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article image15-year-old gets nose job to stop bullying

By Scott Tuttle     Jan 3, 2014 in Odd News
Once the victim of excessive bullying,15-year-old Renata had been removed from public school and tutored at home for the past three years. However, in a controversial turn of events, the teen may have regained the confidence to rejoin her peers.
In an interview with TODAY, the teen confessed that she was afraid to go out in public or interact with other children because of the size of her nose.
"I'm just afraid I'll never have any friends or anyone to be there for me," she said during a tearful exchange.
Renata, who requested to keep her last name and home town anonymous, believed that plastic surgery on her nose would help her find the self-esteem to face her schoolmates once more. The only problem was that her mother could not afford the pricey procedure.
Upon further research, the young girl stumbled onto an organization called the Little Baby Face Foundation, which is a non-profit group specializing in plastic surgery for children with birth defects. Upon meeting with Renata, Dr. Thomas Romo agreed to perform a rhinoplasty on her deviated septum and a cheek implant to balance out her face.
"We can't go after the bully, but we can try and empower the children," said Dr. Romo.
"I don't think it's sending the wrong message," said Renata's mother. "(Renata) still sees what she sees in the mirror and it has an effect on her self-esteem and confidence regardless of what anyone says. ...Parents crack children's teeth with braces to make their teeth straighter - they're still the same kid on the inside."
Renata's full story will be reported on Dateline NBC this Sunday.
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