement in the report from a self-called " natural health consultant " may hold the secret to why the springs have such amazing health benefits. Traveling a distance from North Carolina specifically to visit the springs, Carol Wright told WLTX 19 "I'm a professional healer, and this water is alkaline water and it's PH balanced and it's the best water for our bodies."
Not everyone can travel to "Healing Springs" to reap the benefits from the water given the highest rating from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.
Alkaline bottled water can be easily purchased to have on hand at home, in the office and traveling for drinking and cooking. Just by researching on the Internet, and watching how-to videos, one can learn how to increase the ph in their own water from its regular 7.0 and lower ph acidy into the superior ph level of 8 or higher valued in alkaline water. Using simple baking soda or alkaline based minerals are ways for raising ph values in water to an alkaline level. There are also machines called water ionizers that can filter and process normal water to remove its acidity and raise the ph.
A healthier diet overall can aid in healing and maintaining a well body. Hydrating oneself with alkaline water has been shown to aid in weight loss and improve mental clarity along with increasing bone strength and energy. In addition to drinking the higher ph alkaline water one should also improve eating habits by removing salty and fatty processed food from the diet and replacing with healthier alternatives such as whole grains, high fiber, vegetables and fruit all with a lower acidity level as well.
According to the Budwig Center, a cancer research center, "Excess acidity forces the body to borrow minerals, including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium, from vital organs, bones and teeth to neutralize the acid." The result is Acidosis, which can impede the body's cells ability to properly heal causing diseases, autoimmune problems and cancer. Adding in more exercise to the improved diet and intake of alkaline water will give one the power to be in control of enjoying a healthier lifestyle and the benefits of feeling better.
As more research is conducted, studies are discovering that drinking the higher ph alkaline water found in "Healing Springs" may reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose. It makes sense that the water with the least acid in it may also help in reducing stomach acid. Along with an overall healthier diet someday high ph alkaline water may be the simple and healthy healing method for those with acid reflux and other health issues.
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